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  1. Settlement Amount
  2. Help For Injured Illinois Workers
  3. Whether To Accept A Settlement Offer
  4. Settlement Amount for Amputation Injury
  5. Cornea Transplant
  6. Why Can't You Sue Insurance Doctors
  7. When To Seek An Attorney
  8. Open Medical Benefits And Reinjury
  9. Everything's Taking Too Long
  10. Problems Switching Lawyers
  11. How To Challenge The Laws
  12. Can You Sue Your Employer For Negligence
  13. Severe Injury Requiring Laminectomies
  14. What Happens If You Get Hurt At Work
  15. Settlements And Future Treatment
  16. Getting Backpay
  17. Compensation for Pain & Suffering
  18. The System Is Not Fair
  19. What To Expect From A Vocational Rehab Evaluation
  20. Do's and Don'ts for Vocational Rehab Evaluations
  21. What If An IME Doctor Says Nothing's Wrong
  22. New 19b Opinion
  23. Appeals
  24. Experiences With Being Denied
  25. Wage differential
  26. Filing for Bankruptcy While Receiving Comp
  27. The Fremont Bankruptcy
  28. Unable To Return To Work After Three Years
  29. Conflicting Messages from Pain Management Doctor
  30. Worksplace Stress
  31. Settlement
  32. Holding An Employer Responsible For Job Injury
  33. Relocating To Another State
  34. Mileage to and from doctor appointments
  35. Received MMI Rating
  36. Civil Fraud Conspiracy and Legal Malpractice
  37. When Is It Too Late To Make A Claim
  38. Judicial Misconduct
  39. Torn Lateral And Medial Meniscus
  40. What Options Do I Have?
  41. Governor Charged With Taking Kickbacks
  42. The Politics of Workers Comp
  43. Free Book For Injured Illinois Workers
  44. How do you know when to trust
  45. Dealing With Depression
  46. How To Find A Really Good Attorney
  47. Settlement Contracts
  48. Finding a Carrier for Horse Jockeys
  49. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In Both Hands
  50. Can They Fire Me
  51. Nerve Damage
  52. Home E-Stim Unit
  53. Working Together For Change
  54. What are our rights? Comp won't tell us.
  55. Severe Cervical Spinal Injury
  56. Average Rate for Hand Fractures in Illinois
  57. Confirming Settlement Options
  58. Mileage and Travel Expenses
  59. Are Travel Costs Reimbursed
  60. What Happens After An Arbitrator's Decision
  61. Mileage Compensation
  62. Settlement Amount With Medical Left Open
  63. Two Herniated Discs
  64. Worker's Comp Injury and FMLA
  65. Illinois Workers Comp and FMLA
  66. Information on Pain Treatment
  67. Get A Good Lawyer
  68. Compensation Beyond Workers Comp Benefits
  69. Back To Work Issues
  70. Injury While Working For Culligan
  71. Mental Depression claim
  72. Impairment Rating vs. Whole Body Disability Rating
  73. Getting Better Legislation
  74. Beware of the System
  75. Getting Sent Back To Work Too Soon
  76. Nerve Injury Not Improved By Surgery
  77. What's A Fair Settlement Amount
  78. Multiple Facial Fractures and a Sinus Blowout
  79. Limits On The Number Of IME's
  80. Can You Refuse Light Duty
  81. Settlement For a Broken Wrist
  82. Settlement Amounts For Multiple Injuries
  83. Can wife sue my employer for loss of companionship
  84. Finding a Lawyer in Southern Illinois
  85. Changing Attorneys in Illinois
  86. When Are Benefits Supposed To Start
  87. IWCC Workers' Compensation Reform Summary
  88. Settlement Amount For Knee Injury
  89. Settlement Offer from the Department of Corrections
  90. Unreasonable Change Of Hours
  91. What Kind Of Settlement To Look For
  92. Getting Help Finding A Job
  93. Effect of Vocational Rehabilitation On Settlement Amount
  94. Settlement Amount and Number of Surgeries
  95. Comp Benefits During Appeal
  96. Wage Differential Claims
  97. Self-Insured Companies
  98. Delaying Surgery
  99. More Than Two Years In The System
  100. Settlement Offer
  101. Serious and Willful Violations of Rights and Settlement Offer
  102. Advice On A Primary Physician
  103. Advice for a Shoulder Injury
  104. Advice For A Shoulder Injury
  105. Benefit Payment Amount To Expect
  106. What Are Indemnity Payments
  107. Finding Answers
  108. Waiting For Surgical Authorization
  109. Which State's Laws Apply
  110. Avoiding Reduction In Salary
  111. Insurance Company Doesn't Respond to Attorney
  112. Insurance Company Won't Communicate
  113. Injured By A Machine Part
  114. Am I Entitled To A Settlement
  115. Workers Comp Nurses
  116. Determining If A Settlement Is Fair
  117. Is This Settlement Offer Fair
  118. Structured Settlements
  119. Appointment of a Case Manager
  120. Payments for Permanent Disability
  121. Settlement For Injury To Both Knees
