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    Default Workers Comp Surveillance

    I have read alot of posts about this. My husband has been out of work and on comp in NY since Oct 2011 for a hip issue that was pre existing but aggravated after he was hit by another driver while in the process of doing his job. He had a hearing yesterday and the Carrier told his lawyer they have video of him limping in to a Drs. appt and NOT limping when he came out. My question is why would the Carrier spend the money to surveil him when it is NOT a big money case...he is making progress in his physical therapy. I have read (I think) that others say very few people are ever really followed. I just do not understand why they spent the money to watch him!

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    Default Re: Surveillance

    Probably did it due to the pre-existing issues.

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    Default Re: Surveillance

    A lot of surveillance is a scare tactic or they are grasping at straws. Unnless your really stupid and your that as#hole you see on the news a few times a year playing golf after they told a doctor they could not stand for more than 10 min. at a time. Then they will catch you and I hope put you in jail for a long time. The people who get caught redhanded stealing cause a lot of damage to everyone else.

    As for limping? My limp only starts after I have been on my feet a while without a break or if I have had to pick something up off the floor. I could be filmed not limping in the morning walking my dog but limping as I walk out of work later that night. The difference is I never told anyone that I couldn't walk without limping. Did you husband claim he was unable to walk without a limp ever? When it comes to restrictions and undercover surveillance the key is to never forget what you claimed you can NEVER do. Thats where they get you and you become a liar on tape. Just a sidenote the things I can never do hurt so damn bad its not like I am going to forget and just do them. Be honest but be smart. Sorry for the rant surveillance is a sore subject for me.

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    I think you are's a scare tactic. He never said he limps...he said his lower back and hip hurt him alot. They apparently saw him limping one time and not the dumb. They actually said they didn't like how his "gait" looked, lol. The irony is he has always said he has back problems and the accident made it worse. He never ever said the accident caused his back problems.

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    Default Re: Surveillance

    I don't say "Never"... I use "Painful" instead... "I can bend over but it's painful", "Bending over causes a great deal of pain"...

    It's painful for me to bend over. I dropped my house keys the other day, and had a hell of a time bending over to get them. If I had said that I couldn't bend over, and someone was watching/filming when I dropped my keys, that would have been the 'smoking gun' that the IC would have run with.
    You're seen doing the exact thing you say you can't do... Regardless of the circumstances, it's potential ammunition for the IC...

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