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    I'm sure he doesn't expect a dame to understand a guy like him.

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    Quote Quoting Pinkerton View Post
    You crazy kids... the job of an ethical PI is to answer questions from the client. If you're a scumbag claimant, I'll tell the IC that. If you're legit, I'll tell them that too. Video doesn't lie, just people (on both sides of the fence).

    Couple of things: regarding trash pulls... the Supreme Court ruled that if garbage is out for collection (not at the side of your home) that there is no invasion of privacy and it can be snatched and looked through.

    Reasonable expectation of privacy... if you have a lower back claim and leave the front windows open while doing your Sweating to the Oldies in the living room and any reasonable passerby on the public sidewalk can clearly see you, you have no expectation of privacy and you will be filmed.

    There are scumbag PI's out there just like there are scumbag IW's, but here's a tip for you: instead of burning the PI, let him roll some tape of you doing whatever it is you want him to see so #1, the IC will get the film and #2, some companies pay their guys bonuses for monthly video percentages and you be doing everyone a favor.

    For the rednecks who think it's cool to "scare" PI's off with firearms, remember that a vast majority of us are former LE with guns of our own and the training to put 5 through your X ring before you even raise the shotgun to level. Your claim isn't worth dying for.

    Play your game, we'll play ours, and in the end the IC will likely end up screwing both of us.
    Re: Surveillance
    . “Video doesn't lie”, We are not stupid enough to believe that. You alter the tape.

    “Couple of things: regarding trash pulls” You made that sound glamorous.

    “There are scumbag PI's out there just like there are scumbag IW's,” From what you put in this post I think I know which one you are.

    For the rednecks” You hate disabled people so much that you can’t help but call us names.

    “Your claim isn't worth dying for”. Is it worth the video if you end up dead? We may be going to jail, or being justified for self defense.

    ”the IC will likely end up screwing both of us”. This is the line that shows the heart of a PI. You know you work for dirty money.


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    Sad thing Pinkerton we will all move on with our lives and with dignity ...and you will still be dumpster diving ...till you put your back out ...

    What worries me is what they are doing while watching you ...i wanna see both hands on the steering wheel PLEASE !!!!!

    P.S Most of us have titanium in us so when you shoot us watch it does not bounce off and hit you in the backside...
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    It's nice to be hated by such a wonderful, honest, class of people such as yourselves. You may not like or appreciate my job, but at least I'm working and not being a drain on the system.

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    A private detective is about as welcome here as a turd in a swimming pool. You feed off of msitrust and the worst emotions of mankind. You do the bidding of corporations at the expense of human beings. If it makes you feel better to call your skulking around and scrounging through trash bags work, then go tell somebody else. Your not a drain on the "system" but on humanity itself.
    No one here ever had to hide to do their job. Even if we sweep floors we can show our faces and don't have to hide behind suglasses. If you are honorable, why do you have to conceal your identity and presence in order to do your "job".

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    The majority or the injured workers on this forum have the same goal as I do; to take care of their medical and return to work. The delays and denials of the insurance companies cause problems with the "getting the medical & returning to work.

    For some the return to work is not in their future due to the extent of their injuries.

    And for many of the injured workers we cope with the stages of loss.
    Shock, denial, anger, acceptance, anticipation, and there is the guilt of not being able to do what we once were able to.

    Your post plays on the guilt feelings of some on this forum.

    This is a great forum and name calling should not be a part of it.

    And yes I've been followed by a PI.

    Just my opinion………

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    I am not sure of what you are referring to as class of people?
    Do you mean...people having the same social, economic, or educational status; "the working class"; "an emerging professional class" or elegance in dress or behavior; "she has a lot of class"?

    I can tell you that ANYONE can be injured at work, anytime. A CEO of a major corporation can have a work related injury, by getting into an auto accident on his way to his corporate jet. A fast food worker can injure himself at work, by slipping on a wet floor. A doctor can injured himself at work by an accidental stick of a needle contaminated by an HIV patient. A private investigator can injure himself at work, by getting in an auto accident following an injured worker, or by getting his asked kicked by an angry husband of an injured worker.

    Pinkerton, you ARE contributing to the drain of the system. If insurance companies did not use services like you, as well as their other tactics of delaying and denying medical treatment for years, many injured workers would have received proper medical treatment, and returned to work.

    Do you think injured workers are spending years milking the system? The reality is many injured workers are spending years in the system waiting for approval for surgery.

    Your previous posts say that you let the IC know if the injured workers are injured or not. You say pictures to not lie, but people do. Who in the hell do you think you are, a medical doctor? Guess what, MRI's do not lie either. You do not have the qualifications to determine who is truly injured.

    People do things they should not sometimes, when they are injured (outside of their restrictions), and usually pay for it later, with being in pain. I have done some stupid things that I should not have, that aggravated my injury, and caused extreme pain. You may think you have taken "the money shot" videoing someone carrying groceries etc. What you do not see is that person spending the remainder of the day in bed, from over doing it, and being in extreme pain.

    You do not understand, and never will, unless you or a family member has a work related injury.

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    I have the ultimate surveillance. I am photographing workers compensation commissioners in Connecticut! I currently have three, including my most recent photo of the Chairman at a WC Advisory Meeting and just after he requested (pleaded) for me not to photograph him. I don't want to tip off what my goal for this photo album is that will include their residences addresses/photos, home telephone numbers, children names, vehicles and marker numbers, and in one instance where the yacht is docked along with photo and boat name.

    This is a two way street Pinkerton and injured workers are fighting back. Why don't you p.m. me your home address and we can get working your file.

    I have learned from experience that people that scream foul are the ones most likely to cheat on their wifes, employer and taxes. Check out that Class.
    Mr. Picket DOI 1991 Hern Disc Lumbar crooked lawyers, crooked commissioners, liars and cheats. 2005 self pay 2-level ADR Artificial Disc Replacement.*****edited by Tony****

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    I think Pinkerton is funny and he needs an enema "cause he is full of crap" Living off what ...out of his pocket ...Moron we work and still do but with an injury ..If i thought it was comming out of your pocket i would feel better .
    Dont talk about class when you dont have any and quite frankly you can see by the post's non of us care sit with your D@ck in your hand or your camera we dont care ..

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    Play your game, we'll play ours,
    Games you want, games it will be.
    Before you shoot your mouth off, you shouldv'e read the rules, especially this one.

    Forum Participation Is At Our Discretion
    We reserve the right to forbid any user from participating in this forum, and to close any user account, at any time, for any reason. In the interest of the community, this may be done without any prior notice or warning.

    So guess what buddy, In the interest of the community, I choose to boot your butt out of OUR forum , you won't play your "game" here..
    BY BY..
    Moderator Responses are based on my personal bias, experience and research - they may not be accepted in the legal community, always consult an attorney.

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