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    Question Loss of Part of a Finger

    Ok I'm kind of new to this, and I have a few questions. I was injuried at work and have now loss the end of my index finger,right hand and I'm right handed. I'm off work for aleast 10 more weeks, I've been off 4 so far. So far I really have no issues with my WC insurence per say they are paying doctors bills and all that but I just want to make sure I'm not going to have problems if you know what I mean. When I got the call from the claim guy he said that they pay medical, 65% of my pay, and precriptions. but he never said anything about compensation for the loss of my finger tip. Do I get compensated for the fact that I now have no finger from bottom of nail down which means basically loss to first joint since even if everything go well I wont have use of that joint. I don't want to sound like someone just looking for money so I didn't ask yet. was wondering if anyone knows cause it's confusing since WV allows companys to have private WC inserince so mine is with Sentry of Virginia. Like I said I don't have any problems yet but want to know all my rights and everything so I don't run into any. And I'm told there is now no WC lawyers in my area. and I really don't really want one unless I really need one. thanks for any info anyone might have

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    Do I get compensated for the fact that I now have no finger from bottom of nail down which means basically loss to first joint
    Doesn't look like it, West Virginia has no specific provision for payment of disfigurement benefits.

    Benefits for Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)
    The percentage of worker's wage paid is 66 2/3 (legislative changes effective July 1, 2003 reduced this percentage from its former level of 70%). For weekly payments, the minimum is $175.33 (33 1/3 percent of SAWW). The minimum benefits may not exceed the level of benefits determined by use of the applicable Federal minimum hourly wage. The maximum is $350.67, 70 percent of SAWW. For non-scheduled injuries, the maximum period of payments is 336 weeks, and there is no maximum total payable amount. Ratings for compensation purposes are determined as a percentage of permanent total disability. If disability is 85% to 100%, benefits are payable for life. Claimants receiving benefits prior to 7/1/1994 shall not have their benefits reduced based upon the requirement that such benefits shall not exceed the applicable Federal minimum wage.

    Disfigurement Benefits:
    West Virginia has no specific provision for payment of disfigurement benefits.

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    Default Re: New to This

    I just wanted to add a piece of general advice. Be sure to keep a file of everything you are mailed, copies of your doctors reports & scrip receipts, listing of each doctors appt / test and notes on all related phone calls ( names, time & date and what was said ). It may not all seem too important now, but you may really want this info if & when things start going wrong. Good Luck.

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