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    Default SI Joint WC Settlement, Anyone Relate?

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Oregon

    I am at the stage where my attorney wants to get together to discuss some kind of settlement. I won't know exactly what he means until I meet with him. Basically I am stuck with on going problem.s Injections have helped but you are limited as to how many shots you can get a year. Certain things set it off and my physical therapist and I have come up with ways to keep it in check as long as I restrict certain activities. I can never go back to what I did for 10 years as it is too physical which means I will have to retrain for some kind of desk job doing something I know nothing about. My previous career was a very specific field. I was wondering if anyone here has ever settled with WC carrier for an SI joint injury so can give me some idea what to expect for a settlement. I don't think I ever want surgery on it. I just want to retrain in another job, work, take care of myself and avoid things that set off the pain. Any input??????? more...............

    my original claim was denied and because I had just started a new career I was fired (had only been there a month no benefits) so now after 2 years of legal garbage they want to settle and accept injury

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    Default Re: SI Joint WC Settlement, Anyone Relate?

    permanent partial disability benefits will be based on your disability rating.
    the work comp baord has a calculator if you want to try it yourself

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    Default Re: SI Joint WC Settlement, Anyone Relate?

    I can't say anything about a settlement because I have not gotten to that point. You mentioned surgery. I had a fusion done @ L5/S1 and it was the worst decision I ever made. Much worse now than before.

    I know everyone's condition is different, but I would think long and hard about surgery.

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