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  1. How Insurance Companies Work
  2. Keep a Journal
  3. Forced to Return To Work Too Soon
  4. Confused About Settling A W/C Claim
  5. Comp Carrier Stopped Paying
  6. The Insurance Company Relief Act
  7. How Do Adjusters Make Their Decisions
  8. Insurance Company Changed Its Mind And Denies Injury Is Work-Related
  9. My Adjuster Quit
  10. The More Solid Your Claim The Harder They Fight
  11. How Many IME's
  12. The Insurance Companies Are Corrupt So What Can We Do?
  13. Job Title: Workman's Comp Pre-Authorization RN
  14. Insurance adjuster visit
  15. Can An Injured Worker Move To A Different State
  16. Insurance Company Wants To Setle
  17. Getting Annual Raises On Comp Pay
  18. RskCo Insurance Company
  19. Not becoming a VICTIM of Riskco Insurance
  20. RSKCO, any comments bad or good?
  21. The Doctor Didn't Have Any Paperwork
  22. 'The Check Is In The Mail'
  23. Opinion Requested On 'Whitewashed' Reports
  24. Workers Compensation Insurance Costs
  25. Court awards $12 million in workers' compensation case
  26. Impact of Disability Unrelated To Work Injury on Benefits and Settlement
  27. How Long Can Comp Last
  28. WC Claims Adjuster Gives Some Sound Advice
  29. Oral Statement To Insurance Company
  30. Do Insurers Try To Cap Benefits
  31. Late Checks
  32. Bad Faith Insurance
  33. Case Nurses appointed by the Work Comp Co.
  34. The Insurance Company's Surveillance Video
  35. How long?
  36. What's The Worst Thing An Insurance Company Will Do
  37. Inquiring About A Late Check
  38. Surveillance
  39. Wausau Business Insurance Co., Maryland
  40. Trucker Burned in Accident
  41. Accountability for Insurance Companies
  42. Case Nurse
  43. Who should be paying new bills?
  44. Private Investigators crossing the line?
  45. Who Pays For Treatment After MMI
  46. Self Insured Verizon W/C
  47. How Long To Get An AME
  48. Misguided Notions of Insurance and Insurance Companies
  49. Do not let the Insurance companies control the outcome
  50. Nurse Case Managers
  51. Average MMI for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  52. Comp Uses Sick and Vacation Days
  53. Another "Insurance Fraud" Piece - CNN
  54. Insurance Company Bad Faith
  55. Investigate insurance company practices
  56. Hired attorney, NCM's work now complete
  57. Liberty Mutual and its Non-Treatment of Workmans Comp Injury
  58. What is condisdered accepting a claim?
  59. Why Do MCO Call Injured Workers With Attitudes?
  60. Insurance company sent me a certified leter
  61. Figuring Out If An Injury Is Covered
  62. RSI - what should you write on your incident sheet?
  63. When W/C Stops Checks
  64. Stopping my checks
  65. Pressure On Doctors To Find What Insurance Company Wants
  66. W/C Cancelled Surgery
  67. Schedule A.M.E. canceled at the last minute, now what?
  68. Insurance Company's Are A Scam
  69. Urgent Help, Need Settlement Letter
  70. Will W/C Accept Or Deny A Bulging Discs Claim
  71. IC pulling payment for meds ordered by Doctor
  72. Insurance Company Won't Comply With Court Order
  73. WC Checks
  74. Recorded Statement - is there anything I should ask them?
  75. IC asked for a demand today
  76. IME's Requested After MMI
  77. Insurer Asked For A Demand For Settlement
  78. Medical Set Aside Fund
  79. Can they just stop paying me
  80. Are Percentages Based On Pay
  81. Benefits Following Wage Reduction Due To Job Restrictions
  82. What Benefits To Expect
  83. W/C Wants An EMG But Won't Pay For A Neurologist
  84. Internal memos - insurance training seminar
  85. Bad Faith Insurance Letter
  86. More memos from the bowels of the insurance industry
  87. Where to find internal memos
  88. Information from the insurer's perspective
  89. Denied Benefits
  90. Feeding time at the zoo - a comparison
  91. Nurse Case Managers
  92. Housecleaning and w/c
  93. Payment For The Procedure, But Not The Doctor
  95. Settlements?
  96. Second opinion wanted from Insurance Co.
  97. Mistreatment By Workers Comp Claims Representative
  98. Responding To a provisional denial of claim
  99. Working With A Claims Rep
  100. Receiving Compensation For Underpayment, But Not Enough
  101. Where Does The Money For Settlements Come From
  102. Insurance Company Bad Faith
  103. Will A Recurrence Of Injury Be Covered By Comp
  104. How Do Insurance Companies Rate Injuries
  105. Death by Insurance?
  106. Bankrupted by Gallagher Bassett
  107. Not received a check in 6 weeks
  108. Can Benefits Be Terminated Without Notice
  109. Accused Of Not Cooperating With W/C Nurse
  110. Contacted By A Nurse Case Worker
  112. Disability Rating When You Hold Two Jobs
  113. Long Delay Before IME
  114. Benefits For Worker At M.M.I With Restrictions
  115. Insurance Wants to Close Case and Give Final Payoff
  116. WC Claim Denied; Now They Have Offered A Settlement - Why?
  117. WC denied, but now insurance offers $15,000
  118. Why do we all have problems with comp?
  119. Switched From TTD to TPD
  120. Marylands' IWIF CEO (and former senator) indicted and is corrupt, but board members refuse to remove him.
  121. Getting A Copy Of Your PD History
  122. Insurance Company Won't Pay
  123. Private Investigators
  124. I/C good faith / bad faith rankings
  125. Self-insured trust has gone insolvent
