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  1. Accident reporting
  2. Help For Injured Oklahoma Workers
  3. Trying To Get Help
  4. Thoughts of suicide
  5. Got a PPD Impairment Rating, Waiting for a Hearing
  6. Thank You For The Help
  7. Benefits of a Structured Settlement
  8. TTD and Permanent Disability
  9. Oklahoma Voices Chapter
  10. Rating scales
  11. Termination while on Workers Compensation
  12. Waiting for TTD
  13. Problems After Reaching MMI
  14. Question for the A.J.
  15. Voters Injured At Work
  16. Reinstating TTD payments
  17. Companies That Should Be Avoided
  18. Criminal charges against insurance company doctors
  19. Benefits When Restricted Work Isn't Available
  20. Pain and Suffering in a Workers Comp Settlement
  21. Workers Comp for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  22. When to expect a settlement
  23. New to workers comp system and confused
  24. Partial Disability After Spinal Fusion
  25. News for Injured Oklahomans
  26. Impairment Rating Questions
  27. New IME
  28. How much to expect from a WC settlement
  29. Oklahoma workers compensation resources
  30. Settling A Case While Providing For Future Medical
  31. New Workers Compensation Laws
  32. Reaching MMI and Settling a Claim
  33. Can an injured worker go to a different doctor
  34. Questions About A Back Injury
  35. How Long Before Checks Start
  36. Injured During Horseplay At Work
  37. Voc Rehab in Oklahoma
  38. Workers Comp Claim Not Getting Anywhere
  39. No clue about work comp
  40. Second Injury Fund
  41. Employer's Doctor Claims 'No Injury'
  42. Do Workers Comp Claims Raise Your Rates
  43. Compensation for broken ribs
  44. Injured worker cannot return to work
  45. Finding a good lawyer
  46. What to expect at a PPD court date
  47. What to Expect From Workers Comp Litigation
  48. Will the court case ever end?
  49. What Type of Settlement To Expect
  50. Payment for Disability
  51. Falling Through The Cracks - Where Next?
  52. Settlement is Final, But Insurance Won't Pay
  53. Torn Labrum With Poor Recovery
  54. Cutting Off Checks
  55. Is This Settlement Large Enough?
  56. Trying To Get Proper Medical Care
  57. What Happens At Trial
  58. Accepting A Settlement Offer
  59. Need Advice For Workmans Comp
  60. Job Restrictions in Oklahoma
  61. I Hate Dealing With Workers Comp
  62. How Does Workers Compensation Work
  63. Physical Therapy
  64. Connecticut Settlements
  65. Questions About Pre-existing Conditions
  66. Employer Didn't File My Workers Comp Claim
  67. They Took My Entire Check!
  68. Change of Doctors
  69. TTD Payments
  70. Can You Be Classified As Having 0% Disability
  71. Settlement Offer Seems Low
  72. What Should I Expect for a WC Payment
  73. Return To Work Or Not?
  74. I Was Hurt In Jan 07 And Still Off Work Dr Has Said Im At Mmi And Now Waiting
  75. What Should I Do? What Should I Expect?
  76. What Do I Do Now?
  77. Functional Capacity Evaluation
  78. How Much Should Be Paid For Back Surgery
  79. Back
  80. Help Me Figure My Settlement
  81. Who Pays Doctor's Fees After Settlement
  82. Lost Wages
  83. When Should I Seek Legal Counsel
  84. WC, FMLA, Cashed In Vacation
  85. Returning To Work Even If I Cant Drive
  86. Lawyer Or Not
  87. Well Just About Through It
  88. Went To Court Tuesday
  89. Just Chewed My Attorney's Office Out!
  90. Trial Date In A Week Please Help Me
  91. Valuable Information For Those with Oklahoma Claims
  92. The Insurance Company Wants to Settle I Need Help
  93. So the Game Begins!
  94. Back Pay
  95. How Much Is My Structured Settlement Worth
  96. Vocational Retraining?
  97. Weekly Payments
  98. Lawyers Try to Get More Than 20% Try 50%
  99. How Are We Expected to Servive
  100. Settlement Amount
  101. Is This Typical?
  102. What Medical Info is Forwarded to Employer?
  103. TTD Re-Activation
  104. Injections/Nerve Blocks
  105. Attorney Favorites
  106. Ruptured Disc
  107. Settlement Amount?
  108. Medical Evaluation Taping
  109. Where Do They Get These Figures?
  110. Looking for Some Advice
  111. Back Injury Resulting In Surgery
  112. I Really Need Advice
  113. Workers Comp is refusing second surgery
  114. Restricted Duty
  115. How Long Before TTD Starts
  116. Whats the Hold Up?
  117. Ex Employer Suing for "Back Wages/Advances" After Settlement
  118. 3rd Party/Open Medical
  119. Multi Surgery Ratings
  120. Retraining Benefits
  121. Judge Harkey? W/C Judge in Tulsa? Fair?
  122. Any Stories About Retraining or Sites with Info?
  123. A Few Questions.
  124. Social Security Disability
  125. Gainfull Employment
  126. Workers Comp Coverage After Quitting
  127. How Much Will I Get
  128. Lifetime Total Disability
