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  1. Understanding Workers Compensation Helps You Protect Your Rights
  2. Help For Injured Connecticut Workers
  3. How to find a good lawyer
  4. Finding a reliable workers comp lawyer
  5. Court Ordered IME Doctor Wants Second Visit
  6. Pre-Existing Conditions
  7. Injured in Connecticut and in Need of Help
  8. Fighting the workers compenation system in Connecticut
  9. Job search while on workers comp
  10. Doctor is not communicating
  11. Tired of the Workers Compensation System
  12. Working while receiving workers compensation
  13. TDP terminated for moving to another state
  14. Workers Compensation Protest
  15. Ace USA Workers Comp
  16. Checks for Injured Workers
  17. Problems Getting Checks
  18. What if the surgeon thinks nothing is wrong
  19. Employer Doesn't Want Injured Worker To File A Comp Claim
  20. How Long Does It Take To Get A Workers Comp Hearing
  21. Board Certified CT Comp Lawyer Available to Help
  22. When Can An Injured Worker Get A Second Opinion
  23. How to Obtain a New Workers Compensation Lawyer
  24. Employer Trying To Deny Health Insurance Coverage
  25. The Right To Complain
  26. Important Information Regarding Commissioners' Notes
  27. Sunroyal Alliance Insurance Company
  28. Petition to be sent to the Conn. General Assembly
  29. What The Judges Have Written
  30. Connecticut Board Certified Workers Compensation Specialist
  31. Returning To Work
  32. Injured At Frito/Lay
  33. Where is the Check?
  34. TBI and Settlement Outcomes
  35. Insurance Company Wants Information About An Old Car Accident
  36. Job Offered Exceeds Medical Restrictions
  37. Comp Carrier Responsibilities
  38. Meeting with Commissioner for an Appeal
  39. Can you Collect Both Short-Term and Long-Term Disability?
  40. How Long Can a Person Be Kept on TPD or TTD
  41. A message to my State Atty General
  42. Serious Neck Problem Found When Treating Back
  43. Forced to Collect Unemployment When I Should Be Getting Comp Pay
  44. Consequences of Moving Out of State
  45. Good bye's to spies! Going underground
  46. Just an update on my claim
  47. Any beer truck drivers with RSI
  48. SSDI's Impact on Workers Comp
  49. Just A Question
  50. 2 Time Around
  51. What Happens If Company Is Sold or Out Of Business
  52. Having Problems Within Connecticut Workers Comp
  53. Help From Politicians
  54. Have Reached MMI
  55. Question To Jaspell
  56. Mileage
  57. Useful Site
  58. Unemployment After Workers Compensation
  59. Settlement of Medical: Open Vs. Closed
  60. Mileage For Vocational Rehab
  61. What's The Duration Of PPD Benefits
  62. Work Status
  63. How About We Chat
  64. First IME Results - Rundown Of My Situation
  65. Certified Attorneys
  66. What The Judges Say About WC
  67. Do We Need A Lawyer?
  68. SSDI and MSA's at Settlement Time
  69. WC Senate Hearings, March 4, 6 2008
  70. Mileage Pay
  71. Building Contractor's Worker's Comp Coverage
  72. Medical Coverage After PPD Rating
  73. Filing Taxes
  74. Bill Extending PP Pass?
  75. Cost Of Living Increase In Connecticut
  76. TBI Injury and Work Prospects
  77. They Say PPD Already Paid
  78. We Can Sue Comp Commisioners in Federal Court
  79. The Connecticut State Attorney General Represents State Employees
  80. Crushed Cervical Disc in Fall at Work
  81. IME - Restrictions Too Strict
  82. Terminated at End of FMLA Leave - Is This Legal
  83. Attorney's Fees
  84. Back Surgery Denied
  85. Trying To Help Everyone
  86. Reasonable and Necessay Medical Treatment
  87. Legislative Sesson Today 11/24/08 WC Protest
  88. Connecticut Constitution
  89. Scar Award
  90. What is the Future Bad Faith Claims in Workers Comp Cases