  126. Benefits For Worker With A Live-In Job Situation
  127. Workmans Comp Checks
  128. Fraud investigator spills the beans
  129. What Do Impairment Ratings Mean
  130. Curious About Perment Impairment Rating Benefits
  131. Slowest agency in the world
  132. Investigators- what to expect from WC insurance
  133. Investigators- what to expect from WC insurance
  134. When To Expect A Settlement Offer After MMI
  135. Moving Out-Of-State
  136. Contacted By W/C About Recent Injury
  137. What Is The Medical Impairment Rating
  138. Auto Insurance Coverage and Workers Comp Settlement
  139. Limitations On A P.I.
  140. Should You Hold Off Reporting A Work Injury
  141. Conflict Results between MD and Adjuster
  142. Workers Compensation For Emotional Injury
  143. Need Help on cash payout
  144. Getting Benefits Reinstated After Discharge For Noncompliance
  145. Injury Rating Is Too Low
  146. What Happens If You Stop Seeing Your Doctors
  147. Do Insurance Companies Always Use The IME Injury Rating
  148. Can WC Stop Payments
  149. Why Does Insurance Drags It Out At Settlement
  150. Benefits Cut Off
  151. Questions About MCO
  152. What Happens When You Reach MMI
  153. Why can't we hold the inurance company responsible?
  154. Ten Million Dollar Workers Comp Verdict Due To Insurace Co's Bad Faith
  155. Workers Comp Investigates, But Won't Pay
  156. How Can You Fire Your NCM
  157. Do Insurance Companies Send Detectives After Injured Workers
  158. PPI
  159. How Long Before Benefits Start
  160. Coverage Where More Than One State Is Involved
  161. TTD and Working Part-Time
  162. Total Body Impairment Ratings
  163. Procedures For Making A Workers Comp Claim
  164. Insurance Company Fun Factoids
  165. Which State?
  166. The PI Is Back... But Why Now?
  167. Fighting Bad Faith Insurance Companies
  168. Need Advice in Calif
  169. What Settlement Offer To Expect
  170. Long Time Doctor Can't Get Into Approved Group
  171. Is Delaying Authorization For Treatment An Illegal Insurance Company Practice
  172. Forms For Getting A Disability Rating
  173. What Settlement Will They Offer
  174. Anyone Fighting UnumProvident?
  175. New York WC & third party suit
  176. How Many 'Second Opinions' Can Be Required
  177. What Disability Rating To Expect
  178. Limited liability to pre existing conditions
  179. Job Loss and Settlement Amounts
  180. Insurance Companies
  181. Mileage Reimbursement
  182. Settling With SAIF
  183. What settlement should I expect?
  184. FWW or AWW
  185. How Are Temporary Total Disability Payments Figured
  186. How do I get WC to Pay?
  187. Vocational Benefits
  188. Insurance Company Cancelled Prescription Coverage
  189. Reliance On Outdated Medical Opinions
  190. What can I expect from workers comp
  191. How Long Does It Take To Get Treatment
  192. What's A Reasonable Settlement For A Burn Injury
  193. Preparing for first IME
  194. Job-Related Stress Claim Questions
  195. Transportation Benefits If You Cannot Drive
  196. Is There A Consequence For Turning Down Settlement Offers
  197. Demand For Settlement
  198. Rating Procedures for Disability
  199. What happens after MMI?
  200. Doctor Incentives to Deny Care
  201. Lost Wage Benefits When a Worker Has Two Jobs
  202. How Long To Get A Check After Settling
  203. Settlements for Hip Replacement
  204. Keeping Medical Open if Insurance Company Wants To Settle All Issues
  205. How Long Before You Receive Benefits for Partial Wage Loss
  206. IRE Two Weeks Ago
  207. Can Workers Compensation Insurance Mandate a Pain Clinic Course
  208. Time frame for Surgery Approval
  209. Insurance Company Misrepresented Itself In My Claim
  210. How Long Until Workers Comp Pays for Time Off?
  211. Statutory 104 Week MMI in Texas and Florida
  212. Told To Look for a Job or TTD Will End
  213. Do You Get a Settlement If You Can't Perform Job Duties
  214. Phone Call From a Pharmacy
  215. Workers comp denied me without my knowing and caused further injury
  216. Injury While Returning From Lunch
  217. Large Self Insured Companies
  218. Complication following L5 S1 surgery requires another doctor. Does WC cover?
  219. IME report HELP
  220. Lets make a difference
  221. Insurance company/company roles
  222. IC changed their minds now what?
  223. Online info
  224. Name calling
  225. Can I take a Piggyback loan to discontinue PMI?
  226. Extent of causally related injury in New York
  227. Variables or Fixed Rate Mortgage?
  228. This May Help
  229. Nurse Case Managers
  230. Adjuster Approval Time
  231. Got A Letter
  232. Advice Against Detectives
  233. Main Cause Of Injury
  234. Denial Of Rehab Because They Gave Wrong
  235. Workers Comp Stopped Paying Medical
  236. Comp Info
  237. Are We Alowed To Look At The Books Of Insurance Companies
  238. Old Injury
  239. Lost Job Due To Injury Wc Stopped Paying For Medicine
  240. Can Anyone Tell Me?
  241. Sensorineural Hearing Loss
  242. Not Getting Paid..
  243. Who Rules The Roost - The QME Or UR?
  244. Settlement For Loss Of A Finger
  245. What To Expect At A Hearing
  246. Do I Have To Have An Attorney?
  247. Missed Checks
  248. Interesing Workers Comp Scorecard Used By Insurance Company
  249. How Long Will Workmans Comp Cover You
  250. Interrogatories
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