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    Default Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims

    i don't know if this is common knowledge but anyway google this site "fl office of the judges of compensation claims".
    i did not find resource links to it on this site.

    on left side of home page click "recent decisions" to view actual court cases. they only show 15 or so but you can
    "quick" search at top right of page by entering the last 2 digits of a year followed by a dash (eg 11- ) followed by
    6 digits (eg 000001 would be the first case of that year ). you will be viewing random cases but can get a feel for
    what goes on in court.

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    Default Re: Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims

    while searching as described above i looked at case no. 11-020669. after hit search click "docket" tab and then click the PDF symbol
    to the right of the final compensation order. AMERISURE INS. is the IC and i found it hard to believe they were dumb enough to pay an IME to stand up in court and say “people who are 54 don’t get disc herniations” - a "DOCTOR" DONSHEK or something like that.

    it was good to see that, siting case law, the judge said that a JCC does not have to accept as true a medical statement from an IME
    or even an EMA even while not having contradictory testimony (although this can go both ways).

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    Default Re: Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims

    Here's the link to Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims

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