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  1. What Does WC Cover?
  2. Workers Comp Won't Authorize Knee Surgery
  3. Comp Disagrees With PCP
  4. Who should take responsibility
  5. WTC Injury
  6. Partial Thumb Loss in Machine Accident
  7. Partial thumb loss
  8. Benefits For Aggravation of Previous Injury
  9. Mental Health Treatment Records And Worker Privacy
  10. Participating In a Work Hardening Program
  11. Vocational rehabilitation is a joke
  12. Return To Work Seems Impossible
  13. North American Chronic Pain Society
  14. Check out your medication for problems
  15. Metal Artifact At Fusion Site
  16. Chronic Pain
  17. MMI
  18. About your back
  19. Neurontin Experiences
  20. Lumbar Epidural Injections Made Symptoms Worse
  21. Nerve Damage
  22. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  23. Are all IME's/AME'S older then dirt?
  24. Shoulder Ascope surgery
  25. Spinal Stenosis
  26. Effect of Accepting Voc Rehab
  27. Make Sure Your Medical Documentation Is Correct
  28. Occupational Therapy Reports
  29. Numbness in Feet and Toes
  30. Numbness
  31. Having a Medical Exam At The Onset of Injury
  32. Epidural Injections
  33. Do Epidural Steroid Shots Work
  34. How Soon After Surgery For A Defense Evaluation?
  35. RSD
  36. Conciliation
  37. Trazadone
  38. What Happens After A Discectomy
  39. Denied WC Hospital Cost
  40. Not paying ordered medical
  41. I Need Another Surgery
  42. Shoulder Exercises
  43. Who Decides On An IME
  44. Med exam
  45. North American Chronic Pain Society
  46. IME Report Results
  47. Surgery To Reattach Muscle With Screws
  48. Transportation to an IME
  49. Getting to a Distant IME Appointment
  50. Chronic Pain Help
  51. Oxycontin and Chronic Pain
  52. MRI Results - What Does This Mean
  53. New Medications To Treat RSD
  54. Independent Medical Exam
  55. Can the doctor change the work restrictions after P&S?
  56. Principles of quality medical practice
  57. Thoracic outlet syndrome
  58. Ever hear of Piriformis Syndrome?
  59. Work Hardening And Lifting Restrictions
  60. Treatments For RSD
  61. Using a TENS Unit for Pain Management
  62. Workers Comp Is Not Appropriate For Back Injuries
  63. Wife After surgery
  64. Meds create different pain
  65. Treatment with Payment
  66. Second Opinion, my foot!
  67. Myeleogram
  68. Chronic Back Pain
  69. VIOXX Update
  70. Changing doctors
  71. Chronic Pain Help
  72. This is my rehabilitation?
  73. Treatment of Depression in Comp Cases
  74. The 8% Back
  75. California Medical Provider Networks
  76. Surgery To Remove Hardware
  77. Depression claim
  78. Vocational Rehab
  79. Breast Cancer Help
  80. Avascular Necrosis
  81. More Spine Problems Found After Discectomy
  82. Herniation L5 S1
  83. Cervical Spine Treatments - What Would You Have Done Differently?
  84. Pain And Exercise Site
  85. Celebrex Warnings
  86. Pain Meds
  87. Incompetent Workers Comp Doctors
  88. Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
  89. Celexa vs Generic
  90. Bogus IME Doctors
  91. Allegation of Symptom Magnification
  92. Weather Causing Aches and Pains
  93. Request For A Neuro Consultation
  94. Tennis elbow surgery
  95. Cognitive behavior test
  96. Experiences With Vocational Rehabilitation
  97. Medication Help for Low Income
  98. Doctor Can't Figure Out What Is Wrong
  99. Help Getting Authorization For Surgery
  100. Postlaminectomy Syndrome
  101. Pain Management Help
  102. Cherry Juice for Fibro and Arthritis
  103. The Independant Medical Examination a conflict of interests
  104. FCE
  105. Do I have to have surgery?
  106. Depression
  107. PPI and PPD ratings
  108. Crappy medical treatment at the Cleveland Clinic Spine Center
  109. Another site for free meds
  110. Gabitril medication warning
  111. American Academy of Physicians
  112. What Is Pain Management
  113. Which Doctor To Consult
  114. Disagreement Between Treater and IME Doctor
  115. Disc Decompression Therapy
  116. Information About Zonegran
  117. Referred To A Pain Doctor
  118. Rating
  119. Rating
  120. QME Question
  121. Back Pain Misdiagnosed
  122. Kidney Damage from Pain Medications
  123. Topamax
  124. Acupuncture
  125. Scheduled For An AME
  126. Getting Restrictions Lowered To A Realistic Level
  127. Have to go for IME, Worker's comp case, ortho, neuro and psych
  128. Getting a Morphine Pump
  129. Total Disk Replacement Surgery
