Stress related injuries are extremely high in public service and the medical field here in California. PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) is a common mental injury as well. Soldiers in the service experienced it during fire fights and is dated as far back as the civil war in the mid 1860s.

Public service and medical staff do witness conditions that are inhumane because of shortstaffing, long hours, inhumane treatment of each other and the folks they're supposed to take care of. These conditions are created because of insufficient training due to low budgets.

In these stress cases, injured workers are "encouraged" to file stress claims, then get denied by the insurance companies and then one's life is an open book to be used against the injured to diminish their claims. It's called the nut and slut game. This is a great way for the insurance company/employer to "HIDE" the real issues. The employer gets to continue to repeat the same injustices over and over again.

Stress claims are also used to diminish the injured workers credibility. When you have a stress claim, no one will believe you other than your coworkers about the horrible working conditions.

Stress claims also are used to diminish any other injuries such as orthopedic and chemical exposure. This isn't isolated to just public servants and the medical field. But because these particular workers are already in high stress jobs it leads to dangerous working conditions.

If someone "flips out" then they're called disgruntled workers to the general public. This also happened to other type of workers. Which then leads to police being called in and the injured getting killed. Its perhaps the most deliberate, insidious, and pernicious way the employer/insurer injures an unsuspecting employee.

Workers here are exposed to everything and anything with little to no help.  Its a no win situation. Hope this history is helpful to you in your of injured workers.

Dina in Sacramento