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    Question IME Doc Says I Can Return to Work, but My Doc Disagrees

    I have had 2 back surgeries within a years time. I was recently sent to an IME doctor who said that I may need a re-vision surgery, but says that I can return to work. He stated that I can do an occupation that requires standing, walking, sitting, and lifting up to 20-25 lbs. My doctor has NOT released me to return to work. Workman's Comp says that the IME doctor trumps my doctor who has been treating me for 2 years now! How crazy is that?! Well, I went to work and only made it about 3 hours. I scheduled a doc appointment but couldn't get in until Friday and I am scheduled to work Thursday, WC says that I have to work because the IME released me to work. What can I do? They have me scheduled for 5 1/2 hours even though I could only make it 3 hours. They won't give me a chair so I will be standing the entire time. Can I leave work when the pain gets to be too much? Can they fire me if I keep leaving work early? When I see my doc on Friday, if he gives me a doc note with his restrictions, will they have to abide by them? Please help! My biggest fear is hurting myself worse than I already am.

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    Default Re: IME Doc Says I Can Return to Work, but My Doc Disagrees

    If you don't have an attorney get one immediately. I am in Illinois and had that happen to me also. I called my attorney as soon as I got out of the IME and told him and he said he figured that. So one of the things he said was if you go to work and can't handle it go to the emergency room in the end they would have to pay for that bill too. I ended up at the emergency room the next morning. and 2 weeks later i was fired from job. I brought all my medical records with me too so they could see what i have gone through. My attorney said that an IME doctor has no authority over a doctor who has seen me forever. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    Default Re: IME Doc Says I Can Return to Work, but My Doc Disagrees

    "IME" means different things in different states...

    Independant Medical Examiner...usually contracted with the state WC commission..medical unit to perform medical/legal evaluations...this doctor is usually fair, and practical when making an opinion to your condition...based on medical evidence.

    Insurance Medical Evaluation...obviously this doctor is going to side with the ER/IC/TPA in most instances, unless the medical evidence is so blantaly exposed in front of him/her to provide in the IWs favor. These are the paid 'whores'...

    My attorney said that an IME doctor has no authority over a doctor who has seen me forever.
    That is why there is a administrative law court/arbitration system in place...to settle disputed medical issues between the parties. With out this...nothing would ever get done...

    You would not be required to perform any job function that you think would be a potentialy harmful action to your body.

    Most states provide some job protection for IW's... but that doesn't mean 'job security'...

    If your job is protected by FMLA rules...you should request those benefits...your job can be protected for up to 12 weeks per year for qualifying absences.

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    Default Re: IME Doc Says I Can Return to Work, but My Doc Disagrees

    disputes between medical opinions have to be resolved by the work comp board.
    Toll Free Phone Number: 1-888-396-5041
    If the work comp agency can't resolve the problem with some information and a phone call they will schedule the issue for mediation
    you can find out more here

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