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  1. Inadequate Settlement Offer
  2. Help For Injured Florida Workers
  3. Looking For Injured Florida Workers
  4. Benefits Denied
  5. Order to Attend a Mediation Conference
  6. Total Shoulder Replacement Needed, But Not Being Paid For
  7. Medical Approval Needed
  8. Shoulder Replacement Surgery
  9. Payment For Medical Care
  10. What To Settle For
  11. Exposure to Toxic Fumes and Gases
  12. Withholding Of Benefits To Pressure Workers
  13. Finding a Work Comp Lawyer in Florida
  14. How Long Can Insurer Deny Indemnity Benefits
  15. Doctor Says Surgery Is Medically Necessary, But Insurer Says Not
  16. Who Pays The Claimant's Attorney
  17. Not Getting Paid
  18. W/C Settlement and SSD
  19. When To Get A New Attorney
  20. Possibility Of A Tort Claim Over Toxic Fume Exposure
  21. Workers Rights In Florida
  22. Treatment of Pigs Versus Treatment of Injured Workers
  23. Florida's Comp Exemption Law
  24. When Are Settlements Made in Florida for Workers Compensation Claims
  25. When is a Settlement Offered
  26. Taxes and Workers Comp
  27. Can You Be Fired With An Open Comp Claim
  28. How To Gen An Impairment Rating Raised
  29. Mileage reimbursement
  30. No Response From The Claims Rep
  31. Hospitals and Nursing Homes Using Contractors Who Don't Have Comp Coverage
  32. Can you file a C-86 in the state of Florida
  33. When To Expect Disability Payments
  34. EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies
  35. Deliberate Misconduct By Insurance Companies
  36. Injured Workers Rights
  37. Light Duty
  38. Frustrated With Workers Comp
  39. Workers Comp Terminology and Definitions
  40. When Can The Insurer Demand A Second Opinion
  41. No Job and No Benefits
  42. Workers' Comp List
  43. Employer Has No Workers Comp
  44. Mistreatment of Workers
  45. Warnings From Ohio
  46. Advocate For Your Rights
  47. Unreasonable Delays By Insurer
  48. Self-Insurance As A Conflict of Interest
  49. Time Limit For MMI Payment
  50. Can You Get Lifetime Medical
  51. Time Limit For Payment Of Authorized Medical Treatment
  52. Good and Bad Attorneys
  53. EMG Test
  54. Forgotten Doctor's Appointment
  55. Time Limit For Approval Of A Doctor
  56. Why Doesn't The Media Expose Bad Insurance Companies
  57. Payments To Pharmacies
  58. Benefits Decrease Due To Social Security
  59. Caps On Awards
  60. Settlement Amounts
  61. No TTD or TPD Benefits After MMI
  62. Interest and Penalties
  63. Repeated Wrongful Denials By Comp Carrier
  64. Advice For A Settlement Coneference
  65. The Problem With Work Comp
  66. Future Medical
  67. Finding A Good RSD Doctor
  68. Health Insurance For The Injured
  69. Who Is Responsible For The Bad Laws
  70. Delays, With No End In Sight
  71. Workers Comp Reform
  72. How To Get More Rights
  73. Maximum Comp Rate
  74. Voices Florida
  75. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In Both Hands
  76. Help with Abbreviations
  77. Being Sent To Another Doctor
  78. Settlement Mediation
  79. Refused Employment
  80. Disability Links & Resources
  81. Sudden Change In Medical Options
  82. Constant Pain After Injury
  83. Thank You
  84. Do You Need A Lawyer For Mediation
  85. How Soon Must Benefit Payments Start
  86. The Process Is Too Slow
  87. Meeting With A Surgeon
  88. Medical Case Managers At Doctor's Appointments
  89. Unfair Treatment of Injured Workers
  90. Time To Complete A Settlement
  91. Penalty For Failing To Have Comp Coverage On Workers
  92. Why Settle With Comp
  93. How Much Money Is Really Spent On Injured Workers
  94. Disability Fraud
  95. Submitting Evidence
  96. Florida Workers Advocates
  97. Worker Not Notified About Changes Of Carrier
  98. How Is An FCE Conducted
  99. Maximum MMI Ratings
  100. Broken Wrist at Work
  101. Do You Report 401K Withdrawals As Earnings
  102. Earnings Report
  103. Do You Have To Have Surgery
  104. What Is PIR
  105. Torn Biceps Muscle
  106. Do You Have To Go Back To Your Old Employer
  107. Ineffective Pain Management
  108. Mediation Without An Attorney
  109. Can You Change Jobs Without Affecting Your Benefits
  110. Changing Jobs
  111. Trying To Understand Judge's Finding
  112. Understanding what is next - a sad story - long post.
  113. How Insurance Companies Settle Cases
  114. Good Florida Comp Lawyer
  115. Insurance Company Trying To Enforce Oral Agreement
  116. Depositions
  117. Effect Of Raise Right Before An Injury
  118. Insights Into Insurance Company Conduct
  119. Second Back Injury At A New Location
  120. New Injury or Pre-Existing Condition
  121. What Does An IME Doctor Do
  122. Finding Insurance Comany Information
  123. Time Limit On Claims Investigation
  124. Previous Injury And Getting Medical Care
