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  1. Help For Injured New Jersey Workers
  2. It's Hard To Find A Good Lawyer
  3. Effect of Voluntary Dismissal
  4. Finding a good WC attorney
  5. Getting Paid For Missed Work
  6. Pain Management
  7. Whether Or Not To Take A Settlement
  8. Can W/C Make You See Their Orthopedics Doctor
  9. Using Vacation Days
  10. Why See The IME Doctor Again?
  11. Permanent Partial or Permanent Total Disability
  12. Permanent Total Disability and Social Security
  13. Changing Lawyers
  14. What should I expect?
  15. Reopening A Comp Case
  16. How Do You Reopen A Case
  17. Seeking Information on Workmans Comp
  18. Back Gives Out After Work Injury
  19. Is This Settlement Offer Okay
  20. Is Mileage Covered in New Jersey
  21. Financial Pre-Settlement
  22. Finding Out If You're On The Docket
  23. Losing Everything Over Injury
  24. What Happens After MMI In New Jersey
  25. Why Would W/C Want A Second Opinion
  26. How Does Comp Work When Employer Has You Work A Few Hours Per Week
  27. Severe Financial Problems
  28. Finally Settled And Over
  29. Settlement Amount for Herniated Disc
  30. Can You Be Fired Based On Work Restrictions
  31. Accommodation of an Injured Worker
  32. Finding a Good Workers Comp Attorney in New Jersey
  33. Finding a New Jersey W/C Attorney
  34. Are Comp Benefits Taxed
  35. Hernia From Work
  36. Necessary Treatment Denied Due To Worker's Age
  37. How Does This Work
  38. Denial of Benefits
  39. How Does Workers Comp Work
  40. Long Road on Workers Comp
  41. How Long Can Someone Collect W/C Benefits
  42. Best Treatment For L5-S1 Disc Degeneration and Bulge with Moderate Pain
  43. Reclassified By Insurance Co. As Permanently Disabled
  44. Revoking A Settlement
  45. Questions That Need Answers
  46. Getting a Court Date for a Motion After Settlement
  47. When Will W/C Settle A Case
  48. Stuck In Limbo
  49. Going Back to Work
  50. Complicated Spine Condition After Injury
  51. Getting the Runaround After an Injury
  52. Can Insurance Co "Make" You See Another Doc
  53. Got Fired Today
  54. Scars
  55. Why Use A Lawyer For Scheduled Injuries
  56. I'm Back And Still Hurting And Awaiting Completions.
  57. Medicare Set Aside (MSA)
  58. Settlement Ballpark - How Much Can I Expect?
  59. Question For Bugmann
  60. How To Change Lawyer - After The Settlement?
  61. Out Of State
  62. When Can I Go Out On Disability??
  63. How Long For MSA To Be Done
  64. Confused About FCE And Doctor's Restrictions
  65. Confused About Workmens Comp
  66. Hurt On The Job In New Jersey
  67. Gotta Love The God Doc, Bad Doc Routine
  68. 10 Month Employee Benefits
  69. Second Injury Fund Nightmare
  70. Where Do I Go From Here
  71. Settlement Amount
  72. Finally Done - When Is The Check Coming?
  73. Recently Injured
  74. About to Be Seen for the Disability %
  75. Settlement
  76. Trying to Help Family Member
  77. Muscle Atrophy After Injection
  78. Refusal to Issue MRI Script
  79. Social Security and Workers Comp Settlement
  80. MMI By Dumb Doc
  81. Finally, Some Good News
  82. Frustrated
  83. Slip and Fall
  84. Rights Following a Workplace Disc Back Injury
  85. Doctor Apointments During Work
  86. State is Asking for Money Back
  87. Fair Settlement Figures
  88. New Situation, So Close to Settlement
  89. Frustrated, In-Debt, In Pain and Close to Settlement
  90. What Does Comming to an Agreement Mean
  91. Understanding New Jersey Workers Comp
  92. Second Injury Fund
  93. Seeing the Insurance Company Doctor - IME
  94. What Should I Expect
  95. Can U Get Unemplmnt from NJ & WC from NY
  96. Ime dr's
  97. L5/S1 Lumbar Fusion Surgery
  98. Is the End Near?
  99. Is There No Lump Sum Payment in New Jersey?
  100. Worker's Compensation Experience
  101. Workers Comp Should Not Be Legal
  102. When Do Settlement Checks Come In
  103. Settlement Information
  104. Released for Full Duty Despite Pain
  105. Time Frame
  106. Light Duty
  107. Coming to an End
  108. What Those That Means?
  109. What Should I Expect
  110. Retroactive WC Pay?
  111. Finally Finished
  112. Settlements
  113. How Long Does the Insurance Company Have Until We Get the Check?
  114. Ten Years and Counting
  115. Last Check?
  116. Slip and Fall from a Ladder
  117. Definition of Pre Existing Conditions Please
  118. Jurisdiction? Live/Work Mostly in NJ. Hurt Working in NY
  119. Accidental Disability
  120. How Many Weeks After the Ins. Co Settles
  121. What Financial Options Do I Have
  122. Home Confinement After an On the Job Injury
  123. Head, Neck and Back Injurys How to Get Right Medical Care Outside Work Comp Docs
  124. How Do You Search About Your Insurance Co or Employer?
  125. 2nd Back Surgery Considered 'New Injury'?
