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    Question Anterior Herniated Lumbar Disc

    Searching for articles on ANTERIOR HERNIATED LUMBAR DISCS. I'd appreciate if anyone can provide a resource link. Thanks...

    Can't seem to locate much info on it . Based on what I've researched so far, these are considered rare and difficult to diagnose. Reading radiologist didn't see it/mention it on my MRI report. A Chiro pointed it out....and a MD confirmed it.

    I'm wondering if the radiologist can review the MRI again, measure this obviously LARGE HERNIATED DISC and add an addendum....

    Anyone ever request a radiologist re-read a study?

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    Default Re: Anyone Heard of an Anterior Herniated Lumbar Disc

    We reserve the right to forbid any user from participating in this forum, and to close any user account, at any time, for any reason. In the interest of the community, this may be done without prior notice or warning.

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    Default Re: Anyone Heard of an Anterior Herniated Lumbar Disc

    Thank you, Tony.

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