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  1. The Proper Role of Mediators
  2. Help For Injured Michigan Workers
  3. Can You Be Fired For Making A Comp Claim
  4. Getting Retrained
  5. Fall Due To Uncovered Hole
  6. Time Limit For Reporting An Injury
  7. Appeals Website
  8. Workers Comp Case Managers
  9. Seeking Injured Michigan Workers
  10. No Authorization Until IME
  11. Help Understanding Comp Benefits
  12. Termination
  13. Michigan W/C Question
  14. Attorney Fees If You Switch Lawyers
  15. Who IS Repsonsible?
  16. Employer Is Going Out Of Business
  17. What is Michigan Law?
  18. Job title change
  19. Statistics on Specific Employers
  20. Equal protection under the law
  21. Understanding Vocational Rehab
  22. What Happens If An Employer Doesn't Insure
  23. What Happens After The Appeal
  24. Insurance Won't Pay For Surgery
  25. Getting Benefits After Appeals Are Over
  26. Injured K-Mart Workers Rights
  27. Deferred Cash Payments For Injured KMart Workers
  28. Workplace Stress Claims
  29. Adjuster Is Cutting Off Benefits
  30. Will Worker's Comp Pay For Home Hot Tubs
  31. IME's for Injured Workers
  32. Getting Disability Benefits in Michigan Just Got Harder
  33. Beware of the Sington Definition
  34. Filing for SSI
  35. The Sington Ruling
  36. All's Well In Michigan
  37. What is a 60 day/PT Hearing
  38. Personal insurance
  39. Calculating Settlements
  40. Can You Be Fired For Being On Comp Too Long
  41. Seeking Doctors
  42. Right to pay for physical therapy visits
  43. Assistive Devices - How Far Can You Push It
  44. Emergency Hearings in Michigan
  45. Just received settlement offer
  46. What kind of lawyer
  47. Company Closed Down
  48. Notice of Dispute
  49. Why Do Some Cases Take So Long
  50. Workers Comp Benefits During An Appeal
  51. Understanding Michigan Comp Law
  52. How Can A Student Pay For Injuries Caused
  53. SSI or W/C
  54. Self-Employment and Workers Compensation
  55. Exposing Workers Comp Fraud
  56. Can You Lose Your Position Due To Work Restrictions
  57. Chronic pain leading to depression
  58. Foot Injury
  59. Mistakes in Payments
  60. Knee Problems
  61. How long can they drag this out?
  62. Light Duty Job Requires Working Every Weekend
  63. Do You Need A Lawyer For Mediation
  64. Information Release Forms
  65. Struggling For Benefits
  66. Finding a doctor who is willing to stand up
  67. Regulation of Private investigators
  68. What Happens After You See A W/C Doctor
  69. Reduced Pay
  70. Having a Baby
  71. Additional Testing Ordered After Reaching MMI
  72. Independant Medical Evaluations
  73. Low Benefits For Serious Injuries
  74. Michigan Laws
  75. Settlement for a Permanent Brain Injury
  76. Settlement Prohibits Returning To Employer
  77. How Many IME's Do You Have To Attend
  78. Vacation Days and Comp Benefits
  79. Forklift Accident
  80. Settling With Open Medical
  81. Reached MMI - Now What?
  82. Difficult Return To Work
  83. Chiropractor's Advice
  84. Waiting Period Before Benefits Start
  85. Fired, Then Benefits Were Cut Off
  86. What is income is counted when on W/C
  87. Fired Due To Medical Restrictions
  88. Troublesome Case Worker
  89. Overuse Injury To Other Lawyer, But Benefits Denied
  90. Eligibility for Unemployment
  91. Suspended For Drinking At Work
  92. Maximium Payout on Settlement
  93. Workplace Injury And Right To Retraining
  94. Discriminatory Treatment Of An Injured Worker
  95. Loss of fingers
  96. Now What?
  97. Coordination of Benefits
  98. Confused Over Medical Diagnosis
  99. Finding a Lawyer for Interstate Comp Claim
  100. Suddenly Denied Comp Benefits For Back Injury
  101. Suing For Pain And Suffering
  102. Is There A Time Limit Before Comp Must Settle
  103. How Much Will The Settlement Be
  104. What To Do If Workers Comp Denies Medical
  105. Back to work wage and temporary disability
  106. In Limbo After a Back Injury
  107. Maximum Settlement Amount
  108. How do you figure out an amount to settle for
  109. Another IME scheduled
  110. Can You Be Fired For Hiring A Comp Lawyer
  111. MMI
  112. Injured Back At Work
  113. Workers Comp Says Back Condition Was Pre-Existing
  114. What Amount To Request For A Redemption
  115. Sent To The Same IME Doctor Three Times
  116. How Much Can I Get
  117. What amount to request for an out-of-court settlement
  118. Workers comp case and union grievance
  119. How Long To Get Benefits and Physical Therapy
  120. Injury to a Nurse's Aide
  121. Michigan Workers Comp System
  122. Getting a Good Settlement
  123. Workers Comp in Michigan
  124. Fighting for Workers Comp Benefits
  125. Work Will Not Accept Lifting Restriction
  126. Getting Social Security Benefits
  127. Financial Troubles After Workplace Injury
