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    hurtatwork Guest

    Default Arthritis as a Work-Related Injury

    Do you believe that arthritis should be considered a work related problem and therefore covered by Workers Compensation?

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    n.j Guest


    Beware My Friend.
    A lot of Worker Comp. doctors will try to BS. you by telling you that your pain is all due to Arthritis and avoid telling you the truth.

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    Apr 2012

    Default Re: Arthritis as a Work-Related Injury

    Husband just found out he has a large amount of arthritis in his left knee. Although he was having pain these past few months, flying across the United States for work while sitting in crowded seats...he's 6'4" and has legs that are proportionately longer than the rest of his tall body........this was a new job requirement these past few months, and the arthritis in his knee was aggravated by having to fly every week from California to Florida and up through the midwest; six hour days of flying. Yes, it is work related and he will be covered.

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    Default Re: Arthritis as a Work-Related Injury

    You should begin a thread of your own...this one is from 2003.

    Arthritis is not in inself a work injury... aggreviation to a preexsisting condition, or injury can be compensable.
    There isn't any "treatment" to "cure'' from arthritis... only antiflammatory/pain medication to "relieve" from the injury/illness.

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