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View Full Version : New Hampshire

  1. Help For Injured New Hampshire Workers
  2. What Happens If You Can't Return To Your Job
  3. When To Get A Lawyer
  4. Failure to Diagnose
  5. Elbow Tendonitis In New Hampshire
  6. After Operation
  7. Finding A Lawyer In New Hampshire
  8. Ulnar Nerve
  9. Elbow Tendon
  10. My Job
  11. To All Senior Board Members
  12. Can I Fire My Lawyer
  13. Feedback on Others W/C Experiences As Well As
  14. Paycheck Confusion
  15. Unemployment vs Workers Comp
  16. What Happens when I Am Realeased for Work
  17. Deducted Pay
  18. It's Been a Long Road, Here's My Story
  19. Back Sprain, Being Released by Dr, Not Ready to Go Back
  20. NHADA Won't Pay My Claims
  21. Permanent Impairment Claim
  22. Law Regarding Lost Wages
  23. Neck Injury and Curious on What You All Would Think
  24. Permanent Partial Disability
  25. What Do I Do
  26. Worker's Comp Cut Out Medical Treatments That Were Helping
  27. Getting a Second Opinion
  28. Lawyer Not Performing - What Should I Do
  29. Permanent Impairment Evaluation
  30. WC Put My Claim on Hold.but in the Mean Time
  31. WC Case Worker Closed File
  32. Thinking About Moving
  33. Should I Contact a Lawyer at This Point
  34. Do I Still Get My Weekly Payments
  35. What Will Happen
  36. What Do You Get for an Ankle Injury
  37. Additional Permanent Impairment
  38. What To Do After an IME
  39. Hurt During Post-Op While on Workmans Comp
  40. How to Calculate a Worker's Comp Award
  41. IME
  42. Can I Be Forced to Step Down After MMI is Done
  43. Denied Worker's Comp but in Need of Surgery
  44. Woking Two Jobs
  45. Finding New Hampshire Md to Counter Ic Shills
  46. Ok, What Happens from Here
  47. Disabled Police Officer Has Questions, Needs Help to Make Decisions
  48. What is a Realistic Amount for PPD Award for Work Related Injury to Both Shoulders
  49. Severed Tendon Injury Requiring Surgery
  50. Notified That My Health Care is Being Canceled Per Company
  51. Permanent Impairment Rating (PIR) Award
  52. Finding Doctor for Out-Of-State Case
  53. My Employer Claims I Have Behavioral Problems Since Filling a WC Claim
  54. Independent Medical Exam to Determine if Surgery is Necessary
  55. WC Denied Surgery. Employer Retaliation Issues
  56. How Long for Workers Comp Settlement Hearing
  57. Loss of Teeth at Work
  58. The Workers Comp Doesn't Want to Settle
  59. Coming to the End of WC and Need
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