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  1. Looking For Injured Kentucky Workers
  2. Help For Injured Kentucky Workers
  3. When Does Workers Comp Have To Settle
  4. Filing A Claim After WC Denial
  5. Blood Clots From Work Injury
  6. IME's Are A Joke
  7. Read Everything Carefully
  8. Kienbock's Disease
  9. Carpal tunnel
  10. Widow's Benefits
  11. Time Limit For Making A Claim
  12. When Do You Need An Attorney
  13. IME Says Worker Is At MMI, But Treating Doctor Disagrees
  14. How Long Does It Take To Get To Court
  15. Ratings and Settlements
  16. Time Limits Are A Mean Joke
  17. Comp Amount For Lost Wages
  18. Kentucky Workers Comp
  19. Notification of Loss of Rights
  20. What Are Non-Scheduled Injuries
  21. Effect of Moving on Comp Benefits
  22. Bad Medical Care
  23. Understanding what types of payments are given
  24. Chronic Pain After Lifting Injury
  25. What To Do After The Award
  26. Insurer Wants Another IME
  27. When Does W/C Offer A Settlement
  28. New Kentucky Workers Comp Laws
  29. What Happens After An IME
  30. Understanding an IME Report
  31. Herniated Disc and Nerve Damage
  32. Injured Workers of America
  33. Injured Shipyard Worker
  34. Moving from state of injury to new state
  35. Workers Comp in Kentucky
  36. W/C Prices For the Loss of a Body Part
  37. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  38. Pain Medication Woes
  39. Experiences With KEMI and BlueGrass Ortho
  40. News About Kentucky Workers Comp
  41. Can You Be Fired For Applying For Comp Benefits
  42. Getting A Fair Settlement
  43. Injured Worker Experiences With KEMI
  44. Off Work On FMLA
  45. Trying To Get Proper Medical Care
  46. Forced to Return to Work
  47. How To Get A Second Opinion
  48. Verifying Your Lawyer's Advice
  49. Verifying Legal Advice
  50. Fired Due To Job Restrictions
  51. Is a Lump Sum Settlement Taxable
  52. Employer Without Workers Comp Insurance
  53. Scar On Forehead
  54. MySpace Page for Hurt Workers
  55. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  56. Workers Comp in Kentucky
