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    Default PQME Reports

    Hello all.

    How valid is the report of a PQME, if at the time of the evaluation he tells you he has no medical records or xrays concerning you, and apparently he never received; them according to his report that was mailed to you 2 months later?

    However, he does determine that you are MMI as of the date of his exam, but can not rate you without any medical records or xrays, but somehow he gives you an added 5% Whole Person Impairment for restrictions of activities of daily living.

    Is this legal?

    Thanks in advance for any and all answers.

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    Default Re: Pqme

    It's not ''illegal''... PQME is used to resolve a disputed medical issue.
    If the medical records were not submitted prior to the evaluation and diagnostics were necessary for the PQME to form his/her opinion, they should have been ordered by that Dr/evaluator.

    If you dislike the situation... you can request a supplemental report. The PQME report will be sent to the DEU/Disability Evaluation Unit, you can't really "do'' anything until their report/rating issues.

    Is this legal?
    You provided the setting here... and a simple question where there is no simple answer. Presumably you'd like to know what's next ?... see above.

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    Default Re: PQME Reports

    The PQME had two options before evaluating you.

    He could either:

    1. Perform the exam, write the report, and issue a supplemental report once the medical records had been received.

    2. Re-schedule your eval until the medical records were received by him.

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    Cool Re: PQME Reports

    Thanks for the responces. VPM, the PQME doctor did neither of those things you mentioned. As a matter of fact he purjered (think I spelled it right)
    himslef by electronically signing at the end of the report that he had viewed reports, xrays and MRI's which he never received before, during, nor after my evaluation.

    The doctor mentions constantly throughout the report that if he had copies of my medical reports he'd be able to rate me, but without them he can not at this time.

    The report was dictated and written on the day of my exam, and never once does the doctor mentions that he finally received my medical reoprts or diagnostics. However, he does put me at MMI.........

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    Default Re: PQME Reports

    Quote Quoting dewereds View Post
    One of the moderators already mentioned that certain members have been suspended because of submitting wrong reports.....
    What are you talking about....and why are you promoting your nudist resort on a WC message board...?

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