What must a free people do when faced with a government that has apparently stepped outside the boundary drawn? I don't know what we can do to help.

Most of us don't have food and gas money and sure can't invest in a jacket. We know the government is corrupt, but what can anyone do? We pay taxes on everything we buy at the store including toilet paper. About 40% of our Social Security money or SSI, goes for taxes.

You would think the government would give a tax-deduction card to the aged, disabled, and poor. Labor and Industries "extorts  monies" from our checks while we are working to provide: "we be make whole again or be compensated".

Labor and Industries employ "Medical Whores" to write false reports to see that we are "cost shifted" to SSI or Social Security Due to the fact we must pay deductibles $100.00 and co-pays to our providers we no longer can afford to see a doctor, therefore get worse or die. The latter is what they hope for.

The rents are so high we can not afford to live in our apartments, and yet the even the homeless are given food stamps, and others also receive subsidized housing, money, and food stamps.