  125. What To Do And Say At An IME
  126. Can An Employer Pay The Balance Of An Injured Worker's Salary
  127. Motion for Continuance
  128. How To Change Doctors
  129. Still Waiting For Benefits
  130. Worker's Rights After An Injury
  131. What Is An EMA Doctor
  132. What Is A Tort
  133. Law About Worker's Choice of Doctor
  134. How To Obtain Your W/C History
  135. Ankle Injury From Change Of Gait
  136. Locating Info On A Doctor
  137. When Are TTD Payments Considered Late
  138. Rescheduling A Missed Medical Appointment
  139. Filing for Unemployment While Applying For Comp
  140. Possible Injury During Surgery
  141. How Long Does It Take To Receive A Settlement
  142. Comp Stopped Paying Me
  143. Getting Info On A Doctor
  144. When Can A Doctor Give Somebody Your Medical Records
  145. Benefits Denied
  146. Doctor Changed His Opinion Without Explanation
  147. Good Florida Workers Comp Lawyer
  148. Time Limits and MMI
  149. Stalling By Workers Comp Carrier
  150. Boss Has No Workers Comp
  151. Question for the adjuster
  152. Settlement Amount
  153. Things Injured Workers Should Remember
  154. New Rating?
  155. Getting A Job After Setting A Comp Claim
  156. My Lawyer Wants Me No More
  157. Workers Comp Doctor Refuses Prescriptions
  158. Settlement Questions
  159. Florida Work Comp Medical Doctors
  160. Remarriage and Termination of Death Benefit
  161. Media Coverage of Chronic Pain
  162. Vocational Counseling and Settlement
  163. Knee Injury Questions
  164. New Problems From Old Injury
  165. Questions About Ratings at MMI
  166. Protect Your Rights
  167. Vocational Rehab
  168. Pay Reduction While On W/C
  169. Impairment Rating Schedule for Florida
  170. What's Included In A Settlement
  171. Finished with the System
  172. Previous Injury
  173. Previous Hernia
  174. Does WC Get Prior Physicians Records And Can I Request That Some Not Be Released
  175. What Happens To Your Claim If You Are Fired For Attendance
  176. Statute of Limitations On An Injury
  177. Should I Settle
  178. Settlement Or Future Medical
  179. Payout Amounts After MMI
  180. What Benefits Can You Get
  181. Impairment Ratings and Settlement Amounts
  182. Injured Workers Supposedly Set For Life
  183. Feeling Much Better After Settlement
  184. MMI Rating
  185. Second Opinion
  186. What To Do After Being Hurt At Work
  187. Right To See Your Doctor
  188. Injured at work, WC dragging their feet
  189. Changing Doctors and Second Opinions
  190. Effect Of Leaving Company On Future Medical
  191. What Happens After MMI
  192. Health Insurance
  193. Getting Lost Wages Due To Recovery From Surgery After Changing Jobs
  194. Injured in Forida, Do I Settle?
  195. New To Workers Comp
  196. Who Pays When Employer Has No Workers Comp
  197. Can't Find A Doctor
  198. Health Insurance
  199. Employer Does Not Have W/C
  200. Experiences with W/C and VOC Exposure
  201. WC and Taxes
  202. Reporting W/C Problems To The Governor
  203. Fired Due To Drug Test PH Level After Injury
  204. Comp Pay Rate Adjustment
  205. Hw Long Does Surgery Authorization Take
  206. New Vehicles For Paralyzed Injured Workers
  207. Mileage for required travel
  208. FMLA and Workers Comp
  209. Waiting on Settlement
  210. Can I Do This Without An Attorney
  211. Billing for Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
  212. Hope this is not Your W/C carrier
  213. Medicare Set Aside Account
  214. To Settle Or Not To Settle
  215. Workers Comp=Twilight Zone
  216. What To Ask For At Mediation
  217. Misdiagnosis of Herniated Discs
  218. Dealings with FFVA
  219. Settling
  220. Employer and Insurance Co Fighting Against Benefits
  221. Mediation and Settling
  222. Settlement Before MMI
  223. Changing Workers Comp Lawyers
  224. What Settlement Range to Expect
  225. Settlement Caps in Florida
  226. Social Security Benefits And Settling
  227. Cashing In 401k In Florida
  228. Changed to Light Duty by IC Orthopedic Surgeon
  229. Waiting Them Out
  230. Yanked Around
  231. Choosing an Attorney
  232. TTD time limit question
  233. WC Nurse Had My Treatment Changed
  234. What happens after 104 time period is over?
  235. Can We Deny Case Manager Nurse Admission to Medical Examination
  236. Doctor Visit
  237. Injured Volunteer Firefighter
  238. Do I Need a Lawyer
  239. Worker's Compensation and PIP Insurance After an Auto Accident
  240. Subrogation and Workers Comp
  241. Benefits After Returning To Work
  242. I Wish...
  243. They wont tell me why my claim was denied?
  244. Is There a Settlement Schedule for Backs
  245. How many weeks
  246. Lawyer
  247. WC decrease at 62!65?67?
  248. Mediation and Doctor's appointment
  249. Knee Injury
  250. Attorney suspended
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