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    Default Permanent Nerve Damage from a Workplace Injury

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: florida,, i was on the job and stuck a phillips screw driver 3'' deep in my hand between my left thumb and index finger and have perm nerve damage and cait do pluumbing any more how much could i get when i go to court?

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Perm.nerve Damage

    i was on the job and stuck a phillips screw driver 3'' deep in my hand between my left thumb and index finger and have perm nerve damage and cait do pluumbing any more
    First off, I know of a guy who lost his arm and still "does plumbing" as you say.

    Although it may be your opinion that you can't work as a plumber, I fail to see how a puncture wound to the hand could be a career ender.

    Secondly at least put an effort into spelling "plumbing" and "can't" correctly, if you're not going to post some background and specifics, take the time to spell.

    how much could i get
    Who the hell knows, based on the little info you gave.
    I'm surprised you didn't ask "how much do I "git"
    Not much, they'll probably put you back to work with restrictions.
    I can't see a doc or IME writing you up as totally disabled over a puncture wound to the hand, it ain't gonna happen.

    Don't come into this board insinuating you're now a quadriplegic because you jabbed your hand with a screw driver and as a result, are entitled to retirement.

    These "how much do I get" threads are getting really old and on my nerves.
    I'm going to start deleting them, they're degrading this forum and are belittling to those who are suffering from true disabilities.

    Last edited by tony; 06-04-2010 at 04:25 PM.

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Perm.nerve Damage

    It's probably none of my business but........you are right tony,people come in here and want to automatically assume they are in such bad shape that they are unable to work and want to get on the system.I don't post here much except for when i have questions here and there,but i do read alot.I do know of some people struggling and are in bad shape and i know of some that do pretend to be hurt and getting disability benefits,God only knows how or why this goes on,but the ones that are truly hurt are the ones that suffer the most!!!!!!!!go figure????

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Perm.nerve Damage

    I don't mind if someone posts some background like their rating, if the employer is accommodating restrictions, if they have reached MMI and so forth, then proceeds to ask what's in the future.
    But to come in here and say I poked my hand or I got sick on some fumes and ask what's it worth or how much do I get, is rude, if not offensive.
    In the future I will delete the post, it gives the impression that injuries = dollars, it’s not that simple.
    I feel it cheapens the forum and belittles those who are suffering from the injustices in the system and their injuries.

    Sorry if I sound like a prick but quit with the "how much do I get" threads, it's irritating the hell out of me.

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Perm.nerve Damage

    I was thrilled to read your post today. When I found this site I was in a dark place. I spend countless nights reading and getting informed on what to expect next. I finally got the courage up to start posting some of my questions and even vent. The most important thing to me was getting better and going back to work. I love my job and work for a great company.
    I soon found out that it's all about the bottom line and I had to really learn the In's and outs of workman's comp. I have made lots of friends and got some really great advice from people who I really don't even know.
    With all of that, when I spend my time reading these posts on how much will I get it sickens me. All that most people here would like is their life back to some sort of normal. Like I tell my attorney I don't want a settlement all I want is my job back in any sort I can get it. I will count paper clips in the corner if they would let me. When I read " how much should I expect or how much should I sue for" I start to think to my self are they serious???? What about the future??? Who is going to pay for their medical costs that they say they are suffering from?? Then I realize they are only wanting the money and who cares about the future.
    I for one thank you for deleting those kind of posts. It will save me time going through them looking for the information that will help!

    I also want to say thank you for looking out for us!

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Perm.nerve Damage

    Hello People. I agree with most. There are exceptions: Tony, sir, a prick is the smallest part of a man. You are far from that. I wouldn't have the patience to do what you do. Thank you. All the best.

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    Post Re: Workers Comp Perm.nerve Damage

    I don't often agree with a person right away, but I agree with Tony. I have been on Work Comp. for 6 months, and I have to give up a $39,000.00 a year job to receive $1,400.00 a month now from W.C. I really liked my job, but they cannot accept the permanent restriction the w.c. doctor put on me, so my life has to take another turn now. I work for the government, and I don't know what the future holds. Right now, I'm "thankful" I have the check coming from work comp and my medical insurance being paid out of that. I'm also having a major surgery on my back on June 29th, that will be covered by my private medical insurance. I would love to have only the small wound in the hand that this man has. I figure I could do my job with the other hand or even light duty.

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