  129. Compensation Ratings
  130. Disability Ratings
  131. Social Security Disability Backlog
  132. Post-Surgery Restrictions
  133. Doctor John Ellis SSDI
  134. Can I See My Own Doctor
  135. Ladies, Get Your Tort Ready
  136. MMI and TTD in Oklahoma
  137. Personal Injury and Worker's Comp
  138. Getting What I Deserve
  139. Anyone Know a Good Thoracic and Lumbaar Surgeon
  140. Jaded by Lawyers; How Difficult is Pro Se
  141. Seeing Dr. Without Approval
  142. Once You Get Rated
  143. Any Info Would Help
  144. Am I Entitled to PPD
  145. What's Going to Happen Now
  146. Suing My Employer for No Workmans Comp
  147. If You Work for Cash
  148. Am I Eligible for PPD
  149. Being Released from Surgeon
  150. "Pain Free"
  151. Lower Back Injury
  152. Back Surgery Ratings
  153. Bad Faith
  154. Total Disabled
  155. Work Injury
  156. What Would Happen if
  157. % Chart for TTD
  158. When to Go Back to Work
  159. Settlement
  160. Scar
  161. Wondering when I Will Receive Some Money
  162. Surgery Has Been Denied; Went to I/C Doc
  163. Disability Chart
  164. Forgot to Disclose Prior Workplace Injuries
  165. Senate Bill Will Take Keep You from Having a Lawyer
  166. PPD Rate
  167. Death Benefits
  168. Workers Comp Claim Due to a Back Injury
  169. New Doctor
  170. Back Child Support and Settlement
  171. Ratings When Injury Requires Two Separate Surgeries
  172. When Will I Get My Settlement Check
  173. Rdhjdh
  174. Does Anyone Know
  175. Light Duty Firing
  176. You Guys Just Got Reformed
  177. Elbow Injury
  178. Seeing a Doctor After a Functional Capacity Exam
  179. Injured by 2 Pallets of Beer
  180. Shoulder Injury at Work
  181. Employer Mishandled Workplace Injury
  182. How to Read % Charts
  183. Repetitive Stress Injury to Elbow
  184. Structured Ptd Award
  185. Injured Back at Work
  186. Can I Get My Own Rating
  187. How Can I Pay Deductibles and Copayments
  188. When is it Too Late to File a Worker's Comp Claim
  189. Difficulty Getting Treatment, Benefits, Reimbursement
  190. My Lawyer is Going for PD After Voc-Rehab Not Successful, What Do I Need to Know
  191. Off Work After Light Duty for a Month. when Does WC Pay Start
  192. Heart Attack Possibly Caused by W/C Case
  193. Can an Employer Get Doctor's Restrictions Changed
  194. It's Settlement Time
  195. CRPS 1 Rating
  196. I Haven't Received Comp Payments and I'm Getting Worried
  197. Calculating the Total Ratings
  198. I Was Injured at Work and Work Comp Refuses to Do Anything
  199. IME Appointment
  200. PPD Payments and Quiting My Job
  201. I Tore My Rotator Cuff and Still Have an Impenged Shoulder What Happens After MMI
  202. What is Status of the 2010 Reforms in Oklahoma
  203. Lump Sum
  204. Home and Employer/WC in Two Different States
  205. Pain After Fusion Surgery
  206. Nearing Final Settlement; FCE Again
  207. W/C and SSDI
  208. Pre-Existing or WC
  209. Motion to Compel Hearing
  210. How Does the Multi Injury Trust Fund Work
  211. What Happens After Trial for PPD
  212. Lump Sum Settlement and Social Security
  213. What Do They Do in Voc Rehab
  214. Injury to Shoulder While on Light Duty. I Can't Seem to Win
  215. Multi Injury Trust Award and Social Security
  216. Drug Testing
  217. PPD vs PTD
  218. Settlement with Medation
  219. IME vs Attending Physician
  220. Hurt at Work at an Oil Field
  221. How Long Before I Get a Settlement Check
  222. 2 Surgeries 1 Minipulation 43% Rating How Much Am I Entitled in Settlement
  223. How Much Am I Entitled to for a Settelment from Workers Comp Case
  224. Wriiten Up on My Return While Off on WC
  225. What Happens When a Worker's Comp Case Goes to Court
  226. PTD Structured Settlement
  227. Impairment Rating and Compensation
  228. Calculating Settlement
  229. How Do I Deal with This Depression
  230. WC Refuses to Pay After My Employer Reported Me TTD
  231. Can I Go to the Va for Treatment if I Have a WC Claim
  232. PTD Awards and MSA's
  233. Fair Settlement
  234. First Court Date Postponed, How Long Before Next One
  235. Insurance Company is Appealing Court Order
  236. Health Benefits Terminated
  237. Doctor Young
  238. Infuse Bone Graft (Bioengineered Maretial)
  239. Getting Sent to See Another Doctor After My Hearing
  240. Trial Date in Few Days; Offer Came in from Ic
  241. Paying Partial Wages
  242. What Type of Settlement Am I Looking at Possibly
  243. Judge Orders Back Pay, TTD and Medical Treatment
  244. Rsd and Another Surgery Needed
  245. Advance on Settlement
  246. Can You Get Compensated for Mileage
  247. Reopening Old Case
  248. Are Attorneys Necessary
  249. How to Determine Body or Arm %
  250. Torn Shoulder Muscle
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