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    Default MMI 7% Impairment Rating

    My doctor has said that I've reached MMI and given me a 7% Permanent Partial Impairment Rating. I haven't been able to speak with an attorney yet. What exactly does this mean?

    I know I'll stop receiving benefits checks now. Will they stop immediately?

    What does the 7% impairment rating mean? Will I continue to get benefits based on this rating?

    Should I go ahead and file for unemployment?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: MMI 7% Impairment Rating

    You're correct...TTD will stop as soon as the CA knows of the status. TTD is a benefit, MMI is a status.

    Indemnity/award money is based on the 7% rating you have received. If you disagree with that number... you can appeal it. Get another evaluation, and possibly end up in a hearing with a judge to decide.

    As your Dr says you have reached MMI, and you are not able to return to work at your pre injury job, you should begin a job search, and apply for UI benefits.

    Why aren't you going back to your pre injury job/ER ?

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    Default Re: MMI 7% Impairment Rating

    Unfortunately my employer couldn't hold my job for me and I was terminated.

    Based on what I read on an attorney website, I should still receive Permanent Impairment Benefits. I've pasted that information below. Is it correct? 50% seems low. What percentage of your lost wages does unemployment pay? Thanks.

    Permanent Impairment Benefits

    Once the injured employee reached Maximum Medical Improvement (“MMI”), all temporary benefits end. In order to receive Permanent Impairment Benefits, the injured employee’s physician must opine that the injured employee has sustained a permanent impairment rating as a result of the work related injury and has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI).

    If necessary, an authorized treating physician will assign a permanent impairment rating on the date of MMI or after a total of 104 weeks of temporary total disability/ temporary partial disability benefits have been paid. Should some physician assign an impairment rating, the injured employee is entitled to impairment benefits paid at the rate of 50% of his/her compensation rate (compensation rate is 66 2/3 of the average weekly wage).

    These benefits are to be paid bi-weekly at a rate the rate of 75% of the worker’s compensation rate (not to exceed the maximum compensation rate). However, such benefit shall be reduced by 50 percent for each week in which the employee has earned income equal to or in excess of the employee’s average weekly wage.

    The duration of these benefits depends on the injured employer’s impairment rating. For each percentage point of impairment from 1 percent up to and including 10 percent, two weeks of benefits are to be paid. For each percentage point from 11 percent up to and including 15 percent, three weeks of benefits are to be paid. For each percentage point from 16 percent up to and including 20 percent, four weeks of benefits are to be paid. For each percentage point from 21 percent and hire, six weeks of benefits are to be paid.

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    Default Re: MMI 7% Impairment Rating

    You will get 14 weeks of impairment benefits.
    If you return to work you will get 50% of your tpd if you do not return to work status then it is 75% of the TPD amount.

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    Default Re: MMI 7% Impairment Rating

    I was told the old accounts that havent been used in years dont really count. Is this true or should I close them?
    No, thats' not true.
    You should do some research and understand how and what a FICO score is calculated, and what those number mean.

    Closing out unused accounts reduce to available credit.. that reduces your FICO score. However, having those accounts should not carry balances above about 30% of the credit line.

    Your questions on this don't really have anything to do with WC...

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