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View Full Version : Louisiana

  1. Support Group for Injured Workers in SE Louisiana
  2. Help For Injured Louisiana Workers
  3. Thanks For The Help
  4. Head Trauma and Concussion
  5. Sick and tired of being sick and tired
  6. Identifying corruption in Louisiana workers comp system
  7. Uninsured Employer in Louisiana
  8. Lawsuit Against An Uninsured Employer
  9. Do you pay tax on Workers Comp
  10. Injured at job, but not job-related
  11. Ongoing Medical Situation From Injury
  12. Fired while on Worker's Comp
  13. Limits On Collecting Workers Comp
  14. Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
  15. Chronic Pain
  16. Problema with W/C Adjuster
  17. Vote For Change
  18. On The News Today
  19. Problems with Late and Missing Checks
  20. Head Injury At Work
  21. Only one judge in Northwest Louisiana
  22. What If You Are Cleared For Work But Have No Job
  23. Clearance For Work When You Have no Job
  24. Exertional Stroke
  25. TTD Checks Late
  26. Experiences with Louisiana Workers Comp
  27. How to find a doctor in another state
  28. Employee Forced To Settle And Quit Their Job
  29. Settle For What?
  30. Prayer For A Fellow Injured Worker
  31. Pre-existing Conditions
  32. Caps on settlements and Collecting TTD
  33. Help Obtaining Benefits
  34. Back Injury At Work
  35. Where is the 34% supposed to come from?
  36. Louisiana Workers Comp Information
  37. Giving Up
  38. State Jurisdiction
  39. Finding a Lawyer
  40. Why does a lawyer make excuses?
  41. Physical Therapy
  42. Effect of Minimum Wage on Comp Benefits
  43. Mediation
  44. Looking For Answers
  45. Contract vs Employee
  46. Light duty in Louisiana
  47. Returning To Work While On Workmans Comp
  48. What's The Time Limit For Making A Claim
  49. Advice on Settling With Workers Comp
  50. Case Worker is Questioning Me About MMI
  51. Help With Attorney Fees
  52. When Do I Get Paid?
  53. MSA Information
  54. Mediation Questions
  55. Back Injury As A Pre-Existing Condition
  56. Adjuster Claims Fraud And Stopped Benefits
  57. Finding a Doctor For A Morphine Pump
  58. Benefits Conditioned On Drug Testing
  59. Getting Help From a Lawyer
  60. First Lawyer Visit
  61. Utica Mohawk Clause
  62. Just found this site
  63. Should Worker's Comp Be Able To Pick Your Doctor
  64. Ive stopped waitng for Batman
  65. Court/Payment?
  66. does the medical stay open after ten years or does it stop too??
