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  1. Suggestions for Injured Workers
  2. Do You Have To Claim Workers Comp On Your Taxes
  3. Workers Comp Attorneys
  4. Help For Injured Washington Workers
  5. Injured Workers Speak Out
  6. Seeking Words of Wisdom
  7. Washington Dept. of L&I: Unethical, Illegal Practices
  8. The Profit / Loss Margin
  9. Time Loss Due To Doctor Error
  10. Getting the Governor Involved
  11. Confused by Injury Ratings
  12. How Long Before An Injury Is Declared Permanent
  13. National Injured Workers Protest Day - April 29, 2004
  14. Injury led to my layoff
  15. Pain Medications and Depression
  16. RSD and CRDS Information
  17. The Feds and the State
  18. Workers Compensation Insurer Fraud
  19. How do you get the future medical they awarded?
  20. Is Workers Comp Always This Difficult
  21. Unacceptable Treatment By A Case Manager
  22. When should i get a lawyer?
  23. Will Workers Comp Pay Travel Back To State
  24. Will Workers Cop Provide a Lift Chair
  25. Ilioinguinal Nerve Damage After Hernia Surgury
  26. Getting A New Attending Doctor
  27. Stand-Alone Job Analysis
  28. Outcome of Workers Comp Rally
  29. Seeking A Good Neurologist in Vancouver
  30. Moving to Utah
  31. Can I quit my temporary light duty job and still get my PPD?
  32. Closing a W/C Case Before PPD Is Paid
  33. Finding A Good Workers Comp Lawyer
  34. How Long Do I Have To Appeal
  35. Seasonal Workers and Workers' Comp
  36. Broken bones
  37. I was terminated
  38. Disability Ratings and Compensation for Injuries
  39. What Do I Do Now?
  40. Workers Comp Terms
  41. How Are Disability Ratings Figured
  42. Claim Closed Due to MMI - but Not True
  43. How Much to Expect in a Settlement for Pain and Suffering
  44. Is There a Time Limit?
  45. Settlement With a Pre-Existing Condition
  46. Nova Pro Self Ins. Injured Worker
  47. Self Insured L&I Injured Worker Rights
  48. Time Loss
  49. Did You Know?
  50. Very Confusing (Jones Acts and L&I) Claim - What to Do?
  51. Very Frustrated
  52. Dr Lawrence Blumberg or MCN Info Please
  53. LNI Refused to Authorize 8 Hour Percentage Rating Test Only IME with Their Docs
  54. Should I Get a Lawyer If?
  55. How Long Does It Takes to Get Payment After PPD Rating is Received at LNI
  56. Testing for Vocational Services - What Does It Mean?
  57. W/C Loss Time Pay when Laid Off
  58. of Weeks?
  59. TL Checks Stopped
  60. TL & Medical Treatment
  61. Employer Paid Timeloss After Injury
  62. Kept on Salary then Terminated (So to Speak)
  63. Waiting for Employer Response How Long It Take ?
  64. Newly Injured in Seattle
  65. Should Commissions Factor Into Wage Loss Benefits
  66. Permanent Back Injuries
  67. W/C RTW, Retraining and Arm Pain
  68. Older Worker With a Shoulder Injury
  69. Worker's Comp With a Prior Case
  70. Not Understanding This Workers Comp
  71. Carpal Tunnel/Rsd
  72. Injury Rate Schedule
  73. What to Expect in My Case
  74. Vocational Rehab
  75. Medical Added to Time Loss
  76. Pension
  77. So Many Returning to Work, Lawyers, Future Medical Coverage
  78. Injured Worker Laid Off
  79. Permanent Partial Disability and Awards
  80. Attorney Taking 15% of Time Loss
  81. Apportionment
  82. Refusing L&I Surgery
  83. Claim Closed
  84. L and I Claim Closed - Not Ready to Return to Work.need
  85. Any Tracking of Injuries and Their Payments
  86. Microdiscectomy
  87. Injured UPS Worker
  88. Workers Comp Pain Doctor Says I'm Ready to Work, But I'm Not
  89. Award at 50% Rating vs Attorney
  90. Been Disabled Since 1994 ,problems with Lawyer
  91. Bad Experience With Claims Managers
  92. Iadvice on Washington L and I Workers Comp It Would Be As
  93. Claim Allowed then Not Allowed
  94. Injured Worker Advice
  95. Doctor is Closing My Case
  96. FMLA and Request for Updated Limitations
  97. Possible Retaliation
  98. Veiled Threats to Stop Paying Medical and Time Loss
  99. Injured When Massage Table Collapsed
