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  1. Help For Injured Kansas Workers
  2. Reference for Settlement Amounts
  3. How Are Impairment Ratings Determined
  4. Medical malpractice by a workers comp doctor
  5. Question for the Adjuster
  6. How much do you get for an injury
  7. Shoulder injuries
  8. Religious Accommodation In Medical Treatment
  9. Jumping through workers comp's hoops
  10. Second Opinion Appointment Went Well
  11. Injured worker needs advice
  12. Task Performance Capacity Assessment
  13. Disability rating
  14. Machine Injury At Work
  15. Torn cartilage in meniscus
  16. Workers compensation adjusters
  17. Back pay
  18. Torn Meniscus, Left Knee
  19. Benefits For A Knee Injury
  20. Injured Workers' HIPAA Rights
  21. RSD from Work Injury
  22. Help with settlement
  23. Crushed by a Truck
  24. How long does it take to settle after MMI
  25. Do You Have To Accept A Structured Settlement
  26. Settlement hearing
  27. Making A Claim For Another Injury
  28. TTD and Discovery of a Second Injury
  29. Lump sum payment of benefits
  30. Fired after being injured at work
  31. What Is An FCE
  32. Doctors restrictions and FCE
  33. Given The Wrong Treatment
  34. Workers Compensation Benefits and Taxes
  35. Worker Comp Laws in Kansas
  36. Investigator and Adjustor Questions
  37. Is This Lack of Concern or a Legal Strategy
  38. Records Release Request From The Insurance Company
  39. Total Body Percent Rating
  40. Vocational Rehabilitation and Workers Comp
  41. Workers Comp Won't Cover Knee Injury
  42. What Do I Do Now?
  43. Insurance Company Won't Provide A Doctor
  44. Who Chooses The Doctor
  45. What I Have Learned So Far
  46. Notice of Lien After Firing My Lawyer
  47. ACD With Fusion and Plate
  48. Can't Get a Job Due To Lifting Restrictions
  49. Occupational Lung Disease
  50. RSI Induced Depression
  51. Informative Information from the KCWS
  52. Task Analysis
  53. Pay for time off
  54. Knee Injury At Work
  55. Send Legislators A Strong Message: Fix Workers Compensation
  56. Carpal Tunnel And My Employer
  57. Ongoing Back Pain And No Help From My Employer
  58. Phone Call From Kansas Governor
  59. Today, March 13th Is Call In Day
  60. CTS, WC, Ignorant And Desiring A Remedy
  61. Update On NOW WHAT DO I DO?
  62. What Happens After A Settlement Hearing
  63. Need Advice Soon
  64. Coverage Denied
  65. Didn't Use Work's Doctor First
  66. Back Surgery an Workman Comp
  67. Beware of Kansas Workmans Comp
  68. Choosing Doctor
  69. Respondent Appealing Judges Ruling for Post Award Medical Treatment
  70. Maximum Settlement
  71. Possible Botched Surgery, Again
  72. Neck Injury Need
  73. TTD Benefits/Post Award
  74. No Light Duty Availble from Employer Do I Still Qualify For Work Comp Pay?
  75. Denied Treatment After Settlement with Future Medical
  76. Lack of Adequate Care
  77. Courts Not Following the Law
  78. Scheduled or Non-Scheduled Injury?
  79. WC Claim
  80. What to Expect from a Judge
  81. General What to Expect
  82. How Do I File a Bad Faith Claim Against Your Comp Ins Company
  83. Judge Will Not Rule
  84. Can Someone HELP Me Please1
  85. KSA 65-4977 vs KSA 44-510h, KSA 44-515, KSA 44-518 and KAR 51-9-5
  86. Senate Bill 258, Increase/Benefits
  87. Taking Legal Fees from TTD Benefits
  88. 25% Plus Fee
  89. Approved Doctors are Too Far Away
  90. Looking for a Doctor in Wichita Area
  91. Unethical Behavior by W/C Nurse Case Manager
  92. I Wonder if There is Was to Let Doctors Know
  93. Denial of Mileage Reimbursement
  94. How Do You Find Out if Doctors Work for W.C.
  95. Workers Comp Settlements and Unemployment Benefits
  96. The National Pain Care Policy of 2009 S.660
  97. Unreimbursed Mileage
  98. Advice Needed
  99. Do I Have to See This Doctor