  57. Workers Comp Refuses Testing
  58. Should I Have Surgery?
  59. What is 12% total body impairment worth
  60. New Injury At Work
  61. Messed Up Back
  62. Seeing the W/C Specialist
  63. Reasons I'm not having surgery
  64. harrassment
  65. Penalties On Retirement Funds
  66. Doctor's Excuse Isn't Just For Your Company
  67. Where To Find A Ratings Calculator
  68. First Contact With Workers Comp
  69. April 28 is Workers Memorial Day
  70. Experiences With CMI
  71. Pay Percentage
  72. What's a Nurse Case Manager
  73. Is A Structured Settlement Right For You?
  74. Anyone have Trouble with Guarnaschelli?
  75. Wrist Injury With Multiple Surgeries
  76. Looking For An Attorney
  77. Needing a Good Lawyer
  78. TTD Benefits
  79. Loss Of Function Of a Knuckle
  80. TTD Benefits Cut Off
  81. Problems With Benefits, But Lawyer's Waiting For MMI
  82. Waiting To Hear From Workers Comp
  83. Getting Medical Help After Benefits Are Stopped
  84. My Worker's Comp Saga
  85. Keep Fighting
  86. Work Comp Settlement
  87. Accelerated Benefits
  88. Unable to Return to Occupation, Turned Down for SSDI
  89. SI Joint Injury
  90. Appeals to the Workers Comp Board
  91. Hurt Back
  92. Independant Evaluations
  93. The Attorney I Went to See Was a Joke
  94. Benefits or Settlement For a Back Injury At Work
  95. I Have Been Under Investigation
  96. Employer Doesn't Have Workers Comp
  97. Another Workman's Comp Saga
  98. Worker's Compensation Bill Of Rights
  99. Settlement With An Annuity
  100. How Long After A Judgment Before You Get Your Checks
  101. Return To Work Offer
  102. How Long
  103. Light Duty And Schedule Changes
  104. Injured Workers Bill Of Rights
  105. Workers Comp?
  106. How Do I Know When Or If I Am Terminated
  107. Knee Injury
  108. When The Doc Won't Prescribe Pain Remedies
  109. Injured And And Be Denied Reasonable Accodidation
  110. On W/C And Got SSD
  111. Ky General Assembly/ Results ?
  112. Can You Sue for Malpractice Occurring During W/C Treatment
  113. Elbow Fracture Gone Wrong
  114. What To Expect At Dh's Benefit Review - What Questions Should We Ask Lawyer First?
  115. Back Injury/Settlement Process
  116. 2 Part Question
  117. Did I Screw Myself?
  118. Should I Take Lump Sum Payment
  119. Lots of
  120. Was Terminated, Lost Insurance, Need
  121. Feeling Cheated by Workers Comp
  122. Settlement
  123. Krs 342.610 (4) Recklessness
  124. WC Doctor Gave a 0% Impairment After Back Surgery
  125. Medical Disputes
  126. Has Anyone Reopened Their Case?
  127. Can I Record Conversations
  128. What the Heck is Going On?
  129. MMI - What Do I Do Now?
  130. Do You Have to Talk to W/C PI
  131. Weekly Payments for Settlement?
  132. Why Wont Anyone Listen to Me
  133. Benefits Taxable?
  134. Just Some Food for Thought (and a Little Venting)
  135. More Surgery After MMI
  136. What to Expect at a Hearing?
  137. Advice (and to Vent)
  138. New Judge
  139. What Do I Do
  140. Needing Attorney
  141. Should I Receive W/C Benefits in I Had to Relocate Because My Spouse is in Military?
  142. Comp. Still Making Decisions for Doctors After Case
  143. What Can I Expect Out of This?
  144. The Pain I'm Suffering
  145. Injured in Ky.You Need to Know This
  146. Workers Comp and SSI
  147. Commonwealth and RSD
  148. MSA Settlement
  149. Hurt on Job Now Paying COBRA Insurance
  150. How Long Does it Take to Get a Settlement Offer
  151. Permanent Restrictions and Employment
  152. Newtothisthing
  153. New,, Have ?
  154. RSD, Injured by Negligence on Job
  155. Denied Worker's Comp, Says Didn't Happen on Job, 3 Doctor Reports Says It Did
  156. Help. Information
  157. Settlement
  158. Utilization Review
  159. Being Placed at MMI
  160. What Should I Do
  161. Just Got Place on MMI - What Happens Now?
  162. Can Your Employer Force You to Use Your Unused Paid Time While You Are on WC
  163. Are There Any Penalties for Them Sending Your TTD Payments Late
  164. Job Security After Workers Comp
  165. Shocked at Settlement Offered.what to Do Now
  166. Newly Injured Worker's Wife
  167. Newly Injured Worker's Wife
  168. Husband Injured in 4 2009, Just Lost Check but Still Cant Work. Need
  169. Katiesmom
  170. Ankle Injury
  171. Impairment Rating
  172. ALJ Decision and Payment Process
  173. How to Decide on Attorney
  174. Can You Be Forced to Take a Buyout for Medical
  175. Settling a Claim After Five Years
  176. Medicare Set-Aside,please
  177. Mileage Reimbursement
  178. Is There Any Time Limit
  179. Neck Injury at Work
  180. Impairment Rating
  181. Not Allowed to Drive and Vocational Eval
  182. Problems Making a Workers Comp Claim
  183. Widow Benefits Ceased
  184. What Settlement Offer Should I Expect and Accept
  185. Having Trouble Figuring Out What to Do Next
  186. Fired the Day After Being Injured at Work
  187. Reopening a Settled Workers Comp Claim
  188. Workmans Comp Wants Second Opinon After 5 Years
  189. Any Advice
  190. EMG Test
  191. TTD Payments and Medical Benefits
  192. Wrist Injury
  193. Temporary Partial Disability in Ky
  194. Bogus Dr. Report Worker Injured Worse
  195. Investigating an IME Doctor
  196. Have to Work a Different Place Than Where Employed
  197. Case Was Dismissed Due to Inadequate Proof of Date of Injury
  198. Work Wants Second Opinon
  199. Appeal Denied
  200. How to Appeal a Workers Comp Decision
  201. Doctor Claims My Injury Did Not Occur at Work
  202. Hurt at Work by a Motorized Pallet Jack
  203. Who Can Your Employer Tell That You Are On Workers Comp
  204. Help, How Do You File a Bad Faith Claim Advice
  205. Can an Attorney Be Sued for Malpractice Due to Mental Incompetence
  206. Medicine Refills Denied
  207. Commanded to Deposition Without Legal Counsel
  208. Undiagnosed Back Injury
  209. Question
  210. Hurt on the Job .then Treated Badly by Employer
  211. Additional Injury During Physical Therapy Under Workers Comp
  212. My Back Pain is Getting Worse
  213. Settlement Without Lost Wages
  214. Secondary Interpretation
  215. Told by Dm That I Will Not Be Paid
  216. Injured then Fired
  217. Discovery of IC Checks
  218. Can You Get UE After WC
  219. IME Doctor Declared Condition Not Work-Related
  220. Uninsured Employer Fund . and Gallagher Bassett
  221. Medicare Set Aside
  222. Employer Threatning to Fire While on Compensation
  223. How Long Before You Start Receiving Check for Lost Wages
  224. How Long After Lawyer Files for Comp Should I Hear Something
  225. TTD Check is Late
  226. Judge Spoke With Insurance Company Lawyer
  227. Employers Coverage Requirements - Small Business
  228. Offer Made, Court Tomorrow
  229. Additional Benefits or Remedies After Settlement
  230. Not Receiving Wages
  231. Should I Get a Lawyer
  232. Defense Attorney Committing Perjury
  233. Medical Insurance Premiums Being Accrued
  234. Confused with the IME and Impairment Rating
  235. Worker's Comp Doesn't Meet My Financial Needs
  236. Settlement Offer-How to Get a Lump Sum
  237. Finding an Impairment Rating Doctor
  238. Multiplier for Permanent Partial Disability
  239. Employer Wants to Pay Over Eight Years
  240. Settlement Wording
  241. Injured but Getting No Medical Benefits
  242. What Information Must My PCP Provide to Workmans Comp
  243. Reoccuring Bowel Obstruction
  244. How Long Before Settlement
  245. Can a WC Case Worker Refuse My Doctor's Excuse
  246. When Will the Workers Comp Insurance Company Stop Payments
  247. WC on FMLA Form
  248. Reached MMI Now What
  249. Refusing a Drug Test While Trying to Claim Workers Comp
  250. What is Considered "Work Related"
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