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View Full Version : Mississippi

  1. Support Group for Mississippi Injured Workers
  2. Help For Injured Mississippi Workers
  3. What Injuries Are Covered
  4. Why Is The Settlement Offer So Low
  5. Recourse for being firing while recuperating
  6. Eye Injury At Work
  7. Worker's Right To Refuse Light Duty
  8. Are Injured Workers Underpaid
  9. Mississippi Workers Comp Rate of Payment
  10. Comp Benefits and Income Tax
  11. Can W/C Require Surgery
  12. Disability Rating and Settlement Dollars
  13. Company Won't Accept Second Medical Opinion
  14. Does Mississippi Consider Injury Ratings
  15. Obligations for a Worker with PPD
  16. Dotor and Lawyer Visit
  17. The Mississippi Workers Comp System
  18. Pre-Existing Spinal Stenosis
  19. Similar Injury Or Reinjury After Prior Workers Comp Settlement
  20. Surgery and Worker's Comp Benefits
  21. Should I Be Receiving Workers Comp Money
  22. Settlement
  23. How Does WC Work if You Have 2 Jobs
  24. Lost Finger Compensation?
  25. Hurting and No
  26. WC Payments Stopped
  27. Employer Doesn't File Comp Claims
  28. Second Job with Workers Comp from Primary Job
  29. How Does MMI Rating Translate into Settlement Money
  30. Settlement Penalty
  31. Am I Entitled to Any Compensation
  32. Ready to Settle
  33. Out of State Work Comp
  34. Injured in Car Accident Work Related
  35. My Doctor Says Have Not Reached MMI, WC Doctor Says I Have Terminated from Old Job
  36. Answering Questions About an Old Worker's Comp Claim
  37. Work Comp Trying to Get a Second Opinion
  38. IME by Pain Psychologist
  39. Bicep Tendon Injury, Still Some Pain
  40. Employer Didn't Have Workers Comp Coverage
  41. Permanent Injury and Loss Wages
  42. Can You Get Benefits if Your Employer Doesn't Have a Position For You
  43. What State's Laws Govern if a Worker is Injured While Working in Another State
  44. What Documents Should Be Included in a Medical Release Form
  45. Slap Tear and Bicep Tenodesis
  46. What Should I Expect As a Settlement for Having My Hand Crushed and Losing Fingers
  47. Impairment Rating Now What
  48. Help
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