Looking Back on 9/11

My son is a survivor of the World Trade Disaster. His building is directly across from the one Tower. They had body parts, building parts and plane parts flying through their windows. Body parts were littering the ledges of their building. A half body came flying through the window on fire and his boss put the fire out on the body. There were several half bodies that flew through the windows. This was reported to authorities yet they recently "discovered" these body parts inside 170 Cedar Street.

The street outside was covered with body parts and intestines were hanging from every where. He saw at least fifteen to sixteen people jump and their bodies were exploding upon impact with the ground. They were also hitting other people and killing them. He accidentally stepped on part of someone's head as they were being told to get out of the area by firemen.

Approximately 165,000 people had their Emergency Disaster Unemployment Benefits cut off on June 16th. There were approximately one million people, including those in New York City and people from the surrounding areas who had been working at ground zero or nearby who had their benefits cut off on June 16th.

His place of business had a very hard time relocating due to the fact that the floors in the newer buildings are not strong enough to hold heavy machinery. They could not go back to work within the time frame given by the government. When his place of business did find an adequate new location it required that they renovate and re- wire it to make it a safe work environment for employees.

Any agency he and his fellow employees called would not help them out. They were offered financial counseling, low cost health insurance and job development. Now how can they afford low cost health insurance when they don't have any income whatsoever or what do they need with financial counseling when they don't have any income. As far as job development goes, they are returning to their jobs.

They could not get temporary jobs due to the fact that they had to report that they would be returning to their former jobs. My son works there for 17 years and does not want a change of job. They are returning to work in a few weeks, the beginning of September.

The State of NY gave 25 million dollars to American Express as a bribe in order for them to remain in New York City. Cantor Fitzgerald was offered 12 million but they did not feel it was enough. Meanwhile the State gave out 108 million dollars to help businesses and to bribe them into remaining in New York City. The State of New York helped citizens out with approximately $965,000, which was the emergency disaster unemployment benefits.

The agencies, which total over two hundred, collected a total of $1.8 billion dollars in donations for the survivors and surviving family members who lost loved ones 9/11. None of these agencies would help survivors during the time frame that they are not receiving any financial help whatsoever.

While the Senators and Congress were giving themselves very nice pay raises, they refused to extend the emergency disaster unemployment benefits for another 13 weeks in order for these approximately one million people have an income while waiting for their businesses to reopen. Some businesses, such as where my son works, were not able to re-open within the time frame that the government allowed help for their employees. Many people have become homeless due to this and this includes families with children.

This was the first time my son ever needed help and every agency he called, that collected donations to aid survivors, turned him and his fellow employees down. He has learned the hard way that when you are in need of help, such as the many of us trying to survive the workers comp system, you cannot get help from anyone.

He and his fellow employees are totally disgusted with our government and all of these agencies that "slammed their doors in their faces". He has stated that he will never contribute to another charity again and, if the time should come that I could, I will never do so again either.

He and his fellow employees survived ground zero and are being punished for living just as those of us receiving workers comp are being punished for being seriously injured on our jobs.

This country will help the people of the world but when it comes to the citizens residing within this country they do not give one darn about us. They will send medical aid, food, money to rebuild and build Buddha's to countries that harbor terrorists but refuse to help those who need help the most right here within this country.

This government is becoming an embarrassment, cold hearted and apathetic towards the people who are paying their salaries. These people are suppose to be public servants and working in our behalf. Instead they favor Corporate America and put on a phony face to the world that they are the "good guys" when in fact, they are not at all good nor concerned as to the well being of the people they are suppose to be representing.

These politicians forgot this is another election year.