  126. What Are Our Rights?
  127. Forced Appointments
  128. MMI in 4-6 Months?
  129. a Doctor
  130. Correct Wording in IME Report to Prove MMI Status
  131. What Settlement Amount to Expect
  132. Anybody Know of Gallagher-Bassett Services?
  133. How Long Do You Have to Wait for W/C Checks to Start?
  134. My Experience with WC
  135. Who to Got to Next?
  136. Employer Receives WC Checks
  137. Still Here and Waiting
  138. Does Workmans Comp Have to Cover Your Medical Bills for the Rest of Your Life
  139. 2% Fund Beneficiary Benefits
  140. Medical Records."What's Your Rights to Them"
  141. Has Anyone Received an IME and Percentage
  142. Getting Terminated While On Workers Comp
  143. Lawyer Representation- Suggestions Are Needed
  144. Second Injury Fund-450 Weeks Recertification
  145. Pay Rate
  146. Amputee Leg
  147. Workmans Comp For a Postal Worker
  148. Settling a Reopened Case
  149. How Much Longer Do I Have To Wait
  150. Second Injury Fund Cons/Pros
  151. Some Legal Info
  152. Employer Issues
  153. Out of Work from 07 Till Now
  154. Has Anyone Ever Heard of This
  155. Time Out or Wages Lost
  156. Schedule of Disabilities and Maximum Benefits
  157. Sick Time Paid, then Insurance Sent Employer Check in My Name but They Won't Give It
  158. Re-Opened Case Have
  159. WC Pay
  160. Confused About Worker's Comp Benefits
  161. Frustrated New Jersey State Worker
  162. Waiting on Settlement Check
  163. WC Denied
  164. FMLA/WC Slight Tear in the Meniscus
  165. Depositions and WC Rating
  166. Went Back Out 3 Months After Surgery, How Does W/C Determine Benefit Pay
  167. How Much Will I Receive
  168. MRSA Infection After Surgery
  169. TTD Payments Stopped While Still Treating
  170. Injured in a Car Accident While Working
  171. Whose Responsible is it to Supply Records to IME Doctor
  172. Whe is It Time to Start Disability Pension
  173. MMI After Ime, Now What
  174. End is Near After 3 Years
  175. Insurance Company Nurse
  176. Considering WC Claim in New Jersey
  177. New Jersey Attorneys - Recommendations, Good or Bad
  178. Severe Back Injury, What is the Step
  179. How Does an Injured Worker Pay Attorney's Fees
  180. Attorney Advised Me to Apply for SSDI
  181. Unemployment After MMI
  182. Seriously Injured in the Line of Duty
  183. Scheduled for a FCE, but Not Ready to Return to Work
  184. Injured at Work and Confused About W/C Benefits
  185. What Happens After You Reach MMI
  186. Doctors
  187. What if You Have to Change Careers After a Workers Comp Injury
  188. Returning to Work
  189. SSD Benifits After Case is Settled
  190. Retro-Active SSD Benifits
  191. How is 80% Ace Determined
  192. If on New Jersey Wc, Make Sure Your Doctor is Qualified
  193. Disability Forms
  194. Appealing a Case
  195. 80% Rule Offset and SSD Declines
  196. Placed on MMI
  197. Games By My Employer and Workers Comp Company
  198. What Measures Can Be Taken to Protect Against Unfair IME's
  199. Lawyers Fees
  200. What Can I Do
  201. WC and SSD
  202. Protecting Yourself Against an Unfair IME
  203. Regarding Imes Specifically in the State of New Jersey
  204. Has Anybody Had Video Survailance Done on Them by an Insurance Carrier
  205. Waiting for Finalization of a Workers Comp Case
  206. Very Confused with My Situation, Pls
  207. Thank You Bugman
  208. Released to Light Duty, Now What
  209. Worker's Comp and FMLA Notification
  210. Social Security Reduces Workers' Compensation Benefits
  211. Insurance Company Won't Pay Me
  212. What's a Fair Settlement Amount
  213. Workmans Comp Being Laid Off
  214. Work Comp and Unemployment Benefits
  215. Settlement Offer
  216. Using an Injury Finance Company
  217. What is a Bench Decision
  218. Employer and Doctor Stretching This Out
  219. Near Settlement
  220. How to Get Laid Off so I Qualify for COBRA
  221. FCE
  222. Second Opinion on Fusion or Not
  223. How Quickly Can I Get Back on Workers Comp
  224. Second Opinion by Liberty Mutal Dr. Went in My Favor
  225. SSD Tested CMS Approved
  226. FCE
  227. MMI and Unemployment
  228. Workers Comp or Unemployment, with Disability and Surgery
  229. Injured from Lifting Warehouse Cargo Door Manually
  230. Serious Dispute Over Extent of Disability
  231. Is it Possible to Settle a Workers Comp Claim
  232. Refused Surgery for Stenosis
  233. What Happens After an Injured Worker Reaches MMI
  234. After MMI Still on Meds
  235. Do I Have to Use WC Doctors
  236. Permanently Disabled
  237. Settled in Court.where's the Check
  238. Information About the Second Injury Fund
  239. Case Worker at Every Doctor's Exam
  240. Where Can I Get Help Catching Up On My Bills
  241. I Don't Think I Can Do This Job Anymore
  242. How Long Does WC Have to Provide Medical Care for Your Injury
  243. Approved for SSD
  244. Partial Payment Received on PPD Claim
  245. 100th Year of Workmens Celebration
  246. A Man Who Gave His Life to Fight the System
  247. Injured Knee at Work
  248. Still Under Review
  249. Pre-Existing Condition
  250. When Are Benefits Cut Off After You Reach MMI
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