  128. Vocational Training Questions
  129. FMLA and Workers Comp
  130. Vocational Back To Work Issues
  131. Head Injury And Seizures - What Should I Expect Now?
  132. Why Does Comp Insurer Need To Know Job History
  133. Fired While On Light Duty
  134. Is My Lawyer Good?
  135. Is It Possible To Settle Wages But Not Medical
  136. How do they figure what a settlement is worth for your injury?
  137. Rehab and Benefits After Surgery
  138. Re-Employment
  139. Benefits Cut Off After Head Injury
  140. Allergic Reaction
  141. Hurt At Work
  142. Making An Auto Insurance Claim On Top Of Comp
  143. Injured After IME Doctor Ordered Me Back To Work
  144. Back Injury Isn't Improving
  145. Vocational Rehab
  146. Employer Will No Longer Accommodate Injury
  147. Payments Stopped - What's Going On
  148. Dr. James Wessinger
  149. Voc Rehab For A Disabled Worker
  150. Does Anyone Know a Really Good Lawyer?
  151. Medical Issues And Settlement
  152. Dealing With The Accident Fund in Michigan
  153. Employer Contacting Injured Worker's Doctor
  154. Mt Clemens Center Hearing - Anyone Else Waiting?
  155. IME Doctor Disagreed With 8 Treating Physicians; Says Not Work-Related
  156. What Settlement to Expect After an Epicondylectomy (Elbow Tendon)
  157. SSDI and Worker's Comp Benefits
  158. Macomb County Comp Hearing
  159. No Pain and Suffering Awards
  160. How is Percentage of Disability Measured
  161. Being Let Go After Worker's Comp Leave
  162. Michigan Settlement Offers
  163. Taking Meds Before Court Trial
  164. IME Reports
  165. What is regarded a fair settlement out of court?
  166. Employment Terminated Before Worker's Return
  167. Injured At Work
  168. What Settlement Amount Is Fair
  169. Workers Compensation Benefits After Resignation
  170. Looking for Info
  171. long term disability and workerscomp settlement
  172. Any one know what RSD is?
  173. Accident Fund / Worker Comp / Settlemet
  174. Injured at work
  175. Help on hours cut due to restrictions
  176. Is This A Good Case
  177. Can I Be Fired And Lose My Com For Refusing My Old Job Due To The Distance To Travel?
  178. Figureing Compensation Amount
  179. Settlement Help
  180. Workers Comp Stopped Surgery
  181. I Live 600 Miles From Mi. And They Want Me To Come To MI.for Dr.Appointment.
  182. Workers Comp Denying Medical Treatment
  183. Pament On % Of Disability
  184. Uncertain
  185. Settling Before Or After Surgery
  186. Dr.Stanley Sczecienski
  187. How Medical Is To Be Handled In Settlement
  188. Getting Workmans Comp While Enrolled In School
  189. Repayment Of Medical
  190. First Hearing Done, Now What?
  191. Being Denied Workmans Comp
  192. Unemployment
  193. Uniform Hurt On The Job
  194. Anyone Ever Go To D. Philip Mayer?
  195. WC Trial
  196. W/C Legal Knowledge For Michigan
  197. Future Medical
  198. Injured At Customer Location In Ohio, Live In Michigan
  199. Injured In Fight With A Coworker
  200. Condemned Property
  201. New To Forum - Not New To System
  202. Why Does Medicaid Need To Be Repaid
  203. Repay Medicaid
  204. Another Issue-PPOM Repayment
  205. What Happens At A Pre-Trial
  206. Settlement and Future Medical Benefits
  207. IC "Eager" To Settle With Me
  208. Dr.Stanley Sczecienski And My Case
  209. Past Emplyoment Records
  210. What Is A Control Date
  211. Their Doctor Overrides My Surgeon?
  212. Workmans Compensation Is A Joke
  213. What Happens After MMI
  214. Retirement Account
  215. On SSDI Already
  216. Medical Treatment Causing Further Problems
  217. Up Date Mikes1joker
  218. Just Need to Vent
  219. Laws Do Not Allow Me to Hire a Lawyer
  220. Disability Doctor
  221. Does a Hernia Qualify Me?
  222. SSD
  223. Negotiating Blue Cross As Part of Loss Wages
  224. What is an Ablation Nerve Block
  225. Ablation of Sympathetic Nerve?
  226. Something to Think About
  227. Physical Examination
  228. Retro-Active Pay? Does Anyone Know How It Works?
  229. Did Everything Right. Now What?
  230. Who Has Gone Thru a EMG Test?
  231. Mediation
  232. Lump Sum Payout
  233. Considering a Settlement
  234. Still Receiving Bills from Doctors
  235. How Long Can This Go On?
  236. Injured Neck and Shoulder at Work. Fibromyalgia
  237. Workmen's Comp
  238. Pre Trial
  239. Entitled?
  240. A Little Bit of Everything
  241. Can You Be Laid Off If You're Collecting Workers Comp
  242. Notice of Dispute
  243. Workers Compensation and Layoff
  244. Legal Fees and Backpay
  245. Meeting with Lawyer
  246. Meeting with Lawyer
  247. Stokes v. Chrysler
  248. IME Doc Says I Can Return to Work, but My Doc Disagrees
  249. When Do You Actually Get Paid Your Settlement?
  250. IME Pushed on Me at Last Minute
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