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    Default Looking for Opinions on Surgeons

    Good Afternoon IW, my claim is in California

    After years and years of fighting my last MSC they agreed to surgery but, I have to make a choice between these two doctors Dr. Philip Weinstein, MD, San Francisco, CA, 94143 he is a Neurosurgeon and Dr. Alexander Davis who is a Orthopedic Surgeon. I'm leaning towards Dr. Alexander because he is where I live and San Francisco is so far away and If I have any problems I don't know how I would even get there. I'm hoping my attorney is right about getting TTD payments started, he told me after I have surgery.

    Thanks in advance : )

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    Default Re: Has Anyone Had Any of These Surgeons

    Depends on your injury, type of surgery... spine, neuro. "Bones", ortho.
    TTD will depend on your DOI/Date Of Injury, and whether or not you've reached the TTD cap.

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    Default Re: Has Anyone Had Any of These Surgeons

    Good Morning to you Biva,

    I'm going to be having surgery on my neck. I'm sure they will have to re due the MRI's because its been well over a year since the last one has been done. I needed surgery on my neck and a torn rotator cuff, but I guess from our last MSC WC will pay for my neck only. The only money I have received from WC is mileage from a deposition. No medical treatment nothing, everything I have done on my own.

    I was hoping to post and see if anyone has had any of these doctors, I found information online, but not enough..
    Thank you Biva for your response.

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