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    Default Gallagher Bassett Insurance

    im dealing with Gallagher Bassett ins. Isthis good or not so good?

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    Default Re: Gallagher Bassett Insurance

    I am just an injured worker but it took me over a year with the run around before someone got tired of hearing me not comply with everything is o.k. and see a doctor who actually did something.

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    Default Re: Gallagher Bassett Insurance

    Just an add on, but the assigned nurse they use for me was pretty clear that they only want you back at work and for me to say one time that I had a good day . I know these people are just trying to limit they're costs and run a business, but you would think they waste more time and money with these in they're pocket doctors (I think thats the saying my lawyer says, or the other way around?) than if they just o.k.ed a decent doc and got a person taken care of right away. You gotta think, even the one or two people a year they may get that just goes along with the b.s. doc's opinion, couldn't really be saving them that much. Anyway...

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