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  1. Help For Injured North Carolina Workers
  2. When To Get A Lawyer
  3. Benefits Cut
  4. Insurance Company Wants Personal Financial Records
  5. North Carolina Voices Chapter
  6. I'm A Workers Comp Statistic
  7. Waiting For A Hearing
  8. Workers Comp Benefits Are Insufficient
  9. Accused of Lying About Symptoms
  10. Fractured Vertebrae After Workplace Accident
  11. Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer
  12. The State Bar has a list of Certified Specialists to help you
  13. Reporter Seeking Injured Workers
  14. How Long Does An Injured Worker Get Transportation Benefits
  15. Statistics for workers compensation
  16. Living with a 19% impairment rating
  17. Workers Comp Kickbacks
  18. Settlements
  19. Tape recording an IME doctor
  20. Tape Recording Technology
  21. Letter to Governor Causes Trouble For Its Author
  22. NC Workers' Comp reform is coming in 2005!!!
  23. What Percent Can Lawyers Take?
  24. Fired After Employer Found An Old Conviction
  25. South Carolina Workers Comp Impairment Ratings
  26. NC Senate Bill 984 filled by Senator David Hoyle in March 2005
  27. Bill Proposes Cuts in North Carolina Workers Comp Benefits
  28. Can you be fired while receiving workers compensation
  29. Recording Somebody Without Consent
  30. Let Go From Work After Injury
  31. Injured at work but employer did not turn it in to workmans comp
  32. Can't Get a Diagnosis
  33. Who Pays For Workers Comp
  34. Disability Settlement for a permanent eye injury
  36. Looking For A North Carolina Workers Comp Lawyer
  37. Rights As A Citizen, Consumer Or Injured Worker
  38. Pain's Not Improved But They Say I Have No Injury
  39. Forced return to work
  40. Whether to Settle or Litigate
  41. Company went out of business right before I was due back at work
  42. MMI rating
  43. Please someone help me!
  44. Hurt in NC
  45. Ulnar Nerve Transposition/ RSD
  46. Lawsuit funding in North Carolina
  47. workers comp
  48. Calculating Rating
  49. ACL Rating long story
  50. Double Back Fusion
  51. Former Dupont Employee
  52. SSA 1099 form
  53. Something to Think About
  54. Switching Lawyers
  55. Changing Attorneys
  56. Mediation
  57. What has Everyone Done to Survive Financially?
  58. Permanent and Total Disability
  59. Ideas To Help Each Other
  60. Workmans Comp Benefits
  61. Claim denied (go figure)
  62. No Response, No Answer
  63. Just an update for your entertainment!
  64. Senate Bill 901 - A New Threat
  65. Finally, A Great Doctors Appointment
  66. Do You Have To Use The Insurance Company's Voc Rehab
  67. Another legislative threat House Bill 1034
  68. Fire Fighter / Paramedic Suffering an ACL Injury
  69. Medical Case Manager At Doctor Appointment
  70. Chatroom
  71. This may sound silly but.....
  72. WC Payment Amounts
  73. Disc Decompression Therapy
  74. Focal Dystonia Of The Hand
  75. PPD and MMI
  76. W/C Payments
  77. Moved To Another State, Do I Still Have A Claim?
  78. Workers Comp Payments
  79. How Are Settlements Calculated For Shoulder Injuries
  80. MSA
  81. Settlement Of Future Disability Claims From Injury
  82. Nine Years of Comp
  83. Settlement Amount For Rotator Cuff Injury
  84. Can Back Child Support Be Taken From A Settlement
  85. Workers Comp For A Shoulder Injury
  86. Torn Pectoral Muscle
  87. WC, SSDI and Getting a Settlement
  88. Benefits for Shoulder Impairment
  89. Lower Back Injury, Two Herniations and Degenerative Disc Disease
  90. Finger Injury
  91. I Decided To Settle
  92. Workers Comp Rep Wants To Go To Doctor's Appointment
  93. Injured Shoulder
  94. Voc Rehab vs. Retraining
  95. Tripped At Work
  96. Taking a Settlement or Voc. Rehab
  97. How Long Does It Take To Get Benefits For Lost Wages
  98. What has to happen for Gov to withdraw SSDI
  99. Payments When You Return to Work
  100. MSA
  101. Writting a Settlement Proposal
  102. Torn Labrum (Slap Tear) Shoulder Injury
  103. Who Pays For Insurance
  104. Filling Out Form 33
  105. Which State
  106. Am I Going to Get Workers Comp?
  107. Do I Qualify for Workers Comp
  108. Frozen Shoulder, Fired From My Job
  109. What to Expect for Clincher Negotiations
  110. Injured husband
  111. Question about Long Term Disability
  112. Mediation hearing coming up
  113. Is it possible to be compensated for medical neglect
  114. What Is Considerd To Be A Late Ttd Payment To A Injured Worker?
