The Theft of Dignity

By Michelle Lyons

A very frightening aspect of being older and work injured.

As a result of medical delays and stalling by the insurer, your work related injuries have now become chronic and debilitating. Your disability has now taken away your ability to function independently. And older injured workers are being discriminated against in alarming numbers.

The chances of ever living out your golden years in retirement, that you had worked towards all your life, are now a distant memory. If you can even remember at all.

Savings that were frugally put away for that 'rainy day' are depleted as a result of the 'starving out' tactics of the carrier's misguided claims adjustors, whose sole purpose is to cripple the 'beggars' with their wanton and callous disregard of the human toll that is delivered to a farethewell.

Enter reality. It ain't getting better. You have been successfully denied any recourse. Doctor's who are not 'company bought' are appalled at the health problems caused by years of neglect to injuries that could have been corrected had they received prompt and adequate medical care.

It is a national disgrace. The Enron debacle was just the beginning. The people who are put in positions of power have a responsibility to those that entrusted them with this office.

Power that is entrusted can be taken away. It is up to all of us to make our voices heard above the roar of the corporate vultures. Power in the wrong hands is tantamount to condoning evil. For that toll is exacted on individuals of lesser value every day in this country.

Who is telling our story? Who is telling the outrage that injured workers everywhere feel. What makes their lives better than ours? Happenstance.

NEVER AGAIN - This phrase gained momentum after World War II. What price freedom? It is not a word, it is a choice. And all of us have made ours.

We will not be undermined or deterred in our efforts to effect change to a system that has held us in bondage long enough.

Michelle Lyons

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied