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    Default How Long do Cases Take to Settle

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Missouri

    I have a torn meniscus in my left knee, and I'm hopeful that LM will settle soon. How long do cases like mine usually take? I don't expect this to be easy or to go smooth. My attorney has told me horror stories about LM, but he is also very successful against them.

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    Default Re: Lm: Already Don't Like Them

    Be good idea to stay in one thread..in MO.
    No one can predict how fast you'll get through this... depends on treatment plan, how you respond/recover, and to what extent your PPD/impairment rating is calculated.

    Getting LM to approve treatment is up to your Dr, not atty, based on what is reasonable, and medically necessary to your injury.
    The goal is "cure or relieve from the effects of your injury", and return to work as soon as possible. That does not mean your preinjury condition, or job function.

    Generally you are not entitled to a cash settlement, but continuing access to medical, and PPD weekly benefits based on your PD rating. Taking a C&R/Compromise and Release cash settlement will not pay the full value of your PD, nor the full value of any future medical needs. And, you would be agreeing to accept liability out of your pocket for future medical you may seek.

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    Default Re: Lm: Already Don't Like Them

    will do. thx

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