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  1. Help For Injured Massachusetts Workers
  2. TBI and Workmans Comp
  3. Problems With A Lawyer
  4. What To Do At An IME
  5. Bankrupt Workman's Comp Insurance Company
  6. What To Do If Acute Condition Becomes Chronic
  7. Injured Worker in Massachusetts
  8. Need Help In Massachusetts
  10. Workers Comp in Massachusetts
  11. Need for Action - Work Comp laws must change
  12. Settlement, how long now
  13. Termination of weekly benefits vs medical benefits
  14. Help For Massachusetts
  15. Workers Comp Insurer Is Suing In District Court
  16. Court appointed impartial exam
  17. Do they have too notify you before they stop checks
  18. Moving to Massachusetts with out-of-state workmans comp
  19. Work in mass and terminated and wc benefits stop
  20. How long do the judges take to give a decsion?
  21. Workman's Comp vs. Employer's Insurance Benefit
  22. Funny Stuff At My IME
  23. Disk Replacement Approval
  24. Loss Of A Finger
  25. Need Advice About The Comp System
  26. Preexisting Spinal Stenosis
  27. Back Surgery
  28. W/C For Seven Years Now
  29. Looking For Mass RN
  30. Staphylococcus and Endocarditis Causing Death
  31. Where can I get cheap rates for workers comp
  32. Massachusetts W/C Lawyer Recommendations
  33. Released To Work But Employer Won't Offer A Position
  34. Lump Sum Settlements
  35. Massachusetts Impartial Medical Exams
  36. Advice For A Severely Injured Worker
  37. What Happens To Job Benefits
  38. Channel 7 WC Hatchet Job on May 8th
  39. Injured State Employee
  40. Changing The Broken System
  41. TTD Cut Off After Surgery
  42. Do You Lose Workers Comp Benefits If You Change Jobs
  43. Rights Concerning Repetitive Stress
  44. Interest on an Award
  45. Employer Trying to Reschedule Surgery to Reduce Missed Work
  46. Severed Finger
  47. New Here...not New To Wc!
  48. At Wits End
  49. What To Expect From A Myelogram
  50. Sick Time Reimbursement Eligibility For Corrections Officer
  51. Disabled Partly In Hand
  52. Does Everyone Get A Lump Sum Settlement
  53. Elbow Injury
  54. Work Injury Causing Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
  55. Time For Work
  56. Knee Injury, W/C And Lawyer Questions
  57. After Knee Surgery Developed Arthritis - Still Covered?
  58. What Do You Think I Should Settle For My Lower Back?
  59. New Advocacy Group For MA Injured Workers
  60. Why Does The Insurance Company Follow You?
  61. Foot Burn?
  62. Physical Therapy
  63. New To Comp
  64. Wages
  65. In Home Visit By Insurance Company
  66. 14 Days For A Determination?
  67. Question Regarding Disfigurement Benefits
  68. IME Ordered Me Back To Work.
  69. Going Back To Work
  70. Settlement and Going Back To Work
  71. Question About WC
  72. Possible Hernia - Where To Start
  73. Returned To Work, Back Out For Operation
  74. Developing Diabetes After A Work Injury
  75. Unemployment and Injury
  76. Legal Uncertainty of Coverage
  77. Disability Ratings Schedule
  78. Massachusetts - Insurance Question
  79. Check Out MA New WC Website/Blog
  80. IME
  81. Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW)
