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View Full Version : Utah

  1. Workers Comp in Utah
  2. Help For Injured Utah Workers
  3. Sick of Workers Comp
  4. Worsening Symptoms From Injury At Work
  5. Seeking Examples of Commutation Settlements
  6. MMI and Impairment Rating Questions
  7. Rules for Depositions in Utah
  8. Hit By A Car While Heading Home
  9. Finding a Doctor for an Impairment Rating
  10. Painter With a Fused Neck - Now What?
  11. For Hand Injured Workers...just A Heads Up!!
  12. Is There a Case Here?
  13. Settlement Offer Is Chump Change
  14. Any Way to Speed Things Up?
  15. Getting Benefits for CRPS / RSD
  16. Kicked Off W\c Bad Back Still Hurt
  17. How Much Am I Paid and How They Calculate ?
  18. How My Company and My Dr Set Me Up :(
  19. What's an Evaluation/Examination Like?
  20. Now What ?
  21. Privacy Rights for a Doctor's Appointment
  22. Is It Too Late to Reopen a Workers Comp Claim
  23. TTD 6 Month Max
  24. WC Stopped Our Benefits
  25. Do I Have to Accept My Employer's Proposed Accommodations
  26. What to Watch Out For at an IME
  27. Declared to be at MMI After IME
  28. Unreasonably Released to Work With No Liimitations
  29. IME Doctor is Lying - What Can I Do
  30. W/C Lump Sum Settlement Payment.taxes and SSDI Offset
  31. Can We Re-Open a Settled Case
  32. What Will Happen
  33. Authorization for Personal Info
  34. Holiday Vacation
  35. Where Do You File a Worker's Comp Claim, and Impact of Similar Injury
  36. Injured on the Job Just After Knee Surgery, Now Working at New Job Injury is Back
  37. Settlement Offered Contingent on Agreeing that Injury Isn't Work-Related
  38. What Would a Realistic Settlement Number Be with Workers Comp
  39. Traumatic Brain Injury and Workers Comp
  40. Fair Settlement
  41. How Does It Work
  42. Impairment Rating Payment
  43. Treatment if you Quit Your Job
  44. Once Seen by IME Doctor What is the Time Frame for IME to Get Reports to Judge
  45. Employer Requiring a "Safety Agreement" Prior to Return to Work Duties
  46. PPD and Impairment Rating Formula for Utah
  47. In Utah - PPD vs Settlement What is Fair
  48. Good Legal Help/Advise
  49. Medical Treatment for a Workplace Back Injury
  50. So is There Any Help After a PPD is Paid and Continued Medical Care
  51. Insurance Company Wants Me to Attend an Out-of-State Pain Management Program
  52. What Happens After an IME Says You Need No Further Treatment
  53. Impairment Rating for Paraplegia
  54. Short Term Disability and PPD
  55. Death Beefits Claim Settlement
  56. Work Insurance Buyout Amounts
  57. Consequences of Not Submitting My Medical Records for a Worker's Comp Claim
  58. Almost Re-Injured by Tripping at Work
  59. How Long Does a Workers Comp Appeal Take
  60. Should You Accept a Low Final Settlement of a Workers Comp Case
  61. Establishing a Legal Right to Have a Helper Present at an IME
  62. On-The-Job Finger Injury With Partial Amputation
  63. PPD and Unable to Return to Work, Because of Restrictions
  64. Multiple Injuries and Combining PPD Ratings
  65. Impairment Rating Doctor
  66. Can I Ask for Clarification on My Work Restrictions
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