  91. a Worker's Compensation Attorney
  92. Contacting Your Senator
  93. Labor Committee Testify Feb. 26, 2009 WC Day
  94. No Scar Award?
  95. Final Stipulation Demand Letter
  96. March 3, 2009 Labor Committee Public Hearing LOB
  97. Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
  98. Suggestions for New Protest Signs
  99. Big RED Warning New Commissioner
  100. Federal WC Legislation Proposed: HR 635
  101. Front Page - New York Times Today
  102. Received Copy of My Comp File
  103. You Too Can Be WC Commission
  104. WC Public Hearing 21 Oak St. Hartford, CT
  105. Given Disability Rating Via Consult
  106. Attorney Should Be Recognized
  107. Permanency Evaluation
  108. Future Medical Coverage
  109. Vacation Pay
  110. Settlement Amount
  111. Hurt at Work Yesterday
  112. Lost Trust in Doctor/Being Cut Off
  113. Medicare Set Asides
  114. Jurisdiction for Workers Comp
  115. Medical Coverage for Non-Work Related Injury
  116. Final Settlement Offer
  117. Short Term Disability vs W/C
  118. Moved at Jaspell's Request
  119. Loss Wages After Retirement
  120. Child Support vs. WC
  121. Informal Hearing Advice
  122. Advice
  123. Employer Hasn't Filed Claim After 3 Months and I'm Getting the Bills
  124. Permanent Partial Disability Final Settlement
  125. Is Informal Hearing Necessary
  126. Dr. Wrote Wrong Info. in Report and Wont Change It
  127. Stipping Out - What is a Guideline
  128. Back to MMI Soon
  129. Doctors and Physical Therapy Appointments
  130. What is Preponderance of the Evidence
  131. Wages Being Docked
  132. Changing Attorneys for a Workers Comp Case
  133. Settlement Hearing Amount
  134. Settlement Amount
  135. Work Related Asthma
  136. Reasonable/Necessary - Curative/Palliative
  137. Disability Insurance
  138. Health Ins While on Wc, Lawyer
  139. Minimum Rating for a Surgery
  140. Duration of Benefits for Total Disabilty
  141. Chairman Reappoint Public Hearing 2/10/10
  142. Back Injury Afecting Leg Also and Received MMI
  143. Things to Consider in Settlement
  144. Workers Comp Award
  145. Labor Commission Hearing
  146. Unemployment While on PTD
  147. Lawyers Fee or Not Right
  148. Finding a Second Opinon Doctor Who is Independent From the First
  149. Job Re-Training
  150. Where Can I Find Information
  151. Compensation for Treatment After Tacking a New Job
  152. Lowered Weekly Rate Without Telling Me. Can They Do That
  153. Injury Caused High Sugar-New Injury
  154. Workers Comp of Today and Yesterday
  155. Old Injury and Reoccuring Pain
  156. When to Start Looking for New Employment Consistent With Injuries
  157. Workers Comp Time Limits
  158. Shoulder SLAP Tear
  159. Settlement Amount
  160. How to Get TTD Payments
  161. Unemployment Claim
  162. Do I Need Legal Representation
  163. Can I Move
  164. Heariing for Surjury, What Happens Next
  165. 33% Rating on Neck, Does It Get Better After Surgery
  166. Have Had 3 Surgeries on Left Shoullder Finnally Got MMI What Can I Expect
  167. Permanent Partial Disability Benefit Expired - What Should I Do Next
  168. Offsets to Disability Retirement Pay
  169. Attorney Keeps Every 5th Check
  170. Settlement Amount
  171. Vocational Training
  172. At MMI and Now on Ppd, but Still Doing Approved Pt and Aquatic Pt . is This Right
  173. Travel Expenses for IME
  174. Exacerbation of a Pre-Existing Injury
  175. Help- Termination and Questions- Thanks:)
  176. Help- Want to Quit and End Workers Comp Stigma Before New Please:)
  177. Moving Out of State with an Open WC Case
  178. How Long is Workers Comp
  179. Permanent Disabilty Benefits While on SSI
  180. How to Find Good Legal Representation
  181. Disability Retirement
