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    Default Discovery for a Worker's Comp Trial

    My case was on appeal with DCD, and documents were subpoenad for Trial , then my case was remanded back to DCD Disability Compensation Division, can you submit documents that was subpoenad at the appeals level to be used at the DCD hearing. pursuant to section 12-10-66 subpoena administrative rules a duly authorized representative of the Director has to approve a subpoena this was not done. is it legal.

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    Default Re: Discovery

    Where is your attorney ?
    Handling this on your own at hearing/appeals levels is not a good idea.

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    Default Re: Discovery

    My attorney was removed, as you would know most attorneys in the work comp system are friends. At this point i do not need an attorney until my case goes to Trial. After i released my attorney i was paid $5,400.00 in fines and penalties when he tried to make me settle for $10,000.00 . My question was can you subpoena documents at the Appeals level and use at at the DCD level. DCD did not authorize the subpoena.

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    bvIA Senior Member, who do you represent the Insurance Adjusters or the Injured Workers

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    Default Re: Discovery

    bvIA Senior Member what is your background, are you an attorney.

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