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View Full Version : Reform and Advocacy

  1. National Protest Day
  2. National work comp day
  3. Injured Worker Support Groups
  4. The Politics of Workers Comp
  5. WC Is A Horrible System
  6. Injured Workers Manifesto
  7. Improve WC system by:
  8. Let the truth be know about insurance co's publicly
  9. Someone finally answered!
  10. Time for action against the Worker's Comp System
  11. Media request
  12. Working America
  13. Publicize Your Woes--Silently but Forcefully
  14. Yet Another Major "Overhaul" Is In The Works
  15. Repeal workers comp law
  16. Please Sign This Petition
  17. A Good Political Website
  18. Contributions By Insurance Companies To The Presidential Candidates
  19. Where are the politicians?
  20. Screwed by Ron Sparkman of ABC News
  21. Petition to Repeal Workers Comp Laws
  22. For all injured workers to read
  23. Petition to Legislature About Legal Injustice
  24. Stand up for what you believe in!
  25. Media E-mail Addresses
  26. Memorial For Workplace Fatalities
  27. Don't Forget Your Fellow Injured Workers
  28. Injured worker takes action
  29. National Injured Worker's Union Fund
  30. Some helpful tips after 9 years
  31. "Chronically Debilitated" - Bush Administration's, EEOICPA
  33. Suggestions for injured workers
  34. Letter To President Bush
  35. Twenty-One Million Americans Have Spoken.. ( Could these same people be Insurance Company Policy Holders' ?)
  36. To Michael Moore: help us
  37. Sharing Form Letters
  38. Where is the justice?
  39. Conference
  40. Stop Confirmation Of Bad Legislation
  41. Why won't the media pay attention to injured workers
  42. You guys, we need publicity!!
  43. Ten Best Ways to Screw Up Your Case
  44. Send The Governor A Message
  45. Finally Happening
  46. A new chat room for injured open 24-7 workers & spouses and friends
  47. Sacramento Protest
  48. Upcoming Injured Worker Meetings
  49. Feel Like Sharing your story with Writer?
  50. January 4, 2006 Meeting
  51. Letter Writing Campaign
  52. Is Michael Moore Looking For 'You' ?
  53. National Commission on State Workers Compensation Laws
  54. Future trends in industry
  55. A Book for Injured Workers of America
  56. Fraud Assesment Commission
  57. Workers Comp Screwing Cop Shot In The Line Of Duty
  58. Workers Comp Reform Needed
  59. Exposing Workers Compensation Petition
  60. Almost Broken
  61. Injured Workers Need A National Organization
  62. Workers Comp Nightmares in New England
  63. Please sign petition for reform of Workers Comp
  64. "Workers Compensation and Disability Reform"
