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    Question Settlements for RSD

    hi i got injured at work in dec/11 and since aug im recieving wc,the doc have told me the i got RSD i had 5 blocks and in november i put a catherer on my spine whith really doc have just realesed me w/ mmi and now im wondering how long it will take to settle and how much it will be???
    i was injured in Il.

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    Default Re: Rsd

    Depends on if there are any disputes. Settlement will be based in part on work impairment and/or restrictions given by the doctor.

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    Default case value

    First of all, based on the limited information you provided, no one can tell you what your case is worth. Second, I am going to presume that you have an attorney. If you do not, based on the severity of your injury and the complicated nature of your expected potential future treatment and the long term issues related to your recovery, I strongly recommend that you get one.

    Now to the issue of case values in general. In Illinois, we do not use the AMA guidlines for determining loss of use, and ultimately the value of a case. In Illinois we use case law. In a nutshell, we calculate the actual value of a given case by determining the nature and extent of the injury and the extent of recovery the injured party made. Then we compare those factors to similar cases that went to trial to get a value range.

    Having said that, we, as attorneys, take many other things into consideration that are not contained within the Workers' Compensation Act when determining where in the value range of a case fits.

    Some of the things we consider are: Whether the injured person is at a high or low rate. How much time was lost from work? What type of occupation was the injured party in, manual work or office work? Was there surgery? What kind of recovery did the injured employee make? If not a good recovery, less than 100% recovery, what are the residual problems and will further treatment later be needed (so perhaps a trial not a settlement would be better for the injured employee)? Is the case one that would be filled in a conservative or liberal jurisdiction? Is the employer insured or self insured? Who is the claim company or third party administrator? Do we know the adjuster or claim supervisor and get along with them? Do we know the assigned attorney and get along with them? Are there any disputed issues as to compensability or facts of the loss. Were wages, and in turn the permanency rate, properly calculated or was the employee not paid enough for weekly benefits?

    After we look at all of those issues, we narrow the value percentage range and then take the figures from that range and multiply them by 60 percent of the employee's Average Weekly Wage (AWW), going back 52 weeks prior to the loss and come up with a settlement value range.

    As you can see, there are many intangible things that we, as attorneys, take into consideration when evaluating a case. If you have not retained an attorney, you should make arrangements to see an attorney, in your area, knowledgeable in workers' compensation and retain them to evaluate and consult you as to whether its best to settle you or go to trial.... If the attorney recommends settlement, then let them negotiate the highest figure for you. Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Rsd

    i do have a attorney,he said that he is going to try a settlement.
    well about my job i was a waitress,worked at least 40 hr a week,i'm 25 years old.i got injured when i was moving a table,sprain my knee and after 2 weeks the doctors found a blood clot they i was in coumadin for 4 months,i took all kinds of pain killers,anti-depressives,when the clot was gone it came the RSD...after 1 year i finally got realesed from my doctors,but is really hard to find a job when you are off work for so long,my employer does not want to help in any way.

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    Default Re: Rsd

    Quote Quoting Unregistered View Post
    hi i got injured at work in dec/11 and since aug im recieving wc,the doc have told me the i got RSD i had 5 blocks and in november i put a catherer on my spine whith really doc have just realesed me w/ mmi and now im wondering how long it will take to settle and how much it will be???
    i was injured in Il.
    What is RSD?

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    Default Re: Rsd

    reflex sympathetic dystrophy
    Try www.webmd for a good medical dictionary.

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    Angry Re: Settlements for RSD

    REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY...what a nasty, awful, and unrelenting disorder. I fell in a hole at work(was a bartender in Florida) and 2 surgeries later...RSD...GOOD STUFF!!!! I am curious about the settlement value of my RSD workers comp case as well. Over six doctors have told me I would be CRAZY to close out the medical portion but the impairment benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, and re-training benefits are what I am interested in. RSD is a progressive, debilitating neurological disorder WITH NO CURE!!! But there is hope....I have received one doctors impairment rating and waiting on Primary doc to give his. Cannot even imagine burning pain worse than cancer pain for the rest of my life. Keep thinking.."What did I do so bad to get blessed with this evil disorder?" Someone please put out the fire!!!

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    Default Re: Settlements for RSD

    RSD is now more commonly referred to as CRPS, or chronic regional pain syndrome.

    Seeing many patients now being referred for spinal cord stimulators to tx CRPS.

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