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Workers' Compensation Insurance . com has been designed to be a one stop resource for workers' comp related information. Searching the web for related info can be a daunting experience due to the amount of information from a vast amount of resources. You could say it's similar to drinking from a fire hose. Our goal is to provide a concise national resource to facilitate finding the information you need without having to sort through volumes of search results. 

Our Goals

  • Provide an easy to use workers compensation insurance information resource.

  • Provide the opportunity for everyone involved in workers compensation to voice their opinion concerning the successes and shortfalls of the program.

  • Provide a resource where legislators can visit and research how various states manage their workers compensation programs. Every state has it's strong points and weaknesses. By providing an easy to navigate source of information legislators will have the ability to see what is working well in some states and consider implementing the same successes in their own states through reform of state law.
  • Provide attorneys who represent injured workers with access to state legal resources and a central location to discuss workers' comp issues.

  • Provide injured workers with the information they need to understand workers' compensation.

  • Provide injured workers with the opportunity to share their thoughts concerning their experiences while involved in the workers' comp system.

Workers' Compensation has protected thousands of injured workers from devastating circumstances which are a result of becoming unable to work due to their injury. It provides peace of mind ensuring that  medical costs and daily living expenses are met. Overall the system works well but then again there are exceptions to the rule. These exceptions are numerous nationwide and should be addressed by our legislators.

We frequently see examples of workers' comp fraud on TV but seldom are the shortcomings of the system presented to the public. Numerous injured workers are subjected to injustices concerning their workers comp claims and their story remains untold. It is our desire to present the workers' compensation program in it's entirety and it is our hope that legislators will honor their commitment to their citizens by instituting reform where needed. 

In closing it should be said that a fair amount of  information available through Workers Compensation Insurance . com is provided by linking to state government links. We don't profess to be workers compensation experts . We just want to help you find the information you seek. The state and private websites we link to should be commended for their willingness to provide concise and up to date information for those who seek it.

Thank you for visiting our website! Please feel free to contact us.

Notice to Workers and Employers

Nothing in this website should be construed as legal opinion or advice. Consult an attorney for legal advice. Corresponding with "Workers' Compensation Insurance . com" does not create any form of confidential relationship, agency relationship, or attorney-client relationship.

Making a false or fraudulent workers' compensation claim, or making s false statement for the purpose of obtaining or denying worker's compensation benefits, is a criminal offense.

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