  130. Total Disk Replacement Surgery for Lower Back
  131. Preparing For Visit To AME Doctor
  132. Quad tendon rupture
  133. Restrictions But No Impairment Found
  134. Can we get a New doctor
  135. Are there alternatives to back surgery?
  136. Alternatives to back surgery
  137. P & S Last Week...Now What?
  138. MRI Result Terminology Defined
  139. Shoulder Injuries
  140. Rehab
  141. Brachial plexus injury
  142. Leg And Foot Pain After Spinal Surgery
  143. Impairment Rating vs Whole Person Disibility
  144. Going Back To Your Regular Doctor
  145. What Is An FCE Test?
  146. Still In Pain After Cervical Spine Surgery
  147. Denied Optional Procedure - So, My Doc Calls The UR Doc
  148. Workers Comp Neurologist Experience EMG / NCT
  149. HIPAA violations
  150. RSDS Recovery
  151. Told To Move To A Different State To Continue Treatment
  152. Had Knee Surgery, Now Other Knee Hurts
  153. Thoratic outlet syndrome
  154. Independant exam before impartial exam
  155. Advice For EMG / NCS Findings
  156. Carpal tunnel syndrome from an accident
  157. Understanding Injury Ratings
  158. Getting Surgery
  159. Seen By Insurance Company's Orthopedic Surgeon
  160. How To Get Treatment For Pain
  161. Broken ankle
  162. Insurance IME Hippocratic Oath
  163. They keep denying the discogram
  164. Getting An Impartial Impairment Rating
  165. After surgery
  166. IME Was A Joke, And Let Go From Job
  167. Eye injury leads to cataract
  168. Bad Visit With I/C Neurosurgeon
  169. IME Got To Me
  170. Medical Whores and the IME.
  171. Medical Whores and the IME
  172. IME Question
  173. Surgery Finally Approved
  174. Surgery News
  175. Tips on surviving the I/C medical exam
  176. I.M.E. Quacks
  177. Infusion in the the Sternoclavical Joint
  178. Sent To Yet Another IME
  179. Pain Management Medications
  180. Lowballed on Insurance Company's IME
  181. What Is An MRI
  182. What Is A Complex Medical-Legal Evaluation
  183. Bad Reaction to Epidural Injections
  184. Shoulder Surgery
  185. Medical Information Resources
  186. An IME should go thru the crap they put us thru
  187. FCE
  188. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms and Prognosis
  189. Spine Injury Resources
  190. Surgery
  191. IME - is this a joke or a real doctor?
  192. MMI for back surgery
  193. IME and treatment suggested.
  194. What is the big deal about the IC and an MRI?
  195. Herniated Disc And Nerve Damage
  196. Surgery do i have to have it?
  197. Still in Pain
  198. Changes Between MRI's
  199. Need input on cervical fusion
  200. How Much Of A Gamble Is Back Surgery
  201. Knee and Back Injury Causing RSD
  202. PPI Rating
  203. Help with Vocational Rehabilitation
  204. FCE Completed. Now what happens?
  205. Taking Dilaudid
  206. Crazy Medical Opinion
  207. QME questions
  208. Paralized
  209. Getting A Full Examination And Diagnosis At The Outset
  210. Can I call the QME to cancel appointment?
  211. IME and my doctor agree now what?
  212. Major Risk Health Care Insurance Through Risk Pools
  213. After back surgery should I seek more
  214. Can They Compel A New IME For Care They Are Obligated To Provide
  215. MRI vs. CT Scan
  216. IV Stress Test
  217. What is RSD?
  218. Spinal Cord
  219. WC insurance company wants a 2nd opinion
  220. Keinbocks Disease
  221. Progress Notes
  222. Heads up on future medical
  223. Denied Treatment
  224. Pain Pump
  225. Denied surgery by workers comp
  226. QME what should I be aware of
  227. Experiences With Cervical Disc Surgery
  228. Will Medicare Pay
  229. My Independent Evaluation Was A Joke
  230. Failed Knee Surgery and Settlement
  231. Insurance Company Doctor Denies Causation
  232. Physical Therapy
  233. They're Sending me A Nurse?
  234. Lost My Cool At My Conciliation
  235. Severe Back Injury Deemed A Pre-Existing Condition
  236. Surgical Procedures Cost Database
  237. Update on my condition.
  238. Why Won't Workers Comp Do A Neurological IME
  239. Witholding PT
  240. Cummalative truma disorder
  241. Vocational injury
  242. Got a rating today for 2 level acdf with plates and screws.
  243. Cummalative truma disorder
  244. How Often Do You Take Pain Medicine
  245. Def Psych QME says I'm crazy, now what ?
  246. Natural Alternatives
  247. Cymbalta
  248. Understanding Pain
  249. Scheduled Loss of Use Appointment For Knee
  250. Medical Question Please Advise
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