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    Default Permanency Evaluation

    I recently had an IME and the doctor said my injury was a lot worse than my treating doctor thought. He said there were limited treatment options for my injury and I would lose a lot of motion with any surgery option. I called my case adjuster and had my treating doctor switched to the doctor that did my IME.
    My question is when I do reach MMI will my (new) treating doctor perform the permanency evaluation?
    Do they send me to another doctor to have this done?

    Second questions- when it comes to calculating a settlement does anyone know how many weeks are used for a wrist injury in Connecticut?

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    Default Re: Permanency Evaluation

    Thanks for the Link.
    Will my treating doctor do the evaluation?

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    Default Re: Permanency Evaluation

    Your treater can give you a rating. If the respondents dont like that rating they can send you for another IME on the permanency issue. Good Luck.. Jim

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