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Thread: TTD Checks

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    Default TTD Checks

    Are they issued weekly or bi-weekly?

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    Generally bi weekly. Based on your AWW/Average Weekly Wage.. There are minimum/maximum rates pre determined by the state workers comp division.
    The rate is 2/3's of your AWW to the max yours will support.
    Temporary Total Disability Benefits This is the period of time frequently referred to as the "healing period". If an employee's injury has resulted in a disability that prevents the person from returning to work at all -that is, the person is completely disabled for all work purposes- then the employee may receive temporary total disability payments. If the period of disability is fourteen (14) days or less then the compensation benefit payments may not be allowed for the first three (3) days of disablement except for payments for hospital, nursing or other medical services, funeral expenses or medicine. If the period of temporary disability lasts for more than fourteen (14) days, then the compensation is allowed from the date of disability
    Information on this and other benefits you may be eligible for is here

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    Default Re: TTD Checks

    Thank you for your prompt response.

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    One thing that BvIA forgot to mention is that it is based of your last 18 weeks of wages so if the not so nice and wonderful economy has put a damper or your recent wages be ready fo an even greater hit. When I was injured I was working at a $16 per hour and piece work job would have made about 42k that year because I barely bill for hours because can't bill hourly and piece rate at the same time. They only wanted to base my wage of my hourly rate which I don't think I have seen a 40 hour work week check ever while working there. Yes the final total for the year would have been around a 10% increase for the year but my wage had just gone up 3$ because I was offered another position with another company and they wanted to keep me. So over all my TTD payments total approx what I would make weekly every 2 weeks therefore cutting my salary in half monthly. Yeah you can say not fun. I am hoping to be almost at the end of this process before I go bankrupt and lose my home.

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    I get mine weekly in Maryland I guess it's up to the IC

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