  122. What Will My Settlement Be
  123. Workers Comp Provided Inadequate Medical Care
  124. Getting Sick From Other Workers
  125. Settlement Offer Seems Low
  126. Disadvantages Of Being Represented
  127. W/C Is Unfair
  128. Mandatory Settlement Conference
  129. Artificial Disk Replacement.
  130. Fair Settlement Amount
  131. What Happens In Court
  132. What Award Amount To Expect
  133. Settlement Amount for Crushed Hand
  134. Medical Bills Not Paid
  135. Settlement For Herniated Discs
  136. Double Lumbar Fusion
  137. Trial Date
  138. IME Doctor Disputes Causation
  139. Changing Jobs
  140. How Long To Get To Arbitration
  141. How Many Times Can The Insurance Company Appeal
  142. W.C. Settlement
  143. Doctor Bills Not Paid
  144. Employer's Failure To Pay Medical Costs
  145. Injured in a Vehicle Rollover Accident
  146. Settlement For A Serious Back Injury
  147. Serious Disc Problems
  148. Third Party Liability
  149. Foot Surgery
  150. Excuses From A Lawyer
  151. How Are Work Restrictions Determined
  152. Getting Past The Stall Tactics
  153. Workers' Comp or FMLA
  154. Help For An Injured Back
  155. Experiences With Liberty Mutual
  156. Getting TTD Benefits
  157. Lump Sum Settlements
  158. Finding a Lawyer
  159. Workers Comp Lawyers in Springfield, IL
  160. Light Duty At An Inappropriate Location
  161. Workmans Comp and SSDI Set-Aside Funds
  162. When To Request A FCE
  163. Help With Settlement For A Back Injury
  164. Hig Blood Pressure
  165. Effect of Settlements on Future Injury
  166. Has Anybody Gone Before a Judge?
  167. Fair Settlement for Shoulder and Ankle Injury
  168. After You Settle
  169. Fibromyalgia and Settlements
  170. Insurance Company Wants A Second Opinion
  171. Piriformis Syndrome
  172. Appellate Court Procedure
  173. Timelines for Decision
  174. Finding a Comp Lawyer
  175. Do They Have To Hire Me Back
  176. Bilateral CTS Diagnosis
  177. Legal Loans
  178. How Long Until The Commission Approves A Settlement
  179. Settlement For A Back Injury
  180. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  181. Pain Is Worse After Surgery
  182. How Long Do Things Take
  183. Early Pay-Off
  184. On Workman's Comp and Fired
  185. Partial Loss of Finger
  186. Should I Look For A Different Lawyer
  187. How Long For Settlement Check To Arrive
  188. PTO and Workers Comp
  189. Open Medical and PPD
  190. Open Medical and PPD
  191. Waiting For An Arbitrator's Ruling
  192. Problems With My Comp Lawyer
  193. Looking for Answers
  194. Emergency TTD Hearing
  195. New Attorney
  196. Private Investigator Years After Settlement
  197. Settlement With Open Medical
  198. Can Workers Choose Their Doctor
  199. Torn Rotator Cuff
  200. Settling With Open Medical
  201. Settlements for RSD
  202. Payment For Time At The E.R.
  203. Uninsured Employer
  204. Arrogant Arbitrator
  205. Arbitration Procedures
  206. MMI And Settlement
  207. Can You Collect Comp Benefits After Being Fired
  208. How long for TDP payments
  209. Injury To A Flight Attendant
  210. Settlement Of A Back Injury
  211. Finding a Trustworthy Comp Attorney
  212. Workers Comp Fraud
  213. MMI Payments
  214. Illinois Employer Without Comp Coverage
  215. Taxes on TTD and SSDI
  216. Unemployment Checks
  217. Fired From Light Duty Job
  218. How Much Is My Case Worth
  219. What's An IME
  220. Permanent Disability Question
  221. Denied W/C Benefits
  222. Work Comp Again
  223. Do You Pay Taxes On Workers Comp
  224. What Happens At A Commission Hearing?
  225. What Settlement Amount To Expect
  226. Attorney Fees And TTD
  227. How Are Settlements Calculated
  228. Settlements After Arbitration
  229. Switching Lawyers
  230. Chances Of Reversal By An Arbitrator
  231. When Is An Injury Compensable
  232. Required To Work But Not Released To Drive
  233. Arbitration For A Workmans Comp Claim
  234. Do Prior Comp Claims Show On A Background Check
  235. Do You Have To Tell An Employer About An Out-Of-State Comp Claim
  236. Terminated Days After Going Back To Work
  237. Illinois Needs a State Disablity Program
  238. How Do You Know If Your Lawyer Is Good
  239. Benefits After MMI
  240. TTD After Termination
  241. How does an I.M.E.'s word compare to your doctors?
  242. Steroid Shots
  243. Shoulder Injury
  244. Interesting Comp Settlement Story
  245. Worker Required To Pick Up TTD Check
  246. What's A Slam Dunk Case
  247. Settlements and Health Insurance
  248. Effect Of Settlement On Other Benefits
  249. Looking For A Job While On TTD
  250. Personnel Records
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