  115. Bad Faith
  116. Medical Financial Services Company
  117. Comp Lawyer
  118. Latest News ???
  119. Question Concerning Changing Representatives For Injured Workers
  120. Frustrated With Workers Comp
  121. Form 24
  122. Lost Job After Worker's Comp Claim
  123. Form 24
  124. What If Second Surgery Is Needed?
  125. Physical Therapy
  126. Benefits And Attorney
  127. Mediation Settlement
  128. Wage Loss And Lost Earning Capacity
  129. Do I Need A Lawyer?
  130. What Should We Do
  131. North Carolina Law
  132. In My Situation
  133. Suitable Employment
  134. What Are Settlements For, Really?
  135. Complwyr..I Need Your Help!!
  136. Doctors Looking Out For The Company That Pays Them
  137. Can Employer Fire Employee If Refuse To Resign?
  138. NC Workers Comp
  139. Collecting Workers Comp
  140. Workers Comp Ad SSDI
  141. Medical Benefits
  142. Whether Or Not To Settle
  143. Employer Imposed Restrictions Even Though Doctor Didn't Order Any
  144. Relocation
  145. 2/3 The Difference In Pay
  146. More Neck Procedures
  147. Changing Lawyers
  148. Question About The Removal Of Rehabilitation Professionals
  149. Permanent Partial Disability Rating
  150. Short Term Disability
  151. Discogram
  152. W/C And SSDI
  153. Injured Nurse With Work Restrictions
  154. Injured Fingers
  155. Workers Comp and SSDI
  156. Need Help with Back Problems And Workers Comp
  157. Qualifications Of Treating Doctors
  158. Looking for Work While TTD
  159. MMI
  160. Salary Reduction
  161. What Happens
  162. Worker Compensation Audit
  163. Burn Injury
  164. Finding a Lawyer in the Charlotte Area
  165. Settling With or Without a Lawyer
  166. Surgery
  167. No Jobs
  168. Thank You
  169. Cervical Fusion Surgery
  170. Justice for My Dad a Legacy W/O Answers
  171. Permanent and Stationary
  172. First Timer
  173. NC Chamber of Commerce Seeks to Reduce Your Work Comp Benefits
  174. Benefits
  175. Mediation
  176. Social Security Doctor
  177. Physical Therpay Vs. Voc Rehab
  178. Spies
  179. Loss of Earnings Capacity
  180. Mediation - Settlement
  181. What Happens During a Mediation Settlement?
  182. Was Told to Go to Another Doctor to Receive a MMI Rating
  183. Injury Rating
  184. Settlement - How Long to Wait
  185. Endoscopic Surgery Versus Fusion Surgery
  186. Odd-Lot Doctrine
  187. Double Rating
  188. Visiting Another Surgeon
  189. NCIC and Settlement Amounts
  190. Injury 5.5 Months Ago, Won't Reopen?
  191. Dr & IME
  192. Looking for Work
  193. Gallagher Bassett Insurance
  194. Consequence of Refusing Surgery
  195. Released to Work - but Not to Drive?
  196. MMI and TTD
  197. Settlement
  198. Settlement Check
  199. Out Sick and Employer Counts It Against Him
  200. NCIC Complaint Time / Issues with Atty
  201. New and Need Advice
  202. Settlements
  203. Occipital Nerve Stimulator
  204. How Much Should My Settlement Be?
  205. Medication
  206. Got Me a New Dr
  207. New N.C. Lawyer Member
  208. SSDI/Workers Comp
  209. Light Duty Job Phased Out
  210. Clincher Agreement
  211. Unusual Turn of Events
  212. Clincher Agreement Settlement.still Waiting
  213. Pain Management Doctor
  214. Godsgrace
  215. What to Do?
  216. Vocational Rehab
  217. Partical Sign Up Because Company Has No Work
  218. Trying to Be Better Prepared
  219. Workmans Comp & Fired
  220. Would Like Some Input
  221. BEWARE: NC Chamber Plans "Reform" Effort This Year
  222. Finalizing a Claim
  223. Waddells Test
  224. Pain Between Shoulder Blades
  225. No Lawyer
  226. Discovery
  227. Mediation Before MMI
  228. Settlement
  229. Rating: Back/Leg
  230. Stress Claims in NC Under WC
  231. Can I Still Recieve TTD (Someone Please Help Me)
  232. Settlement Hearing
  233. Still Waiting
  234. What Are the Odds?
  235. Loss of Salary
  236. Concerns About Going Back to Work
  237. Now what
  238. Just Tired and Worn
  239. Who Decides What's Included
  240. Insurance Co and Mileage Reimbursements
  241. My Employer Tried to Get Me to Write Up a Note Saying I Didn't Injure My Back at Work
  242. ACOEM Guidelines
  243. Broken Back and Workers Comp
  244. Loss of Job and Disability Benefits
  245. What's My Case Worth?
  246. Famous TV Lawyers
  247. Is This Workers Comp?
  248. NC Work Comp Reform Bills Have Been Filed
  249. Settle or Fight
  250. What If Employer Terminates You Shortly After You Return To Work
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