  65. Places to Demonstrate
  66. How to locate who in your home state votes or deals with wc
  67. Protest at Portsmouth
  68. A letter to those in power in WC
  69. Media Request: Injured 9/11 Cleanup Workers
  70. Articles to be written about Workers Comp
  71. It can happen
  72. Team up as witnesses
  73. Ohio rocks - Front page news
  74. Helping fellow injured workers
  75. Contacting Michael Moore
  76. Workers Comp Reform Idea
  77. ebeg for injured workers
  78. Discover Times Channel - 9/11 Toxic Legacy
  79. That's it!! I wrote to OPRAH!
  80. Center for Justice and Democracy
  81. New Member - Attention all Wisconsin Injured Workers
  82. NYS workers comp reform
  83. More media
  84. Calling The Bad Actors By Name
  85. Petition To Stop The Wcc / Insurance Madness
  86. Email Rev. Al Sharpton
  87. U.S. Congress Questions Fairness of W.C.
  88. Policy issues begin in Ohio
  89. I want to do something too!
  90. Contact your Congressman About Your Workers Comp Experiences
  91. Preserve Access to Pain Management
  92. Get off your as$%^
  93. What Is the WCRI
  94. Treatment / Legal Issues
  95. Contact New Governor
  96. Petition - Festering Injustices!
  97. California Reform Orgs?
  98. How Do Start
  99. Writing Letters
  100. What About Exposing WC Problems On YouTube
  101. Where Your Politicians Get Money
  102. Make It Better!
  103. Center For Justice And Democracy W/C
  104. Injured Worker's Alliance
  105. Constitutional Questions
  106. Good Luck Changing WC
  107. We Need A Form Letter
  108. Fighting Insurance Companies
  109. That Petition Is An Old One
  110. Media Coverage
  111. Fight To Win!
  112. Fix Workers Compensation For Kansas
  113. We Need To Run An Ad
  114. Injured Worker Have No Rights!
  115. WC Can't Be Fixed!
  116. New Massachusetts Injured Workers Alliance Email Address
  117. You Must Read This
  118. Here Is Good Information
  119. Kansas Injured Workers Action Is Needed Now To Restore Lost Benefits
  120. Received A Phone Call From Request Of The Governor
  121. No Tax Rebate For Workers Comp
  122. Elliot Spitzer
  123. Kansas Injured Workers - Today Is Call In Day
  124. We Should Schedule A Call On One Day For Each State......
  125. Just Taking Up The Fight!
  126. Need Help....feel Very Stupid.
  127. It's Hammer Time!
  128. Cougar Killed!
  129. What The Real Problem?
  130. Report Them Now!
  131. Free Ride!
  132. This is a Site - Crime, the State and Insurance
  133. I Hope Someone Can Learn from This
  134. The Issues That Need Reform, Answers
  135. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and State of Michigan
  136. Create a National Advocacy Group for Injured Workers
  137. Deform Brewing in NC
  138. The Work Comp System
  139. Can I Get Unemployment?
  140. Letter Campaign for Change
  141. Where the Candidates Stand
  142. Want to Join "Go Nat'l" Be Heard Pls Reply
  143. I Am in Awe of Some of the Great Minds in This Forum
  144. Today's Writing
  145. Got Drugs?
  146. To Serve Man
  147. Formulate New WC Law
  148. We Need to Start Emailing the Senators
  149. "DIIA's".or Get Rid of WC
  150. Continued
  151. War on the Injured Workers
  152. Legal Malpractice
  153. This Site
  154. Rights Like a Dog
  155. Federal HR 635
  156. Who Are Theese Guys?
  157. Who is ACOEM
  158. Case Closed
  159. Feedback: Reform Idea, RE: Stress & Psychiatric Injury Claims
  160. Fraud by Insurers
  161. Reform to ACOEM
  162. Stopping EEs from Denying Previously Authorized Treatment
  163. Beautifully Written W/C Article
  164. Letter for Injured Workers to Send Out
  165. Front Page - New York Times Today
  166. Can You Sue IME Doc for Blatantly Inaccurate Report?
  167. Contacting Your State Reps
  168. Just Because
  169. The Only True Reform
  170. Lobbists Spend 1.6 Million Per Day in Washinington
  171. To the Insurance Folk Here
  172. Helpful if More Post
  173. Just Another Number
  174. U.S. Signs U.n. Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  175. The Pain Crisis: Thank the Dea
  176. Settlement Done
  177. Conflict of Interest: QME Expert Witnesses
  178. Colo. Bill Would Limit Surveillance of Injured Workers
  179. Oklahoma Bill Would Eliminate Your Lawyer
  180. How to Change How Injured Workers Are Treated
  181. Writing a Comment to the Governor - What Do You Think
  182. 100th Anniversary of Workers Comp
  183. I Got the IC's Figured Out
  184. November Elections
  185. Every Injured Worker Needs to Support H.R. 635
  186. Changes to the WC System
  187. Illinois Getting Benefit Reduction Act Right Now
  188. Criminal Violations Protected by WC Agencies
  189. Injured Worker's Manifesto
  190. In North Carolina, Workers' Comp Benefit Reduction Act Will Be Filed Soon
  191. The Good Old Days, Before Unions and OSHA
  192. This is Where You Fight for Your Life
  193. North Carolina Workers to Rally at North Carolina Capitol on Tuesday April 5
  194. Good News for Illinois Injured Workers
  195. Changing and Collecting Settlements
  196. California Wokers Comp Reform
  197. Delaware Rsd Support Groups
  198. Kentucky Workers Compensation Legal Questions:
  199. Hot Coffee ( Documentary )
  200. How Long Can They Make You Wait to Determine if Your Approved
  201. Corporations Are People? WTF
  202. Corporate Greed Hits Home
  203. Why is WC Controlled by State and Not Federal
  204. Percentage of Loss Due to Injury
  205. IWA
  206. How Do I Get Involved in California or Even Nationally
  207. Obamacare Upheld
  208. The Facts on the Health Care Reform Act
  209. California Now Has a Democrat Super-Majority, First Time in 73 Years
  210. Are You Hearing WC Want's to Dump "Open Medical" into Obama-Care Too
  211. National Medical Care (Obamacare)
  212. "Depraved Indifference" - a Book About Our Workers' Compensation System
  213. How Can Insurance Companies Be Held Accountable
  214. North Carolina Senate Bill 10 is Probably Trouble
  215. Working Against Pro-Corporate Worker's Comp Reforms
  216. Interesting Policies in Ohio
  217. Is There Anyone I Can Complain to About Workers Comp
  218. Your Mission Statement
  219. Tennis Elbow
  220. Changes in Questions
  221. If You Dont Have a Lawyer Read This
  222. New York Labor Law 240 Faces Insurance Company Scrutiny
  223. Change How Workers' Compensation Claims Work in Arizona
  224. Jessica's Law - (for Jessica Heeringa)
  225. Money Out - Voters in
  226. "Tort Reform" New Study Shows Medical Savings Would Be a Myth
  227. Two Major Reports on Workers Compensation
  228. Everyone Must Vote Proposal
  229. Workers Comp Benefits and Taxes
  230. Is Anybody Required to Inform Injured Workers of Their Rights
  231. Flint Water Lead Poisoning - Jail Snyder
  232. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Others Sued in Racketeering Lawsuit
  233. Workers Compensation Benefits are Too Low
  234. Access-Vr
  235. Lawyer Has Not Responded to My Request for Update in Months
  236. Workers' Compensation Fraud in 2017 Across the Country
  237. Tragedy
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