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  1. Help For Injured Pennsylvania Workers
  2. Psychological Injuries
  3. Can You Look For Employment While Receiving Comp Benefits
  4. What Settlement Amount To Ask For
  5. New Injury Prevents Treatment Of Job Injury
  6. Vocational Rehab
  7. What determines an impairment?
  8. Moving Out of State And Understanding Work Restrictions
  9. Reimbursement of PDO time
  10. Effects of applying for Social Security benefits while on workmans comp
  11. Finding The Insurance Carrier From An Old Comp Case
  12. Petition for Payment of Workers Comp Checks
  13. Vocational interview and labor market surve
  14. Experiences Dealing with Certified Services, Inc.
  15. I need advice about a work injury
  16. Pay For Work Missed Due To Treatments
  17. A Familiar Story - News Article About Abuse of Injured Workers
  18. Medical leave
  19. Confused with workmens comp
  20. Recent letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania
  21. Workers comp is requesting impairment rating evaluation
  22. Experiences with Sedgwick Claims
  23. What does URO mean?
  24. Scar Payment
  25. Workers Compensation File Was 'Closed' Without Notice
  26. What to do when your health declines after settlement
  27. Beyond Confused About Workers Comp
  28. Settlement Amount
  29. No Money Yet After Job Injury
  30. Questions About A Work Injury
  31. Taxes on Workers Comp Benefits
  32. Back Doctor
  33. Lawyer Fees
  34. Frustrated with WC
  35. Determining What A Lawyer Is Entitled To
  36. Pennsylvania Workers comp or short term disability
  37. How Does A Claim Affect An Employer's Policy
  38. Settlement With Concern About Future Medical Problems
  39. Getting Unemployment While On Comp
  40. Retroactive Payments Deducted From Paycheck For Medical And Dental Benefits
  41. Percentage Taken Out Of Comp Check
  42. Checks Not Arriving On Time
  43. Insurance Company Appealed Decision
  44. What Happens After 500 Weeks
  45. Help Me Understand An Unfair System
  46. IME Doctor Requiring Return To Unsafe Job
  47. Help With RMI's in Pennsylvania
  48. What Can You Do If You Are Fired Over A Job Injury
  49. Liberty Mutual
  50. Where's The Protection For Injured Workers
  51. Medical Benefits, Already Deemed Compensable, Denied By Insurer
  52. Selecting A Lawyer For a Case With Psychological Issues
  53. WC and Retirement Funds
  54. Regular Medical Insurance Coverage
  55. Benefits During Recovery From Corrective Surgery
  56. Getting a Home Health Aide
  57. Benefits During An Appeal
  58. What Settlement Amount Is Reasonable
  59. Calculating a Settlement Figure
  60. Section 11.02 Workmens Comp Act
  61. How Long After Settlement Do You Get Your Money
  62. Workers Comp Check Did Not Arrive
  63. Making an Insurance Claim While Receiving Comp
  64. Anyone ever here of Dr. Thomas Freenock
  65. Waiting For A Check
  66. Date of Termination is the Same as Return?
  67. Target and Worker's Comp
  68. Terminating an Employee on Workers Compensation
  69. Largest WC Practice in Philadelphia?
  70. Developed Another Illness While Off on Worker's Comp
  71. PTSD W/C Claim
  72. Offered a Settlement - Should We Take It?
  73. Settling a Complicated Case
  74. Workers Comp Checks
  75. Denied Worker's Compensation Benefits
  76. Getting Other Benefits In Addition to Workers Comp
  77. Settlement in PA
  78. Dr. Thomas Bilko
  79. Comp Carrier Wants To Send Their Nurse To Doctor Visits
  80. Employer's Responsibilities to Injured Workers
  81. Can a Workers Compensation Case Be Reopened
  82. Should I apply for Unemployment?
  83. Long Term Disability and Workers Compensation
  84. Told That Injury Is Not Compensatible
  85. My story! Your helpful insight!!
  86. Scar Tissue ref'd by Steel Magnolia
  87. Medical bills and workers compensation
  88. Part-time Work
  89. Ime In Pennsylvania
  90. Comp Dr. Lists
  91. Demotion
  92. Workers Comp Payment After Leaving Job
  93. What Should My WC Payment Be
  94. 20% Plus Extra For SSDI, ADA, Etc?
