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View Full Version : Montana

  1. Help For Injured Montana Workers
  2. Injury settlement information
  3. Employer Cannot Accommodate Work Restrictions
  4. Can You Settle A Comp Claim
  5. How Are Settlement Amounts Determined
  6. Injured worker's employer does not have workers comp insurance
  7. Help finding an attorney
  8. Settling With A Lifetime Disability
  9. When To Get A Lawyer
  10. Permanent Disability and Settlement
  11. Trouble With Pain Management
  12. Waiting Period For Benefits
  13. Advice For A Recent Injury
  14. Fired While on Comp
  15. Injured While Traveling for Job
  16. Need to Settle Claim
  17. Info on Voc Rehab and Settlement
  18. Finding Attorneys
  19. Workers Comp Is Screwing With Me
  20. Workers Comp is Stonewalling
  21. What's The Best Form of Insurance
  22. Attorney Won't Return Calls
  23. Montana
  24. Over 60
  25. Trying To Reopen A Workers Comp Case
  26. When Is An Aggravation Not Compensable?
  27. Permanent Partial Disability Settlement
  28. On TPD, Working Part Time On Modified Duty, Now Being 'terminated'
  29. Trying to Understand MCA - What Am I Entitled To?
  30. Whole Person Impairment Rating
  31. Just Went from TTD to PPD
  32. Work Comp Settlement Questions
  33. Finding a Good Worker's Comp Lawyer in Montana
  34. Returning to Work
  35. WC Settlement
  36. Settlement
  37. Mediation for Settlement
  38. Mediation Questions - Settlement Gone Wrong
  39. How Long Until Funds Comes After Settlement
  40. Am I Entitled to a Settlement
  41. Doctor Procrastinating MMI
  42. WC Payments Ceased Without Notice and I Am Terrified
  43. Dear God Can Anything else Go Wrong
  44. Settlement Strategy
  45. Settlement Offer
  46. IME
  47. 2 Year Rehiring Preference, Back Pay, Wages, Seniority
  48. What Benefits Do I Get
  49. Voc Rehab
  50. If You Settle Everything but Medical, What Benefits Do You Get if Disabled by Surgery
  51. Terminated While on Workers Comp
  52. Case Worker Won't Return Calls
  53. Workers Comp and Family Medical Leave
  54. MMI
  55. Terminated Due to Restrictions
  56. Is It to Late to File a Claim
  57. Claim of Pre-Existing Condition
  58. Assault by a Patient
  59. Imparment Rating
  60. Claim Denied 7 Months After Injury
  61. Request for Mediation Letter
  62. IME Doctor States I Have Reached MMI
  63. Surgery Denied Due to Continued Tobacco Use
  64. Reached MMI
  65. Being Forced Back to Work by Job and Workmans Comp
  66. Worker's Comp Advocacy in Montana
  67. Why Don't Worker's Comp Hearings Occur Faster
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