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    Default Permanent Partial Disability Percentage

    Has anyone received a very low % for PPD? You almost lose your limb and they want to give you s####t! What steps after PPD can you do for more money. I am sure that it can be appealed. After you receive PPD what other avenues are available for monies. Being reeducated at college? This is so frustrating.

    Where do they get their doctors, ones that are desperate for money? Like to lie, etccccccccccccccccccccccc? Does n't your doctors opinion make a difference in determining the amount of disability or is BWC doctors GOD?

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    Default Re: Permanent Partial Disability Percentage

    Any permenant disability as a result of your injury is based on the objective factors of your condition...guidlines used by the BWC, many states use the AMA 5 or 6th edition to rate impairments.

    Benefits or ''4123.57 PARTIAL DISABILITY COMPENSATION ''
    are defined and payable per the labor codes..
    Percentage of Permanent Partial Award (%PP)
    A certain amount of permanent damage (called residual damage) may remain as a result of the injury. %PP is commonly referred to as C-92 awards and is compensation awarded for residual impairment resulting from an allowed injury or occupational disease according to ORC 4123.57. For example, if an injured worker sustains a broken arm and can no longer extend it to the full degree, he would be eligible for an award based upon the residual loss. The permanent impairment may be physical, psychological or psychiatric.

    %PP is not payable for any psychiatric condition(s) unless there is an allowed accompanying medical condition in the claim. C-92/C-92A awards are based on medical information and the findings of the exam/review. The C-92/C-92A determination is supported by an independent exam and the examining physician will not contact the injured workerís doctor/provider of record for medical information.
    What if I disagree with the decision?
    With BWC's decision?
    If you and/or your employer disagree with a decision made on your workers' compensation claim, you may file an appeal with the Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC) within 14 days of the decision. The IC holds hearings to resolve disputes. Employers and employees may appeal decisions of the IC to the Ohio Common Pleas Court system. For more information on the hearing process, contact the Industrial Commission at 1-800-521-2691 or visit their Web site.
    Ohio has one of the best web sites where information on the WC system is detailed for the IW...

    Has anyone received a very low % for PPD? What steps after PPD can you do for more money. I am sure that it can be appealed. After you receive PPD what other avenues are available for monies. Being reeducated at college?
    It's not unusual for an IW to feel the PD/WPI or PPD rating is too low...and as the value of your award is based on that %PPD rating it is even more disheartening.
    The PPD is based on your diminished ability to compete in the open labor market. Not necessarily as an ''award'' or money/compensation for suffering an injury.
    You may be entitled to VR benefits...''retraining in college'' as you put it...

    But the benefits in WC are limited, and a claim for benefits is your exclusive remedy for a work related injury.

    The 'other options for more money' would amount to a RTW as soon as is practical...''lost wages'' once you are MMI are truly ''lost wages'' and there is no source to replace them.

    You may also be entitled to some unemployment benefits...have you made application for that...?

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    Default Re: Permanent Partial Disability Percentage

    you can't compare a "no fault" workers comp/ disability based system to a civil negligence and liability one. Especially when ignoring the value of upfront wage replacement monies and treatment.
    assuming they are similar surprises and angers many. Compared to other state work comp systems Ohio is average.
    that understanding may not help when your expectations have been dashed but check out a "scheduled loss" finding

    it may offer a greater wage replacement benefit.
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    Default Re: Permanent Partial Disability Percentage

    rtw is return to work i assume. if i am unable to work how can you draw unemployment? I will not accept anything other then college, regardless. Will continue to fight the system and considering the news media to bring attention to the screwed up system. the system does not benefit the injured worker much. how are you doing on workers comp.

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    Default Re: Permanent Partial Disability Percentage

    Compared to other state work comp systems Ohio is average
    BvIA wasnt comparing the overall system! Only the website! I have checked out now every state I could and in my opinion BvIA is correct. Also many states dont allow the IW to view their files on-line but Ohio does! Ohio's system is definately as screwed up as all of the others but the one thing we as Ohio IW have on our side is this web-site which has an abundance of information!

    I dont understand how we could get this right but cant seem to do anything else properly!

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