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View Full Version : West Virginia

  1. West Virginia's Comp Sucks
  2. Help For Injured West Virginia Workers
  3. State Workers' Comp Picture Brightens
  4. Problems With Medical Documentation
  5. Recurrence Of Old Workplace Back Injury
  6. Time Limits For Filing A Claim
  7. Benefits For A Repetitive Stress Injury
  8. Unpaid award
  9. Finding Out the Status of a Claim
  10. Reopening old claim
  11. Medical Care
  12. Impairment rating award payout
  13. Improved System for Communicating With Workers Comp
  14. West Virginia workers comp lawsuit
  15. Would Injured Workers Be Better Off If...
  16. Workers Comp Insanity
  17. Workman's comp and disability
  18. How Long Do You Have To Be Off Work Before You Get Paid?
  19. Injured Worker Fired
  20. When Can Workers Comp Order Another Evaluation
  21. Objection to Workers Comp Treatment
  22. Problems Getting Benefits After Severe Injury
  23. Disability Ratings By Occupational Therapists
  24. Brickstreet And Workers Compensation
  25. West Virginia Coal Miners
  26. Workers Compensation Help in West Virginia
  27. Herniated disc at work
  28. Worker's Compensation Drives You Crazy
  29. West Virginia Comp
  30. Workers Comp Interfering with Recovery
  31. P.I. Surveillance of Injured Workers
  32. Help Understanding The Comp System
  33. What Is Considered Company Property
  34. Can't Do It Anymore
  35. Important Links for Injured Workers
  36. Injured 3 Weeks Ago
  37. What Happens After Your 2 Year Benefit Runs Out?
  38. Sedgewick
  39. Shoulder Injury
  40. Settlement with Sedgwick
  41. I Have 40% Disability and Sedgwick Wants to Buy Me Out for 5k
  42. Brickstreet
  43. Loss of Part of a Finger
  44. Settling a PTD Claim
  45. Dr. Approval by WC
  46. Employer Want Me to Take FMLA Leave
  47. Broke My Back and Had a T11-L3 Spinal Fusion
  48. Workers Comp Doctor Recommends Returning to Work, Despite Continuing Problems
  49. Workers Comp Nightmare Need Some Advice
  50. Hours Reduced After Job Duties Were Changed Due to RSI
  51. Worker's Comp For a Condition Received While Working
  52. Lawyer Drops TTD Pursuit Day of Deposition
  53. Doctor Release Me Back to Work Without a Diagnosis
  54. Can I Quit My Job While Receiving Workers Comp Benefits
  55. 4% on a Hand Injury
  56. No Injury Report Taken
  57. How Long Can Worker's Comp Take to Determine Approval
  58. Taking a New Job While Getting Treatment for a Workplace Injury
  59. Workplace Injury from Falling Off of a Platform
  60. Workers Comp for a Wrist and Shoulder Injury
  61. Corruption at the Highest Level of State Govt
  62. I Know You Are Covering This Up
  63. Broken Femoral Head, 5 Fractures Pelvis Etc. .
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