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    Default What is the U.S. ual PPD Rating for Bilateral Carpal Tunnel in Wi

    I saw my doctor today and he said that I will probably not be given a % for bilateral carpal tunnel surgeries. I still have problems with my hands as far as some numbness, soreness, achiness, and strength issues. It has been 5 months after surgery for one hand and 3 months for the other. So if he determines 0% , is there anything that can be done about that?

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    Default Re: What is the U.S. ual PPD Rating for Bilateral Carpal Tunnel in Wi

    It won't be 0% PD...
    And a PD rating relects your loss of use, as well as future earning capacity. As well as ability to compete in the open labor market. Not necessarily numbness, soreness, achiness, and strength issues. Those issues are addressed in the final PD rating.
    Don't worry about "what if's"... but rather deal with these issues as they present.

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