  100. PPD Carpal Tunnel and Cubical Tunnel
  101. Still Waiting After 5 Years
  102. L&I and Third Party Claims
  103. Caculate Partial Disability Ratings to %
  104. New Claim
  105. Lawyer's Agreement for Legal Services
  106. Claim Closure
  107. Over Payment of Worker's Comp Benefits by Employer
  108. Is PPD Award Taxable
  109. Vocational Training
  110. Workplace Knee Injury
  111. Vocational Counselor - How Does This Work
  112. On L&I but I Want to Apply for a Federal Job
  113. Adams Vs: Wa Department of Labor and Industries
  114. Finding a Doctor Who Accepts Worker's Comp from Another State
  115. L&I Copy and Pasting Only Parts of Reports from Doctors
  116. Two Claims, Same Injury
  117. Finding an Orthopedist Who Will Accept California Post Op. Case
  118. 3rd Party and Meds
  119. SSDI Amount
  120. How Do You Refuse Treatment Without Being Branded Uncooperative
  121. Work Comp Changing PCP Without My Permisson
  122. Vocational Retraining
  123. Dr. Aaron Hunt
  124. Arm Crushed in Workplace Accident
  125. Travel Expenses and Refusing to Travel
  126. Claim Denied After Falling at Work
  127. Prior PPD Old Claim and New Claim PPD
  128. Can You Sue Your Employer or L&I For Letting You Work Without Restrictions
  129. Being Sent to an Nerosurgeon After 2 Years Can Rating Change
  130. Worker's Comp Insurance Wants to Close My Case
  131. Finding A Good Doctor
  132. Negotiated Settlement for Workers Comp,
  133. Do I Need to Get an Attorney
  134. Disabled by SSDI
  135. How to Find a Doctor Who Will Find Me Disabled
  136. Injury in 2010, Still Having Complications
  137. Unemployed Due to Injury, Not Getting Benefits but Ineligible for UI
  138. Making Money Spent on Meds Go Down
  139. Close to Pension, How Much and How Will Attorney Fee Work
  140. Medical Bills are Not All on the Worker's Comp Site
  141. Who Monitors Compliance by Self-Insured Employers
  142. What Records Can You Get from an IME Doctor
  143. How Does a Non Surgeon Get Authorized to Perform Surgery
  144. Broadspire Trying to Close Claim
  145. Interrogatories and Request for Production Docs
  146. Workers Comp Mediation
  147. Confused on if an Attorney is Needed
  148. PPD for 2 Surgeries on Lower Back
  149. If I Seek Medical Care for a Job Injury, Do I Get Paid for My Full Shift
  150. How to Deal with Surveillance by a Private Investigator
  151. Traveling While on TTD
  152. Can a PPD Award be Lowered
  153. Estimate of Future Benefits
  154. Trucker Injured When Rear-Ended
  155. PPD for a Dominant Hand Injury
  156. On WC and Flma- Are You Required to Use Accurred Sick Leave
  157. Payment for Time Loss After Reopening a Worker's Comp Case
  158. IME Overriding Attending Provider's Decision
  159. PPD Award for a Knee Injury
  160. How to Calculate Permanent Partial Disability for Left Lower Extremity
  161. How Long Does a PPD Determination Take for Lower Extremity and Foot Impairment
  162. De Quervain's Tenosynovitis from Note Taking
  163. Accused of Worker's Comp Fraud
  164. L&I Claims That My IME is Incorrect
  165. Is an Injury that Occurs During Treatment Considered to be Work-Related
  166. How to Find an Attending Physician for Worker's Comp Treatment
  167. How Much is an Injured Shoulder Worth
  168. MRI Reports, Inconsistency of Opinions
  169. How to Challenge L&I for Unfair Treatment
  170. Worried About Deposition
  171. Injured in a Fall After an Electric Shock
  172. IME Says 21% Upper Extremities
  173. Worker's Compensation Won't Provide Treatment for Chronic Pain
  174. 25% of Settlement
  175. Accusations of Fraud by L&I Investigators
  176. New Injury from Joint Arthroscopy Surgery
  177. Investigated and Videotaped While on Workers Comp
  178. Senate Republicans Resume Effort to Privatize Workers’ Comp
  179. Ppi Payout
  180. Advise ASAP
  181. Tri-Cities
  182. Out-Of-State WC Claim in Need of Doctor
  183. Fav IME but Doc Wants to MMI Me, What Happens Now
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