  100. Respondent is Asking for Medical Records to Age 15
  101. Differences of Opinion, Why
  102. Injured at Work
  103. Why Go Through This Again
  104. Work Comp Doctor or Pcp and "Encouraged" Vacation
  105. Refusing to See the Insurance Company's Doctor
  106. Work Restriction
  107. Changing Lawyer's
  108. How Do I Change Lawyers
  109. Work Comp Paying Based on Net Not Gross Income
  110. Back Surgery and Problems
  111. Back Injury
  112. Mileage Reimbursement
  113. WC or Personal Resources and Insurance
  114. Working More Hours on Work Comp
  115. Payments Stopped Despite Prior Litigation
  116. What Happens at a Prehearing Settlement Conference
  117. Workers Compensation and Disability
  118. Doctor
  119. Choosing Doctor
  120. Doctor Accountability
  121. Lawyer vs No Lawyer
  122. Evaluating a Settlement Offer
  123. Getting Treatment for a Serious Injury - Workers Comp vs. Health Insurance
  124. Is a Broken Wrist Considered a Arm, or Hand Injury
  125. Do You Really Need a Lawyer
  126. Any Luck "Opting Out" of a Claim
  127. Medical Open
  128. Future Med. Settlement with Whole Body Impairment
  129. WC Lawyer in Kc Area; Kansas Claim
  130. Death Benefits
  131. Injury at a Meat Packing Plant
  132. My Attorney is Fighting with Me Over Demand for Payment
  133. What Should a Expect from My Consultation with Attorney
  134. Bilateral Injuries
  135. Work Comp Not Providing Prompt Responses to Doctor's Orders
  136. Demand Letters and Ratings in Kansas
  137. Total Shoulder Replacement Disability
  138. Can I Be Punished for Missing a Day I Previously Was Denied Vac. for the Same Day
  139. Will "Regular" Insurance Ever Pay for Work Comp Injury
  140. Carpal Bossing Injury
  141. How Long After Doctor Provides"Rating"
  142. TTD Benefits in Kansas
  143. Rating Percentage and What Settlement to Expect
  144. Work Comp Payment While Working "Light Duty"
  145. Restrictions Without Medical Examination
  146. Employer Had Doctor Change Restrictions
  147. Sharing Workplace Accident Summary Info with the Workforce
  148. Future Medical Costs
  149. Preliminary Hearing for a Worker's Comp Injury
  150. Post Pre-Settlement Conference
  151. Would the Ankle Be Considered the Lower Leg or the Foot
  152. When do Worker's Comp Benefits Start
  153. Settlement Offer
  154. Brown Recluse Bite at Work
  155. Amending the Date of Injury
  156. What is the Disability Rating for a Right Foot in Kansas
  157. Injured and Never Returning to Work
  158. Determined to be at MMI but Still Unable to Work
  159. Fired After Reinjuring Myself at Work
  160. Fired Due to a Reinjury on the Job
  161. Job Cannot Accommodate Restrictions
  162. How to Estimate Your Disability Rating
  163. Restarting Worker's Comp After MMI
  164. Depression Following a Work Injury
  165. Getting Medical Treatment After Determination That an Injury was Job-Related
  166. Coverage for a Doctor Consulted Outside of Worker's Comp
  167. Why Shouldn't You Look for a Job While on Worker's Comp
  168. Insurance Company Doesn't Want to Follow It's Own Doctor's Recommendation
  169. Extension of Time for Appeal
  170. Can Employers Change an Injured Employee's Work Status
  171. Employer Claims Employee's Injury Was Intentionally Self-Inflicted
  172. Torn Meniscus and Lateral Retinacular Release From a Workplace Injury
  173. How are Injury Ratings Determined
  174. Workers Compesnation for a Partial Amputation
  175. What to Do After Injuring Your Neck at Work
  176. Employer Not Accepting Revised Work Release Date
  177. Payments Stopped
  178. Pay Back TTD
  179. Medation
  180. Just Trying to Figure It Out
  181. Untimely Checks, Seeking Some Additional Insight Please Read
  182. Good WC Attorneys in Wichita
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