  67. Understanding the Medicare Set-Aside
  68. RFTC Postponed
  69. Compensation for Missed Work After Changing Jobs
  70. Is my lawyer doing all?
  71. Permanent Total Disability
  72. Settlement Taxes
  73. FCE Scheduled
  74. Fired For Filing Workers Comp
  75. Can Employer Deny Workers Comp or Medical
  76. Released Back To Work - What Now?
  77. Case Worker Meeting With Doctor About FCE
  78. Meeting With Doctor
  79. Preparing For A Meeting With My Doctor and Case Nurse Manager
  80. What They Do
  81. What Determines Your Settlement
  82. Taking A FCE Soon, What To Expect?
  83. Court Rule Hearing
  84. Released Back To Work
  85. Meeting With A Vocational Rehab Counselor
  86. Attorney Not Returning Phone Call
  87. Need New Lawyer New Orleans Area
  88. Rehab Vocational Meeting
  89. No End In Sight?
  90. Out Of Town Work Injury
  91. Figuring Ratings
  92. Lifetime Medical Benefits
  93. What Happens Next?
  94. Effects of Moving?
  95. Help Understanding Workers Comp Benefits
  96. Other Income While on W/C
  97. Could Someone Help Me?
  98. Permanent Total Disability
  99. Hurt Due to Negligence
  100. Assistance to Learn Another Occupation
  101. 1st Check
  102. Dr Says No Work
  103. Scheduled and Non Scheduled Injury
  104. Settlement/SSDI/Tax
  105. Confused with Attorney
  106. Louisiana WC Scenario
  107. SMO
  108. Refusing a WC Doctor
  109. Medical Setaside
  110. Travel Expenses
  111. Is It Too Late
  112. Mileage Reimbursement Rate
  113. Hurt Back and Ankle
  114. Attorney Fees for a C&R Settlement
  115. Should I Find a New Lawyer?
  116. Worker's Comp Doesn't Want to Pay What They Should
  117. "Hindsight is 20-20"
  118. What Happens After HR Reports a Possible Workers CompClaim
  119. Workers Comp Claim and Personal Injury Claim
  120. Telephone Conference With WC
  121. Can Workmans Mke U Pay Them Back for Medical Bills
  122. Impairment Rating
  123. Bi-Lateral Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
  124. Hurt on the Job
  125. Self Administrate MSA
  126. Seeking WC and Personal Injury Lawyer for New Orleans
  127. Request to Resign
  128. Time Elapsed
  129. Sb303 a ''good Thing'' for Iw's (Finally)
  130. MSA Information
  131. Will Louisian WC Pay for New Training/Education if Unable to Return to Past Work
  132. Does Your Doctor Really Work for You or Workers Compensation
  133. Feeling Too Much Pain After Pt
  134. Fired After Being Injured
  135. Gettin Rx Treatment Thru W/O Legal Assistance
  136. Trying to Understand Worker Comp
  137. It's Been Quite Some Time
  138. Idiopathic Falls
  139. Looking for WC Doctors Overseas
  140. Called Back to Work, Then Terminated
  141. Problems with Weekly Workers Comp Checks
  142. Medical Set-Aside
  143. Injured While on the Job and Fired Within 30 Minutes of Injury
  144. Participating in Recreational Activities
  145. Can Someone Attend School While on Workers Comp
  146. Employer Has No Workers Comp Insurance
  147. Bilateral CTS and Severe Nerve Denervation and Tendonitis in Both Hands
  148. Released Back to Work on Light Duty
  149. How to Find a Good Lawyer
  150. Moving to Another State
  151. When to Chose to Get Legal Consult
  152. Workers Compensation
  153. Is Medical Information Confidential
  154. The Insurance Company is Not Paying My Doctor Bills So He Signed a Full Release
  155. Employer Refused My Injured Husband Workmans Comp
  156. Tested for Illegal Drugs
  157. On Worker Comp. Since 2008
  158. Reached MMI with Ppi 1% What's Next
  159. My Lawyer Will Not Return My Calls or Emails
  160. Injured Back, 21 Years Old
  161. If You're at MMI, Do You Have to Go to Work Before They Will Settle Your Case
  162. Do I Include I Settlement the Possibility of Another Surgery
  163. Fell from 2 Stories Had Hip Arthoscopy and then Doc Believe Have Medial Tear
  164. Ready to Settle but Confused About Terms Used
  165. How to Change Comp Doctors
  166. Set Aside Money Procedures Following Death
  167. Fired After Job Injury, Surgery
  168. Phone Conference Between Attorneys and Judge
  169. Catastrophic Injury at Work
  170. Back Injury from On the Job Car Accident
  171. What to Expect from a Vocational Rehab Counselor
  172. Denied Surgery by State
  173. Pain Doctor Cannot Do Nothing More but Give Me My Pain Meds.should I Settle
  174. Settlement After a Favorable IME
  175. What Can I Really Expect After 9 Years
  176. State Employee Information Needed
  177. When is a Settlement Offer Too Low
  178. Loss of Vision and Disfigurement
  179. Injured When a Gas Hose Blew Up
  180. Settlement After a Serious Job Injury
  181. Can They Make Me Do Light Duty Under a Different Employer
  182. Will WC Pay
  183. Pay Back Social Security After Workers Comp Case Settles
  184. Settlements
  185. Doctor Appointments
  186. Worker's Comp Benefits After Getting Shot at Work
  187. Who to Contact About Unsafe Work Environment Accident
  188. Benefits Reduced Due to Failure to Apply for Employment
  189. Employer Was Not carrying Workers Comp Insurance
  190. Knee Injury at Work
  191. Back Hurts After Total Knee Replacement
  192. Lower Back Injury from Lifting
  193. Knee Replacement
  194. Accident Was on Video Tape by Two Cameras at Work
  195. Does Worker's Compensation Pay for a Vehicle Repossession
  196. Primary Care Doctor Told My Spine Doctor I Was a Possible Addict
  197. Dr. Signed Release for FCE Without Seeing Patient
  198. Getting Physical Therapy Covered in a Different State
  199. How Does the Worker's Comp Appeals Process Work
  200. When Do You Have to Repay Worker's Comp Benefits
  201. Finding a Worker's Comp Attorney in Louisiana
  202. When Can You Get a Worker's Comp Settlement
  203. Can an Employer Change Medical Documentation Rules for Different Workers
  204. Spouse with 3rd Degree Burns
  205. Louisiana Worker's Comp Lawyers
  206. Can an Injured Worker Get Correspondence from Employer to the Insurance Company
  207. How to Know if You've Been Dropped from Workers Comp
  208. Worker's Comp Benefits Not Paid for Three Months
  209. Workers Comp Atty Not Responding on Important Matters
  210. Released to Work in the Summer, but Employment Starts in the Fall
  211. "Laid Off" While on WC
  212. Failed Drug Screen While Receiving Workers Comp
  213. Workers' Compensation for an Eye Injury and Loss of Vision
  214. Drug Testing Post Injury Date
  215. Settlement for an On-the-Job Hand Injury
  216. Volunteers, Emergencies and Workers Comp
  217. Outcomes of W/C Cases Dealing with Amputation
  218. Does W/C Approve Medical Marijuana
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