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    Angry Do Private Investigators Spy on Injured Workers

    Does ic still send Investigators to spy on you even after section 32 is signed , reviewed and awaiting hearing date?
    Miss injured 1

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    Default Re: Private Investigator

    they don't do it on every case; each is different.
    depends on what information they have.

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    BvIA & Tony go back & forth , pretty much in answer to your question , in the thread " Can i change my work restriction after C & R " / California . BvIA seems to be very cautious & warns that They can watch you & investigate you FOREVER ........ "Cause , afterall ,it's THEIR money !

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    At SH^, I hardly leave my home ,and I do nothing beyond my restrictions, I just find it odd even as it was the ic that pushed to settle.
    Miss injured 1

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    Default Re: Private Investigator

    Does ic still send Investigators to spy on you even after section 32 is signed
    Only if your case is contested, not supported by medical evidence or if they suspect fraud.
    If any of the above applied, they wouldn't offer to settle.
    I think it would be safe to say your case has progressed past the investigation phase, no, they ain't gonna waste the money.
    Don't worry about it.

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