  95. If You Lose Your Comp Case, Can The Employer Try To Get Fraud?
  96. Benefits And Terminated
  97. What Payment Should I Receive From Workers Comp
  98. Threatened To Have Benefits Terminated
  99. Pre-1996 Injury
  100. Worker Comp Lawyers Listing
  101. Do I Settle Out Of Court Or Take It To Trial?
  102. Do I Need Lawyer
  103. To A Great Lawyer
  104. Workers Comp Rate For Highest Quarter
  105. Lawyer Sent Me A Copy Of Letter He Sent To My Employers Lawyer,Help Me Understand
  106. Do We Have A Case
  107. Interlocutory Order
  108. Amputation Benefits
  109. Forced Back To Work
  110. Carpal Tunnel Injury
  111. Employer Intimidating Me
  112. Do I Have To Return To Work
  113. IME Perjury
  114. Unrealistic Light Duty?
  115. Lawyer Tactics?
  116. Can Employer Use My Accrued Vacation And Sick Time During My W/C?
  117. Seriously, Is This Fair?
  118. Brought Back On 1/2 Days And Limitations
  119. Ever Heard Of A Dr. Ira Ungar?
  120. What Can I Do ?
  121. Nurse Case Manager?
  122. Please Get A Lawyer!
  123. Can ER Correspond Wit My Dr Without My Knowledge, And Change Me To Light Duty?
  124. Workers Comp And ADA
  125. Why Always The Same Doctor For IME?
  126. Got A Letter For First IME
  127. What Should I DO?
  128. Should I Bring My MRI And Other To IME
  129. Insurance Company Wants A Second Opinion
  130. Time Limits For Getting A Doctor's Appointment
  131. IME Doctor Visit
  132. Getting FMLA And W/C Simultaneously
  133. I Just Got Fired!
  134. Benefits For Missed Work And Balance Of Hospital Bill
  135. Health Insurance
  136. Back Injury
  137. Reckless Endangerment
  138. Back To Work, LD 4hrs A Day. Remaining 4hrs Paid 2/3 By WC
  139. IME and Return To Work
  140. Doctor Visit
  141. IME Questions
  142. FMLA Still Needed To Protect Me After Going Back 4 Hrs Day LD?
  143. Can My Employer Reduce My Professional Wage Down To Clerical Wage?
  144. Can Employer Make Me Use Personal Time For A Day Off Due To Work Injury?
  145. IME Doctor And W/C Took Away Everything
  146. Bushwacking FMLA
  147. Just A Little Thing From The Local Paper
  148. Denying Pay
  149. Change The Laws
  150. Transportation Reimbursement
  151. Maybe Looking At A Settlement
  152. Viewing Pennsulvania WC Cases
  153. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co
  154. Northeastern Hospital
  155. Is It Worth Fight For
  156. Does IC Have to Figure Comp Weekly or Can They Do Math 2 Wks at a Time?
  157. BTW And Not Formally Signed Off WC - What Happens to AWW?
  158. Workers Comp Doctor
  159. Doctors in the Altoona Area
  160. Settlement
  161. Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition
  162. Pa Workers Comp Link
  163. Don't Get Hurt at Work
  164. Cervical Surgery
  165. Can You Work While Waiting
  166. What If I Dont Settle Medical on My W/C Claim?
  167. Spine Injury Constant Pain
  168. Been Off of Work for 27 Months. ARRGHH
  169. Doctor Frustration
  170. Getting It Done
  171. I/C Plans to Pick Up Claim
  172. Right Knee Injury
  173. Settlement ?
  174. Legal Question Re. Insurance Co Pmt
  175. Shoulder Pain
  176. Lost My Position
  177. IME Report
  178. Possible Settlement
  179. 2nd Opinion After 90 Days from FIRST WC Injury
  180. Very Confused With My Lawyer
  181. IME's for Sale
  182. Investigators in Pennsylvania
  183. Boy, Withdrawals Stink
  184. Can Your Employer Run FMLA With Sick Time
  185. What Happens Next?
  186. Your Input Please / Had My IME Done on Friday
  187. W/C Blackmail
  188. Has Anyone Had a Hearing with Judge Koll of Clearfield, PA?
  189. Whats Going On?
  190. Deposition of Case Worker
  191. Maximum Wages Considered For a Worker's Comp Settlement
  192. Cna I Get a Different Job Now?
  193. Mandatory Mediation Agreement Act 147
  194. Ratings
  195. Had IME Today
  196. Should I Settle?
  197. Let Go from Job After Knee Injury
  198. WC and PTSD
  199. Previously Injured, Settled with Insurance Co
  200. Filing Complaints Against W/C Adjusters
  201. Injury to Same Area of Lumbar
  202. What Can I Do?
  203. Got Fired
  204. Off Again After 2 Days Back
  205. Jury Duty
  206. ER Won't Let Me Back Even Without Restrictions
  207. Contacted an Attorney
  208. Penalty Petition Today
  209. Penalty Petition Hearing
  210. FCE Test
  211. IME's and Harassment
  212. Stipulation Agreement
  213. Notes for Anyone Going for FCE
  214. Really Confused on the Law
  215. Position to Someone else
  216. No More P/T
  217. Alternative P/T
  218. Still No Checks
  219. Another IME
  220. What Happens Now
  221. Sorry Not Enough Info
  222. What Now
  223. What is an IRE Review?
  224. Problems With Benefits
  225. What to Do About My Lawyer
  226. Medicare
  227. Compensation for Medical
  228. Doctor Wants Me to Change Shift
  229. Mileage Reimbursement Rate
  230. Done
  231. Medical Insurance Canceled
  232. Fibromyalgia
  233. Workers Comp Claim
  234. HELP: Settlement Offer and Need List of WC Lawyers
  235. Carpal Tunnel Syndrom
  236. Contact from Attorney
  237. Insurance Company
  238. IRE
  239. How Long Does It Take to Hear from the Judge?
  240. IME
  241. IME
  242. I Was Never Sent to a Dr by My Company
  243. Waiting for Judge to Approve Settlement
  244. Unlawful / Wrongful Termination
  245. Seek Legal Counsel or Ride It Out?
  246. Workmans Comp & Wrongful Termination
  247. Comp Checks
  248. Driving Restrictions
  249. Payment for Meds
  250. Experiences With Krasno & Krasno
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