An Injury and Subsequent Experiences Living with RSD

Written by Michelle Lyons

I suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) which started as a result of all the wrong things being done after a fall in which I suffered broken fingers, wrist, elbow, three part humeral head break, scapular, clavicle, twisted leg and ankle sprain, all on the right side. Add to all that fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and hyperparathyroid problems.

If all that wasn't enough, what I went through afterwards is a nightmare that no one should ever have to endure. I was released from the ER five hours after I was brought there. I should have never have been released from the hospital. I hadn't even been examined by an orthopaedic doctor. The one that was supposed to be coming in to see me was told not to by the ER doctor. After all those hours there, all they did for me was to inject me with demerol and some other painkiller, along with taking x-rays. No one who has never suffered could even imagine the excruciating pain I had to endure. All I had to take for the pain was Excedrin. I couldn't even walk or lie down. I could only sit.

The rest is a nightmare. I never saw an orthopedic doctor until 8 days later. When I saw him, he looked at the x-rays, took some more. clucked about the extent of broken bones, grabbed my arm, twisted it and put a cast on. Remember, I had many broken bones. That was the only medical

treatment I ever received. Within weeks I developed RSD. The only medication I even had was Excedrin. I was sent for physical therapy and it was there that the therapist noted the problem. He called the doctor to advise him that he thought I was developing RSD. I had just seen him the day before and he never mentioned it. So, back I went to this doctor who confirmed the therapist's diagnosis and he ordered more aggressive therapy. The doctor did not refer me to a neurologist when I mentioned seeing one. He said you don't need one, the physical therapy will take care of it.

By this time my fingers were swollen and looked like rigormortis had set in. They were purple and mottled. My therapy consisted of pulling my fingers almost off me and soaking my hand in cold and hot water. By this time I couldn't even tell the difference between hot and cold. Also. inserting my hand in paraffin. As a result of all the wrong things being done, I am left with an RSD problem that my doctors' deny even exist, because as I'm told constantly, RSD doesn't spread. This, as we know, is completely ludicrous. Mine is a constant burning and disabling condition that has left me permanently injured as a result. Not too mention the fact that all the bones that were broken mended angled and my hand, arm and shoulder are in constant pain. Too deny is too destroy and that is exactly what has been done to me. I certainly would like too know of doctors' who are specialists in a disorder that destroys the sympathetic nervous system along with causing osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, all work injured and doctor destroyed victims of Workers' compensation are involved in a tyranny that is perpetrated on victims of work related injuries. Had I been able to see a trauma specialist immediately after my work related accident. I would not be writing this letter today. I am appalled and outraged that this evil exists. I am even more outraged that we are denied our constitutional and human rights daily. Hence the feelings of being overwhelmed while dealing with the terrorists that make our 'medical determination' for us. Isn't it amazing how someone can know how we feel. If we had the ability to do pain transference, I would be only too happy to have them take on my pain and see how well they could cope. It is easy to be a critic when your only an observer.

Our Legislators' must take responsibility and correct the statutes that allow the predators' carte blanche to manipulate and destroy the victims' of work related accidents. Who is accountable to us for the denial of our constitutional and civil rights; not too mention human rights. No one should ever have to endure the pain and body destruction that has happened to all of us. Why are we subjected to this

persecution? Remember, we are this way because of what wasn't done for us. Not only are we dealing with the pain, we also live with the bias.

Take away the immunity from the IME doctors' and make them accountable and responsible just like the rest of the world. The IME is one of the biggest fraudulent issues that is perpetrated against the injured worker. Denial is their credo. Think about it? Why would anyone want to live in this odyssey. We are hurting and we want someone too hear our complaints and stop the pretense and suggestive

findings. All of us are the victims' of the total and wanton disregard of our rights' to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Many of our ancestors' gave their lives for this freedom. We are entitled to

the same rights' as any other citizen. Who decided that we were to be treated differently? Something to think about, isn't it!

Our lives are forever changed as a result of what wasn't done for us at the time of our work related accident. What has happened to all of us is a travesty of justice. We have been forever more subjected to a life of pain and disabling limitations. This is our reality.

All I can say is God help all of us who are living the tyranny.