  182. Total Disability Benefits vs. a Specific Award
  183. What Benefits Can You Receive for Injured Body Parts
  184. Feeling Trapped in Ct
  185. Straighten Me Out
  186. Venting Before Christmas
  187. My Employer Took My Vacation Time to Pay Me While Out of Work Under Workers Comp
  188. Though I Have a WC Attorney, I Am Confused
  189. My Husband Received Comp Award Settlement Will We Lose Our Medicaid Benefits
  190. How to Get Reasonable or Necessary Medical Treatment
  191. Public Hearing 2/28/12 to Give WC Commissioners Power to Determine Medical Treatment
  192. Believe I Am Being Misrepresented Lawyer Against Big Shipping Company
  193. Laws for Pre-Existing Injuries
  194. Table Saw Injury and Workers Comp Benefits
  195. Hurt During Work Hardening Program
  196. What's the Value of a Settlement
  197. Required to Go to an IME
  198. Rating Money
  199. Documenting Injury from Work Hardening
  200. Why Am I Finding My Os Office Has No Idea What Wh or FCE Entail
  201. Nerve Damage- What to Expect
  202. Injured After Physical Attack by a Supervisor
  203. Head Injury at Work
  204. Scar on Forehaed Value
  205. Should You End Worker's Comp Benefits to Qualify for Other Benefits
  206. Vacation Time Taken Away While on Workers Comp
  207. Second Surgery for the Same Injury
  208. Can You Be Fired Due to Faulty Equipment
  209. Leaving Voluntarily Before Planned Layoff
  210. Carpal/Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  211. Will Misrepresentations on My Job Application Come Out at My Deposition
  212. Was the Insurance Company Lawyer Trying to Help Me Out
  213. Hemmorhoids
  214. Informal Hearing
  215. Formal Hearing Decisions for Ct
  216. Can Approval for Surgery be Revoked
  217. Injured During Physical Therapy
  218. What to Expect when Getting Deposed by Employers Attorney
  219. When Does One Get Rating Money
  220. What is a Reasonable Settlement for a Head, Neck and Back Injury
  221. Social Security Benefits and Workers Compensation
  222. PPD for a Neurological Injury
  223. PPD and Also Temporary Disability on Another Body Part, Payments
  224. I Don't Want a Lawyer but I Think I Need One
  225. Worker's Comp Attorney Fees in Connecticut
  226. Carpal Tunnel Cubital Tunnel
  227. New Symptom After First Epidermal Spinal Injection
  228. Worker's Comp Denied Based on Allegation of Willful Misconduct
  229. PPD Amount
  230. Can Employer Send Discipline Files to My Independent Medical Exam Doctor
  231. IME Report vs. Functional Capacity Exam Findings
  232. Can You Get Your Own IME Doctor
  233. How Do Workers Comp Commissioners Define a Treating Physician
  234. Referred to a Pain Management Doctor by Orthopedic Surgeon
  235. Seeing an Orthopedic Back Surgeon for an IME
  236. What Happens to a Worker's Comp Claim if You Haven't Had Surgery
  237. Finding Honest IME Doctors
  238. Workers Comp TTD Overpayment
  239. Medical Set Aside and Legal Fees
  240. Request for More Information About the Benefits of Surgery
  241. Wage Loss Benefits When an Employer Cannot Accomodate Medical Restrictions
  242. Challenging an Injury Rating after an IME
  243. Settling With Workers Comp While a Third Party Lawsuit is Pending
  244. Second Surgery Possible, but Insurance Company Doctor Feels It's Unnecessary
  245. Where to Find a Permanent Disability Percentage Chart for Workers Comp
  246. Wage Information for a Worker's Comp Settlement
  247. Can Worker's Comp Take an Offset from Social Secuirty Survivor's Benefits
  248. Can an Employer Make an Injured Worker Come to Work and Sit in a Room
  249. Can Ss Take Their Money Back if You Won a Workers Comp Case
  250. Traveling Out of State While on W.c
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