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    Lightbulb Out of State Treatment ?


    I was wondering if any one here heard of someone getting worker comp to pay for treatment from a specialist in another state. Thinking about this because

    after my first surgery was a failure, and with physical therapy and blocker shots just increasing the pain. I’m thinking about trying to get workers comp to pay

    for the best neurosurgeon there is to perform my second surgery, even if that means traveling to a different state to get the best treatment. I would hate to

    think that worker comp wouldn’t want me to have a successful surgery performed bye the best doctors. I just want be continually pain free plus able to

    support my family and do the things I enjoyed before I was injured. I don’t think that’s too much to ask
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    Default Re: Out of State Treatment ?

    Ok... but, who is to make the determination on what doctor is the 'best' available...?

    WC treatment is based on what is ''medically necessary'', and 'reasonable'' on an industrial basis... I doubt that would include travel to a major medical center 150 miles away...unless you live that far from treatment that fits the above defination of treatment.

    I just want be continually pain free plus able to

    support my family and do the things I enjoyed before I was injured. I donít think thatís too much to ask
    That the the minimue ALL IW"s are looking for...unfortunately WC goal is a return to 'functional improvement'... and 'gainful employment', whether that is your pre injury job, or something else all together...doesn't matter.

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