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    anonymous Guest

    Default Do You Have To Claim Workers Comp On Your Taxes

    do we have to claim workers comp in our

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    skinny1 Guest


    No........ they are tax free earnings

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    terry Guest


    if we dont have to taxes hoe is it that when i aplied for student aid they told me that I had to file and report my L & I checks

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    Unregistered Guest

    Cool Re: Do we have to claim workers comp in taxes

    Click on the link for information directly from the Department of Labor and Injuries in Washington State regarding your question.


    I too, attended school while receiving time-loss compensation. The FASFA also required that I include the money I received as time-loss as income.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Re: Do we have to claim workers comp in taxes

    Disability payments are not earned income

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    Lightbulb Re: Do we have to claim workers comp in taxes

    "Disability payments are not earned income"

    Both you and I are listed as "Unregistered" in our responses to the original question "Do we have to claim workers comp in taxes." The person who originally posted this question, followed up the question by requesting information with regard to student aid and being required to include the funds in that process. In my response, I provided a link to the Washington State L&I's web site. The link answers specifically the original question "Do we have to claim workers comp in taxes." In your post, you simply state "Disability payments are not earned income;" however, you offer no proof to support the content of your post. We know that time-loss funds are not required to be report when completing our federal tax return; however, they "MUST" be reported for the purposes of others things such as student aid/loans. Follow the link below for more information directly from the source.


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