  82. Planning For The Future
  83. Insurance Company Refused Payment To Doctor
  84. What Should I Do?
  85. Check Out New Massachusetts Website
  86. Looking to Reform Workers Comp Laws
  87. Help for a Slip and Fall at Work
  88. Returning to Work Before Case is Heard?
  89. Is There a Time Limit?
  90. Not Sure What to Do
  91. Can Work/Comp Stop Paying Weekly Checks?
  92. Injured After Employer Expressed Dissatisfaction with Job Performance
  93. Fired For Asking for Workers Comp
  94. Ordered To See Yet Another Doctor
  95. Settlement and Future Medical
  96. Injections
  97. What to Do?
  98. Loans
  99. What to Do
  100. Counterclaim Filed Against Workers Comp Claim
  101. I Was Terminated .neep
  102. Hearing
  103. Social Security
  104. Can Someone Help Me Please?
  105. Checks That Dont Come in on Time
  106. Out of work for over a year
  107. On Partial Work
  108. Settlement Concerns.asap
  109. 260 Weeks Payment by Insurance Comp
  110. One Month Out of Work, Only One Check So Far
  111. Third Party
  112. How Do I Get an Attorney to Talk to Me?
  113. Those with a Herniated, Bulging Disc
  114. Filing Taxes for Workers Comp
  115. A Question of Eligibilty
  116. Workers Comp and Medical Retirement
  117. Old Injury is It Still Covered?
  118. Lawyers
  119. How Often Do You Receive TTD?
  120. Procedures Not Being Followed
  121. First Post and Furious-No Money
  122. Pain in the Butt (Back)
  123. FMLA and WC
  124. IME Report Withheld
  125. What Are the Benefits of SSDI
  126. Judge Ordered Ime, What for
  127. Td and Std-Change in Pay for Td
  128. Settlemment $ Good
  129. Work Three Jobs and Got Hurt
  130. Three Years, Three Surgeries and Counting
  131. Confused
  132. Ignored Judge
  133. Preexisting Arthritis or
  134. Workers Comp Laws and Heart Problems
  135. Passed Over for Promotion
  136. Ins Co Denying Ptto Late
  137. W/C Reform
  138. Re-Injured
  139. Understanding WC Settlements
  140. After Surgery
  141. WC Delaying Treatment
  142. Vocational Training
  143. Severe Eye Injury
  144. Can WC Require Me to Fly Back to Massachusetts for IME
  145. Selling of Future Medical Benifits
  146. Attorneys Fee
  147. Deemed Ok to Return to Work, but Not Re-Hired - Can I Still Collect WC Benefits
  148. Knee Replacement
  149. How Long for a Hearing
  150. Knee Injury
  151. Permanently Disabled from a Work Injury - What I Should Do Next
  152. Eye Injury
  153. WC and PTO
  154. Fell Down the Stairs on Slippery Product
  155. Got Hurt by a Co-Worker at Work
  156. Section 36
  157. Doctor Said I Can Go Back to Work but I Am Still Injured
  158. Ltd Workman Comp and SSDI
  159. Back Injury with Nerve Damage
  160. Upcoming Independent Medical Evalution
  161. WC Court Hearing
  162. WC Affect Unemployment Benefits
  163. Can Injured Workers Go to the Advisory Board Meeting in Boston
  164. Comp Closed Case with No Follow Up or Mail. 6 Months Later in More Pain Than Ever
  165. Injured Falling From a Tree
  166. Length of Partial Disability
  167. Am I Required to Return to the Same Employer
  168. Sprained My Knee
  169. Signed Out by Doctor
  170. What Happens After You're Placed on PD
  171. Receiving Partial Disability Benefits Even Though Restricted Work is Unavailable
  172. IME Visit
  173. Impairment Rating for Total Knee Replacement
  174. Communicating With Lawyers
  175. Termination of Comp
  176. Investigator Watching While on Pd
  177. Conciliation
  178. Work Denying WC Because of Pre-Existing Injury
  179. Notice of Conference
  180. Lifetime Medical Benefits from Workers Comp
  181. Finding a Lawyer for an Old Worker's Comp Claim
  182. How Can You Determine SSDI Will Pay
  183. What Happens In Your Lawyer Leaves His Law Firm
  184. Conference Time and Notice of Possible Work Termination
  185. What Constitutes a New Injury at Work
  186. Pre-Existing Conditions
  187. Second Opinion on Final Rating
  188. Inability to Get Timely Appointments
  189. Vacation Time Owed While on Workers Comp
  190. WC Considered Income to Ma
  191. How Does a Lawyer Estimate Your Settlement
  192. Hearing Coming and a Bad IME
  193. Upcoming IME
  194. MSA or Open Medical
  195. MSAs in Massachusetts
  196. Child Support While Collecting Workers Comp
  197. Settlement While On SSDI and Medicare
  198. Why Benefit for Pd Was Filed
  199. Open Medical Can I Change My Doctor
  200. Vacation Time Used While on Workers Compensation
  201. How to Get Approved for Physical Therapy
  202. Workers’ Comp Rates Could Go Up
  203. Workers Comp Hearing
  204. Mission Statement from the DIA
  205. Will Health Insurance Cover Medical if Comp Denies After IME
  206. Duration of Litigation for Workers Compensation
  207. CRPS Diagnosis After 9 Months
  208. Finger Amputation Injury
  209. Can I Change Lawyers
  210. What Settlement Will You Get for a Partial Knee Replacement
  211. Cleared for Light Duty but No Work is Available
  212. Insurance Company Won't Pay for Needed Out-of-State Care
  213. PPD Evaluations
  214. Surgery is Medically Necessary but Workers Comp Won't Pay
  215. Suing an Employer Beyond Worker's Compensation Benefits
  216. Is WC Pay Used to Calculate Unemployment Benefits
  217. Can a Nurse Practitioner's Diagnose Hold Up in Court
  218. W2s and Workers Comp
  219. IME After Surgery
  220. Insurance Company is Appealing a Worker's Comp Award from an Assault
  221. What is the Insurance Company Going to Dispute
  222. Settlement of Medical Benefits for a Lump Sum
  223. Termination While on Worker's Compensation
  224. Low Back Fusion and Pushed to Settle Case, but Still in Pain
  225. Court Date for Settlement
  226. Compensation for Disfigurement and Social Security Disability
  227. Complex Knee Injury
  228. Filling a New Additional Claim After Settlements
  229. Fired and Injured in Same Meeting
  230. What is a Conciliation Hearing
  231. Required to Take a DOT Physical
  232. Workers Comp Lump Sum Settlement
  233. Workers Comp Doctor Says I Have Lumbago and Radiculitis, but Denied WC
  234. Is My Lawyer Competent
  235. Florida Orthopedics Not Accepting Massachusetts Worker's Compensation Claims
  236. Worker's Comp Payments Stopped Pending IME Results
  237. Terminated While on TTD in Mass
  238. Realistic Settlement Shoulder Rotator Surgery with Nerve Damage
  239. How Much Money Do You Receive Per Week from Workers' Comp
  240. Workers Comp Benefits for Seasonal Workers
  241. An Unidentified Third Party Was Present at My IME
  242. What to Expect for a Permanent Loss of Use
  243. Nurse Injured While Transporting a Patient
  244. How Do You Calculate Permanency for a Workers Comp Injury
  245. Had Impartial Physician Exam by Wrong Type
  246. How Long Does it Take to Get Paid After a Workers Comp Hearing
  247. What to Do About My Boss Who is a Control Freak
  248. Disability from a Psychological Injury
  249. What Next After Section 35 Expired
  250. Just Starting Out
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